2015 TVB Anniversary Awards: Anthony Wong, Nancy Wu Crowned TV King and Queen

The annual TVB Anniversary Awards were successfully held on Sunday, December 13, honoring TVB’s television achievements of 2015. Carol “DoDo” Cheng (鄭裕玲), Sammy Leung (森美), and Wong Cho Lam (王祖藍) hosted the event, presenting 15 major awards to TVB artists. Winners of these awards were selected based on the results from audience vote and an evaluation from TVB’s professional panel. A new category, Most Popular Classic Drama, is entirely determined by the public. A total of of 582,194 unique votes were collected throughout the voting period.

Lord of Shanghai <梟雄> star Anthony Wong (黃秋生) won Best Actor. He is the first ever Hong Kong actor to win acting awards in all three major industries—motion picture, television, and theater. Lord of Shanghai also won Best Drama.

“Every award ever won by an actor represents the hard efforts of many people,” said Anthony in his winning speech.“It should be respected. I hope that many artists will continue to work hard for our honor!”

Meanwhile, Ghost of Relativity <鬼同你OT> star Nancy Wu (胡定欣) defeated costar Kristal Tin (田蕊妮) and won Best Actress, making her the first actress born in the 1980’s to win the honor. The 34-year-old actress broke into tears when she received her Best Actress honor, “I wasn’t expecting this at all! In my heart, Liza and Kristal have always been the best actresses. I really want to thank everyone for supporting me!”

Kristal Tin, on the other hand, won Most Popular Female Character. She won this same award in 2013, for Brother’s Keeper <巨輪>. Captain of Destiny <張保仔> star Ruco Chan (陳展鵬) won Most Popular Male Character with a grand slam in votes. “I really want to thank my mother for sacrificing her time to take care of me during my lowest moments,” said Ruco.“I also want to thank someone else who is very dear to me—I promise to only say it when I’ve achieved some results. I want to thank his strict teachings when I was younger. He is my goal, my father!”

The complete list of winners, including the top five nominees:

Best Drama
“Lord of Shanghai”

Best Actor
Anthony Wong, “Lord of Shanghai” — Winner
Moses Chan, “Ghost of Relativity”
Louis Cheung, “Momentary Lapse of Reason”
Ruco Chan, “Captain of Destiny”
Wayne Lai, “Lord of Shanghai”

Best Actress
Nancy Wu, “Ghost of Relativity” — Winner
Liza Wang, “Limelight Years”
Linda Chung, “Limelight Years”
Kristal Tin, “Ghost of Relativity”
Tavia Yeung, “Momentary Lapse of Reason”

Most Popular Male Character
Ruco Chan, “Captain of Destiny” — Winner
Moses Chan, “Ghost of Relativity”
Louis Cheung, “Momentary Lapse of Reason”
Anthony Wong, “Lord of Shanghai”
Kenneth Ma, “Lord of Shanghai”

Most Popular Female Character
Kristal Tin, “Ghost of Relativity” — Winner
Priscilla Wong, “Madam Cutie On Duty”
Linda Chung, “Limelight Years”
Nancy Wu, “Ghost of Relativity”
Alice Chan, “Lord of Shanghai”

Best Supporting Actor
Wai Kar Hung, “Lord of Shanghai”

Best Supporting Actress
Elaine Yiu, “Captain of Destiny”

Most Improved Male Artiste
Tony Hung

Most Improved Female Artiste
Grace Chan

Best Host
Liza Wang, Adam Cheng, Jerry Lamb for “Sunday Songbird”

Best Variety or Special Feature
“DoDo Goes Shopping”

Best Informative Program
“Big Big World 2”

Most Popular Original Drama Song
“The Secret of Tears” <眼淚的秘密> by Jinny Ng for “The Empress of China”

Most Popular Classic Drama
“The Greed of Man” (1992) with 21,982 votes

Lifetime Achievement Award
Nat Chan

Judging criteria:

Public vote (100%)
Most Popular Classic Drama

Public vote (50%) + TVB professional panel (50%)
Best Actor, Best Actress, Most Popular Male Character, Most Popular Female Character, Best Drama, Most Popular Original Drama Song

TVB professional panel (50%) + TVB artists (50%)
Best Supporting Actor, Best Supporting Actress, Most Improved Male Artist, Most Improved Female Artist, Best Host, Best Variety or Special Feature, Best Informative Program

Source: IHKTV, On.cc

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Lol Grace only won because TVB is carrying her and wants her to become the next star. If the award were actually based on acting merit, she wouldn’t have won most improved. It’s so obvious. Anthony only won because TVB had to give him something in return for coming back to TVB and they want him to film more dramas with them.

