Moses Chan’s Cold-Blooded Murders Result in 30 Complaints for “Master of Play”

TVB’s new drama, Master of Play <心戰>, continued to send chills down the spine of its viewers. In the second episode, Moses Chan (陳豪) murdered his uncle in a cold-blooded manner. He burned the corpse and flushed the ashes down the toilet. Due to the explicit violence in Master of Play, TVB has received a total of 54 complaints in the broadcast of its first two episodes!

While the subject of serial killers in Master of Play did not appeal to housewives, the online community was full of praise. Following When Heaven Burns <天與地>, producer Jonathan Chik’s (戚其義) Master of Play was praised as possessing deeper and more provocative material. Netizens also praised the use of sand drawings, which added to the atmosphere of the series. The first episode of the thriller was regarded to be terrifying, resulting in 24 complaints, while the second episode triggered 30 complaints at the Broadcasting Authority.

Moses Chan Commits Murder in Cold-Blood

Portraying a magician in Master of Play, Moses put his skills to good use when committing murder. Moses’ calculative and meticulous execution of his uncle’s murder unnerved viewers. After strangling his uncle to death in the phone booth, Moses burned the corpse in an electric kiln in his work studio. He then flushed the ashes down the toilet, erasing evidence of the murder.

Netizens were eager to see how many murders Moses will commit in Master of Play. Already, he was branded as the “King of Serial Killers”  and speculated to be the murderer with the highest body count in TVB history!

The radical theme of Master of Play drew netizen comparisons to Tiananmen Square protests of 1989, in which TVB quickly dispelled. TVB Deputy Director of External Affairs, Tsang Sing Ming (曾醒明) said, “After speaking with our production department’s Catherine Tsang (曾勵珍), Jonathan Chik, and Zhou Xuming (周旭明), they felt as if the reports twisted the creative intention of the drama. It was already stated that the series explored moral destruction, the ugly and beautiful sides of human nature.”

Mr. Tsang emphasized that the violent scenes were necessary in Master of Play. “It has nothing to do with the Tiananmen Square protests! The bloody scenes add to the suspenseful story. The drama does not contain political messages.”

TVB was recently criticized for producing dramas that were based on formulaic elements which have not changed in the last 30 years, unable to forge new innovation. Mr. Tsang said, “TVB supports the exploration of new subjects in its dramas. But the complaints made the company feel a bit helpless. However, TVB will continue to support creative development and keeping up with the times.”

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Jayne: Moses’ murders will likely be conducted with much creativity, illustrating his calculative and meticulous planning. Master of Play may become the TVB drama with the most number of murders and audience complaints!

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  1. I think it is too much to have this kind of horror drama series. Any young children can watch it on TV. It is more acceptable to have it filmed as a movie. I am sure a lot of parents will protest against this kind of theme for their children’s viewing.

  2. people in HK should stop complaining and watch the bloody show. If it is not suitable for their children they should not let them watch it.

    1. Agree. I think that HK ppl being too much. If they don’t like then don’t watch. Watch and complain non stop. -.-

      1. I agree too. Ppl complain how tvb is losing interesting plots and that tvb series are getting boring. Yet whenever there is a series that comes out with a plot that is 360degrees from the normal average family storyline, they complain about it too. Yes, the plot in this series may not be suitable for children, but there is no rule stating that it’s compulsary to watch every tvb series. If this doesn’t satisfy the family interest, then dont watch it. Quit complaining -.-

    2. totally agree! this is a good show and am very intrigue

    3. I definitely agree. HK viewers complains about almost anything. It is actually kind of funny. I think they have too much time on their hands.They complain about: actress showing little part of her bra…blood…kiss…car speeding..smoking in movie..etc etc

  3. Actually I also think that this should be more a movie…. coz indeed some children might watch the 930 slot…. perhaps move this to a 1030 drama

  4. The series was already labelled PG warning before broadcast and if parents let their young children watch despite the warning, well the blame shouldn’t be on the broadcaster. If people are too busy to be parents and rely on the idiot box for parenting skill, switch to Disney channel or something.

    1. “PG warning” is not the proper guideline for this kind of drama series. If it is a movie, it will definitely be “RESTRICTED”. People may have to show age ID before admission. How can it work on TV?

      Parents can ask their children not to watch it, but they cannot stop them. Do you expect the parents to keep an eye on their children at 9:30 p.m. every night? Or do you expect them to “lock” their TV sets every night at 9:30 p.m.?

