Natalie Tong Doesn’t Mind Filming for ViuTV

Since leaving TVB in September 2022, Natalie Tong’s (唐詩詠) filming output has slowed down significantly. The formerly prolific actress was seen in The Invisibles <隱形戰隊>, which was aired after she left TVB. Nevertheless, she is happy with the freedom to choose the type of work to accept.

Commenting that she has adjusted well after leaving her employer of 19 years, Natalie said, “I’m the type of person who will take care of myself. I am very clear on what I need to do.”

It is rumored that Gordon Lam (林家棟) will be returning to TVB as an executive in the production team. Asked if this would interest her in returning to TVB to film dramas, Natalie replied, “I feel that actors should not limit themselves to one place. They should pick based on the production.”

Asked if she was open to filming for TVB’s competitor, ViuTV, Natalie replied she does not mind as long as the role is right suitable. Asked if any progress has been made in her scriptwriting project, Natalie has received some stories and is thinking carefully about the format to present them.

Making an appearance at an event for a charity focused on providing education to youth across the world, Natalie choked up while recounting a trip to Bangladesh where a young girl had very clear goals and knew education would change her life. Natalie said, “I feel ashamed for giving up on the opportunities given to me. When I was a student, I was lazy and didn’t want to get up. When I got to high school, I gave up on my education due to family issues and felt it was better to earn money at the time.”

Recently, Natalie’s beloved 19-year-old cat Silver passed away. Since the cat was co-owned with her ex-boyfriend Amigo Chui (崔建邦), Natalie was asked whether she had contacted Amigo to handle their cat’s funeral. She replied, “The funeral is not that difficult to plan–I can handle it myself.”

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Can Natalie Tong Survive Outside of TVB?

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  1. i don’t know… but filming for a station with rating like 3-5points… is that not depress? Like you put so much effort than no one care

  2. No looks. No acting skills. No talent. No personal skills. No market. Sure, it is good to leave and have freedom rather than be tied down by a 10 year contract. But the reality is TVB is a safety net for most actors. 99% don’t make it outside of the HK market. Even trying to bridge from TVB to local HK movie productions is difficult. She may want to explore behind the scenes work or stage performances. Most TVB actors lack talent. This was a hard reality check for her. If she wants to continue to act, I think she’s going to come back to TVB unless she has enough money to sustain herself forever which I doubt or start a business of some sort.

  3. She is definitely not a thespian like Gordon Lam, Francis Ng, Liu Kai Chi but there is something about her that comes natural when it comes to acting. I actually think she’s a better supporting character than main in television and I can see her in theater as main.

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