    1. @babyfaced dont be funny la. Anthony wong acting in LOS indeed excellent! Should be TVB want to make NANCY to stay with TVB for at least another decade and gave her the TV queen awards. She totally not having tv queen standard but still got the awards

      1. @lam86 not much talent on the TV Queen side these days anyways, lots of the would-be fadans have left the company

        Yea changed my mind on Anthony, that was my hot take, I just didn’t really get the feel for his weak accent, but he was definitely better than the rest of the field.

      2. @lam86 I totally agree with you! TVB only gave it to Nancy so she can keep filming with TVB. It took her a long time to get that aware. Though, she didn’t 100% deserve it, her loyalty and motivation alone still make her the best candidate to receive that award. I am happy for her and continue to be impressed with her down to earth and humble personality. Last but not least, her reaction when her name was announced Best Actress was AMAZING!

      3. @purplexstraw ya no choice. Based on past experience, i think loyalty is important to keep the business running. You see shereen, maggie cheung are example of no loyalty. Fala,. Coz they already got the award. It wont create a desire on them to act further.Kate tsui another of no loyalty as well but without award la But for the male side, tvb a little bit secure currently. Ruco has yet to receive one so he would be working his ass out each and every year until he got it. For roger and wayne they will be fighting for the 4th time to receive the awards. hehehe.

    2. @babyfaced Disagree. Anthony deserved the TV King award for his superb and detailed acting in “Lord of Shanghai”. No other actor could beat Anthony in acting in all TVB drama series in 2015. It is not because “TVB had to give him something in return for coming back to TVB and they want him to film more dramas with them”.

      Best artistes’ awards are awarded to artistes with best acting, and not for the promotion of artistes or popularity of artistes. I hope people would understand the meaning between ‘BEST ACTING” and ‘MOST FAVOURITE ARTISTES”.

      1. @orchid123 Anthony was my hot take, I’ve changed my mind, there is a reason he has been so successful in the movie industry and he showed it in the series. Just didn’t like his accent in LOS, but he was better than the rest of the field.

        However, I still feel in general, a lot of best acting TVB awards reward popularity or are given to people to who they want to promote. I know the difference, but based on who TVB has given the award to in the past, it’s more based on who they want to promote.

      2. @babyfaced Agree with you in general. However, based on the awards given in the last two years, I think TVB have improved a lot in their judging policies and requirements. Hope they will keep up this good practice.

        Nancy Wu might not be that outstanding in “Ghost of Relativity”, but her acting in general is good. Moreover, due to the departure of so many fadans, such as Myolie Wu and Kate Tsui, TVB probably want to promote her to be another fadan. Therefore, it is about time to give her such a glamorous award.

  2. wow, really surprised that nancy won. never thought that tvb wanted to promote her as lead

      1. @arc78
        i don’t think her acting in GOR was her weakest. i think she’s a very versatile artist but this year is by far her most representative year. plus she’s only had one drama this year. GOR is funny but i don’t understand how both nancy and crystal became contenders for the award through the drama. it’s not a classical piece like others. really scratching my head.

  3. Anthony is well deserved. However, like Sheren Tang said that the veteran should yield the chance to the younger artists. The award is really meaningless.

    1. @etnngo If the award was given to Wayne Lai, I may agree that the award should have been given to other actors because Wayne has already won TV King award 3 times. However, it is Anthony Wong’s 1st TV King award, and he acted really well in “Lord of Shanghai” and no other actors could have beat him.

  4. Sigh..I was hoping Ruco is the tv King and Nancy is not bad as for tv queen but I was hoping Linda or Liza can be one instead. I’m definitely don’t agree about the most improved one must be a joke how can this two win really? Matt Yeung should be the most improved one and Jacqueline Wong she’s acting real cute in WoWy. The best drama are ok too but I was hoping it was Momentary Lapse of Reason. Hopefully next year Ruco will be the tv King and Linda will be the queen.

    1. @asian2015 Ruco and Linda as tv King and queen, my wish too! Ruco will definitely have a chance but Linda, she’s always one step short for so many years in a row despite having a good package. Tvb just can’t bring out the best in her vice versa, she should leave for mainland China, tvb can use Nancy, Kristal and Grace all they want

    2. @asian2015

      i also think matt’s good, got the looks and skills. he should get promoted. i don’t like jacqueline, she was too went OTT. she’s okay for a newbie though. i think tvb may want to promote grace to be the next charmine.

  5. I personally don’t think Grace deserved the Most Improved..maybe next year, but just not this year. I would have chosen Jacqueline Wong, Rosina Lam, or even Ali. At least they have more experience, but it’s not surprising that TVB chose Grace.