      1. 8:30pm – 10:30pm is the prime time for TVB series. What about the adult who want to enjoy a non-BBQ ending, family clapping series? They have to wait till midnight or resolve dl online?

        If the parents cannot control their children, why blame TVB if they already did their part in warning? It’s not like they advertised MOP as Lion King 3.

        I believe HK audience doesn’t comprises of children and housewives only. It’s also unfair to push the series intended audience to graveyard slot.

      2. Young children should be going to bed by 9:30pm on weeknights anyway. But teenagers are harder to control. Hopefully no weirdo’s get any ideas.

        Anyway, the combination of Adam, Moses, and aimee is more than enough for me to not tune in.

      3. Who is the boss in the house now? The children or the parents?

        TVB cannot be blamed if parents cannot even set house rule in their own home.

      4. Seriously, the content of this series is nothing compared to CSI and Criminal Minds and even frankly, Glee. Young children can handle it. But if a child is like 8 or 7, why are they still up at 930pm?

      5. Kidd, in Asian society, the children are the boss now.

      6. @ Funn

        I seldom watch Criminal Mind. But, the few episodes I watch really scare me. Very disturbing. I agree with you. I don’t think this series will go that far.

  5. Imagine if a Psycho watching this drama or not very mentally stable person watching this movie, it is just scary. The problem with society nowadays the darker the movie the better, just look at recent horror or thriller movie. Just by reading the synopsis already scary enough not to mention watching it.

    1. Seriously, it is not THAT dark compared to some American series. It is not THAT scary. Nor do I think there will be any copycat killers following this series. In fact 30 complaints only. All those headlines are just publicity headlines. It is really not that dark.

      1. I agree completely!! I watched it and honestly I didn’t feel scared at all! There were some eerie moments but not enough to actually freak me out.. If netizens are scared watching this they should never watch horror movies then,it will scar them for life! This drama is nothing compared to horror movies- or those tv shows.

      2. I agree… But in the HK culture, even something like premarital sex is still a controversy… So it’s hard to compare the cultures.

        Plus, if there’s a copycat, the person obviously needs help and will likely commit a crime with or without the show… You can’t blame everything on the media.

      3. I havent seen this series actually, my comment is more directed towards nowaday horror/thriller drama/movie. Just made my omment base on what i read above.

    2. like the human centipede movie which is insane and soo far more disturbing which is why some country has banned

      1. oh yeah i heard about that centipede movie… its like seriously revolting…..
        but i guess they won’t put it on a 930 slot ahhaha

  6. The Tiananmen Square comparison is really grasping on straw. I watch the first episode, and there is nothing reminding me of Tiananmen Square unlike WHB which has some obvious reference.

    1. I don’t get the comparison nor do I see any such reference and it is time viewers should stop reading into the plot any deeper meanings than what is presented.

    2. Can I ask what WHB stand for? Which series was that? I don’t remember

  7. “Portraying a magician in Master of Play, Moses put his skills to good use when committing murder. ”

    And I wonder how so? Conjuring up a knife when he needs one? It is really such a sensationalised plot/series/description isn’t it? I just hope there is consistency and no bad editing whatever the contents. But let’s do a body count I suppose. That seems to interest the viewers more which again is part of the gimmick.

  8. Tell me if this is as good as Criminal Minds and I’ll watch…taking a break from TBB now..(yawning)

  9. I don’t get it, like when he put that guy in the kiln to burn him, i always thought human bones takes ages to full disintegrate. Not like in 1 day, it turns to ashes.

    1. I can quite imagine he put that guy on a stove to burn him! Maybe it is a powerful kiln. If not use what? Acid?

      1. I’m sure human bones don’t disintegrate that fast even when burned at high temperatures. Maybe i’m wrong. And and how could the kiln be so clean afterwards, even after he burnt that guy. It should be covered in black soot.

      2. They don’t. You burn away the flesh and make the bone kinda brittle and then you need to hammer the bones a bit to ashes. Quite a lot of work. Murdering someone is very tiring since getting rid of evidence is tiring. Perhaps you have pointed out this series’ flaws.

      3. Funn,
        “You burn away the flesh and make the bone kinda brittle and then you need to hammer the bones a bit to ashes. Quite a lot of work. Murdering someone is very tiring since getting rid of evidence is tiring.”

