Adam Cheng’s Eldest Daughter Commits Suicide

One of the most famous actors in the 1970s and 1980s, Adam Cheng (鄭少秋) also gained notoriety for his love life and the daughters he had with each relationship. It is reported that his eldest daughter, Angelina Cheng (鄭安儀), had committed suicide in California in late September.

Adam Cheng, 76, was married twice. After his infamous divorce with Lydia Shum (沈殿霞), Adam married his current wife Koon Jing Wah (官晶華). He has four children: Joyce Cheng (鄭欣宜) with Lydia, as well as two daughters with Koon Jing Wah. Less known to the public, Adam had also fathered his eldest daughter, Angelina, with his ex-girlfriend Lo Wai Yu (盧慧茹).

Adam had dated Lo Wai Yu three years before breaking up. Angelina was raised by her mother and eventually lost contact with Adam. The actor admitted he had not been in contact with Angelina since paying off her university tuition. In adulthood, Angelina finally understood why her parents had decided to break up. However, the negative image of her father followed her throughout most of her adult life. Angelina also fell into depression after being unable to extricate herself from a love triangle.

In recent years, Angelina joined the St. Bridget Chinese Catholic Church and found support there. Fellow church members shared they lost contact with Angelina since September 26 and were unable to contact her mother, so they reported her missing. The police broke into her residence where they found Angelina had committed suicide. The church asked for Adam to contact them as soon as possible to help with Angelina’s funeral.

When reached for comment, Adam confirmed the death of his daughter.

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  1. There have been a few celebs from the era who have not taken responsibilities as parent… Of course, currently, there are so too but the cases are less hand off… Adam was not a good father…we know so. Jackie Chan is another infamous bad parent.
    I read Adam have tried to connect with his daughter but details unknown. And he is very upset by her death…. I hope Adam will reflect on his behaviour as he has 3 kids… He daughter Joyce is also one who suffer from depression. He will not want another life lost…
    As for Jackie Chan, he is a selfish person who never even supported his daughter since birth in deed nor money. He really will have to answer for his behaviour.

  2. Sad new, hope she rest in peace…

    Other side, if they are not in touch for years… I do understand why the media accused Adam for this story

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