  6. Lets be honest, anthony is really a different par from the rest of tvb actors including wayne & ruco which maka them like small potatoes. Anthony is In the same league as sean lau, 2 tony leungs, nick cheung & francis ng.

    Tvb is using anthony ‘s fame to milk Kenneth ma, ruco & etc

    1. @looooooooooo Didn’t watch “Lord of Shanghai” so can’t comment on that but generally Anthony’s acting is with Sean and the rest, above the current existing TVB actors.

  7. Great to see Anthony & Nancy won the awards. They deserve it. If u guys think Nancy is not good enough to win the award then who else? Linda Chung? I don’t even think Kristal Tin is that good, if Linda Chung win, I’ll quit watching TVB dramas right away

  8. GOR wasn’t that good but Nancy is a promising lead actress. I’m not mad at that. I’m only mad that Grace won. Like there is no other better actress to give to award to? And why would they still want to promote her after all the negative response towards her acting in COD? I just can’t digest this.

    1. @kaykay408 Agreed. Every single other person in the category deserved it more than her. Maybe they thought we would change our minds if they showed that she was “deserving” of an award, but I’m pretty sure they just ruined her image even more. In my opinion, I think Grace only made it worse by not being humble about it, and choosing to tell people (before the awards show) that she’s confident she’ll get the award. If TVB/Grace just waited 1 or 2 more years, she would probably be a lot more welcome.

  9. I don’t understand why they keep making fun of Priscilla Wong and Tony Hung.

    Greed of Man won favorite classic drama? Very deserving but what an odd award.

    1. @smurf guess tvb purposely wan to acknowledge the series for it’s recent popularity.it’s like an award created specially for greed of man.

  10. i feel the reason nancy won is cause the competitors are weak. imagine if her competitors were sheren tang or charmaine (not saying she’s a great actress). This years tvb series are not great too.
    the pirates series is a total waste of time to watch. tony can’t even act and he’s holding the lead. grace is obviously jus a pretty face. rosina lam deserve the award more than her. grace is jus heavily promoted by tvb.

  11. Bravo to Anthony but very surprise that Nancy won cos as for me she always a supporting not lead …

    Very happy for tony hung n Ruco.

  12. LOOOOL I already saw that coming…Tony and Grace winning most improved? Yeah, saw that coming 160%. I personally find Grace to not be physically appealing and her bad acting shows that she “only knows how to act pretty, does not know one thing about acting.” (translating to the best I can from my native language). Im sorry but Tony was no better and should have not won that award. I dont follow Matt Yeung but just basing from what Im reading, he would be way much more deserving than Tony. Tony needs 10 more years of experience before he deserves that Most Improved.

    Never watched COD but why would I when the two main leads’ acting already swayed me away from the drama from just watching the trailer: one overacts (Grace) and one is a log/emotionless (Tony).

  13. totally predicted that grace and tony would win most improved although others deserve it more then them. 🙁

    i am very surprised nancy won BA!!!! I was expecting Liza to win

    but anthony winning was totally expected

  14. Obviously , TVB is trying very hard to groom Tony Hung and Grace Chan. If they can’t make it, they will be doing TVB a great disservice and TVB “top ones” will have themselves to blame for it. Nancy clinch the award. Never like her acting and drama.Seems like there are no more outstanding female lead left.

      1. So true on “her competitors are ‘weak’.
        I mean better Nancy than Linda Chung..And Kristal Tin can do better plus she won it once and capable of wining again. Tavia Yeung was so so and her performance was not so great in this few years. [ps I think she fix her nose to back to normal] Nancy got potential and maybe after this award she can perform better since Tvb got no more fadans…

      2. @snoopy ya i noticed tat too. tavia’s nose seems to be less protrude. nancy is jus lucky tvb series is jus so so this year. and myolie left.

  15. Surely matt deserves most improved more than Tony. What yardstick do they use to measure improvement since tony and grace haven’t even been acting that long to be able to gauge their improvement?

  16. This year TVB Anniversary Awards was a big mess. The arrangement to present the Best Actor/ Actress for Supporting Role should not be so early. It just kills the mood. It was rude of Tvb to even cut the the top 5 nominations. Good thing Anthony won the TV King award. His performance is far better than the other 4. Wayne Lai’s performance in LOS was ok ok, too forceful. Ruco can win it next year. ps. Im secretly happy tat he did not won because to be honest Captain of Destiny was a crap drama. I prefer him to win Best Actor in a good drama & with a decent leading actress. Louis got potential maybe few more years since he is new in Tvb.
    For supporting actor, I think Eddie Kwan in Ghost of Relativity or Timothy Cheng in Raising the Bar is better than Willie Wai. Willie is not really outstanding in LOS. Meanwhile for supporting actress, is Elaine Yiu really that good in COD?? I prefer Celine Ma (Ma tai Luo) – Ghost of Relativity over Elaine. Lastly is was a joke for Tony Hung and Grace Chan to won the Most Improved Artiste. I don’t think they even deserve to get a nomination. It was like a slap for other more deserving artistes.