        A planned murder is indeed a methodical process, especially for a serial killer who wishes to leave a “mark” but not evidence tracing back to him. Interesting that “Master of Play” is being aired while Sean Lau’s new movie, “Fairytale Killer” is playing in theaters. The feedback for “Fairytale Killer” has been positive as well. Joey Meng plays Sean’s wife in the movie. I suppose TVB planned the May broadcast date to correspond with “Fairytale Killer” for some serial killer hype?

      4. Electric kiln is hot enough to cremate a body? Or big enough? I assume he chop chop?

      5. The cremation here is very unrealistic. My grandfather was cremated and I remember picking up his bone fragments after it’s done. I also agree that the kiln shouldn’t be so clean. There should be stain in the kiln.

  10. okay i just watched the first two ep and i thought it was alright, i understand some parents wouldnt allow their children to watch this. but even if it was little hong kong people would still complain. they wanted new dramas from tvb and they gave them one and now its like complain complain.

  11. This series really does not seem all that graphic compared to many American shows. But then again, I’m not sure if that’s a fair comparison. It seems like HK dramas are for families and it needs to please the housewives. I would never watch CSI with young children but I think it’s a fantastic series which deserves to be aired in a primetime slot. I guess the culture is just different.

  12. I wonder if I will see this series. It is good to know that TVB is getting more bold,but you wonder if it is for the good or bad??

  13. I want to watch this so badly but too bad I’m in Canada ):

  14. Man this is the only interesting series they’ve had for so long, i hate those happy shows. they suck and some people dont watch their channel for them. I hope moses kills his fiancees mom in the show.

  15. i watched the 1st 2 eps and find it very interesting but i’m trying to figure why Moses kills people.

  16. I don’t understand why Moses killed his uncle?…

  17. I think the reason Moses killed his uncle had something to do with his sister Aimee… maybe the uncle molested them when they were younger??

    1. I think he just doesn’t like people messing up with his abalone. Plus, his uncle knew his past.

  18. I find it funny how people are so excited for the new stations like CTI because they want more options and not the same old happy family series that TVB always films. Then when TVB does something different, people complain and say they want the old formula series. Just stop complaining and watch something else. TVB is not the only tv station and Jade is not their only channel.

    1. Totally Agree! CTI is currently producing a horror tv series.

  19. I mean if killing and burning up someone was that easy, everyone would be doing it too.

  20. Not even going the route of comparing MoP to cable series such as Dexter, this show is not nearly as scary as Supernatural.

    Comparing to Hong Kong tv shows, it is not as dark as My Date with a Vampire. Now that is a series with a high body count and out of nowhere murders (albeit it is a fantasy). So far it is interesting and looking forward to see where the characters go emotionally.

  21. Master of play Sucks. I hate Adam cheng & the lady with the mushroom head. Come on TVB u have lots of young beautiful stars. Where r they???? I m giving up on my AOD subscription, wasting my $$$$.

  22. Why is Moses in these weird dramas recently?
    WHB and MOP is weird. Must be coz its by the same producer. Might work for a Western audience but for the Asian market, these genres won’t really work.

  23. Hello Jayne and anyone ,do you think Is Aimee Chan is Adam Cheng daughter iin this drama?
    is Moses Chan uncle kidnap Moses ,Kenny and Aimee when they are child and force them to beg which result Moses kill his uncle?

  24. How exactly does this series make reference to Tiananmen Square??

  25. This series suck, I just watch up tp episodes 4. Try too hard to be different, and the characters suck, everything drags.

    It took TVB 20 years to make this kind of series? its completely crap compare to Dexter or Walking Dead.

  26. This show is far from gruesome … ppl are just too sensitive these days -so far you don’t actually see the killings it is only implied – and if only people realized that’s life in the real world (murderers, dictators, terrorist – whether we actually see it or choose to pay attention to this issues is another matter) – are you complainer so naive that you believe otherwise?

    don’t like it – then don’t watch it FFS .. its been fairly interesting so far (which is hard to say for many TVB dramas these days) and yet I’m a fan and I watch every single one.

    Yes I agree might not be suitable for young children – so what so are many shows on Tv – something call parental control

  27. So I just started watching this.. any good, guys? It’s looking pretty good so far and I absolutely loved WHB. I see how parents can worry but it really just is about not letting our children watch movies that are inappropriate. You can tell a company to never do a non family orientated movie just because you have a member of the family who can’t watch it. I like that TVB is branching out.

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