Natalie Tong’s Opportunities Increase After Leaving TVB

Leaving TVB after 19 years, Natalie Tong (唐詩詠) is expanding her career resume. In addition to writing her own script for a stage play, Natalie has already filmed two movies. With so many opportunities and avenues of work, Natalie’s career is turning new avenues. Known for her easygoing personality, Natalie has remained on good terms with TVB. She has also fostered many great relationships and networks with those within the industry, which contributed to her countless opportunities.

No longer scheduled to film back-to-back dramas since leaving TVB, Natalie has more time to be selective of her work projects. Hosted by King Kong (金剛), snippets of Natalie participating in the food-related Chinese variety show, Inspector Gourmet <為食神探>, was shared online. The clips generated much discussion and enthusiasm, suggesting that Natalie may be quite marketable in China.

On her new pursuits, Natalie expressed, “Before, I was taken care of by my company and they planned everything for me. When I left, I did think about how I would handle things on my own. However, everything that has happened to me since leaving has been great. Earlier, I filmed two movies. Currently, I have several commercial contracts signed. I am also in talks with other kinds of projects, have met many new people, and been exposed to different arenas of work. I will have a lot of new experiences in the near future, so I am very happy.”

Working in the profitable Chinese market, Natalie shared, “I want to work on different types of projects and have different experiences. It requires some time to transition over to China. My father is getting older and the cats at home need my care, so I will take these things into consideration when planning my future. The Inspector Gourmet crew had a lot of sincerity and waited for my schedule to open up. The show is about Guangdong cuisine. I love to eat and will have the opportunity to work with previous colleagues. I am very happy to be able to participate on this show.”

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