    ps. too bad Sunrise (天光) by C AllStar did not win Most Popular Original Song 🙁

    1. @snoopy I think to dismiss an artiste’s performance based on the series and not his work IN that series is a unfair judgement; really, if many of you miss Ruco’s performance in COD just bços you don’t like the series or the other artistes, it will be quite de-moralising for Ruco, I imagine.
      Anyway, Anthony is definitely an accomplished actor and I’ve always enjoyed his work. To me, he did really well in LOS until the stretch of the last 3-4 episodes which entails more tragic moments; esp when faced with an ailing wife and death of his ídol’/Myolie. I thought he did not showed enough of these ”soft emotions, talking to his wife was almost like talking to his right hand man. In other words, not enough different facets in his acting; excellent in being the big controlled ‘taiko” but so so in other expressions.

      1. @elayne Ruco is good. Just not good enough to beat Anthony. His competitor is too strong. Like I said Anthony’s acting skill is above all the four. Anyway to win an award is based on luck as well. Like Nancy this year, no real strong competitors.

        ps. why cant the fans be patient a bit.

  17. The Most Improved Artist winners should have gone to more deserving artists. I like Tony Hung in travelogue but his acting still has much to be desired. As for Grace Chan, my opinion is probably biased because I find her very annoying. This category should be renamed “Artist TVB wants to promote”. “Most Improved” is so misleading and meaningless.
    The first half of the event was boring. There was no video clips of the winner’s performance/programme ; no mention of the last top 5 nominees in each category and their related video clips. It was as if TVB was rushing for time and did not want to waste time on them.

  18. Congrats Anthony!=) His performance in LOS was indeed great, just his body language spoke a thousand words… Congrats to Ruco too, for achieving most popular male character. Hehe, was hoping that Alice could have won the most popular female character. Didn’t heard much about GOR until awards are coming. Then, suddenly Gor made so much noise? (Didn’t find it so worth watching)

    Liked the part when Tony received the award, haha Priscillia and Natalie was there for him. Quite sweet 🙂

  19. Very happy with Nancy’s win and she was very right and humble to admit that she had a lot of room for improvement in GoR.

    I’m still trying to get over the fact that Ruco didn’t win Best Actor. It was his year and yet they gave it to Anthony. TVB is always full of surprises but I think I’ll stay depressed for the next month.

    P.S. I’m sure Anthony was great in Lord, but I didn’t watch it. And I will never watch it. :p

  20. This content has been hidden as the member is suspended.

    1. @freedalas So what if Ruco doesn’t get the TV king award in hong kong? Aside from Ruco there are plenty of outstanding and talented artists such as Mak Ka Lun , Dickson Lee, Eric Li, David Do , Jimmy Au who deserve recognition as well. They have been working in TVB for decades, but never get promoted. They are always stuck with playing minor supporting roles and haven’t received a single award or any recognition, despite all their hard work.
      It doesn’t matter whether Ruco wins another TV king award or not because it won’t affect his status in TVB. He has already secured his status as leading actor!

      1. @unknown

        Ruco Chan is already getting recognition by playing lead roles but if I remember correctly, he played Wayne Lai’s son in State of Divinity. Wayne was a secondary character who appeared in 3-4 episodes at most before being killed off. All of these actors have come a long way and whether they succeed or not depends on the opportunity, their ability, luck and whether the audience accepts them. Audience is arguably the biggest stumbling block even if the producers give you a shot.

        Mak Ka Lun – He was never a stand out character and recently seem to undergo cosmetic surgery on his return to TVB. He is currently being given a chance as a doctor in “Angel In The Making”.

        Dickson Lee – If you watch old films not series you will notice him starring as younger leads but failing to make a break in the film industry. He was given some second lead role in the 1990s.

        Eric Li – I believe he was given a lot of good support roles in recent years but suddenly vanished again.

        David Do – When he first started he was given a Crown Prince role and there’s a strong emphasis to promote him and he was competing with his foolish half brother Ngo Ka Lin.

        Jimmy Au – Back in the 90s he was given second male leads in Wuxia/Ancient Period dramas.

        Everyone have been given opportunities whether they rise and shine. It all depends on us the audience.

      2. @gingermessiah If TVB really have intended to promote those supporting artists, then why are they still stuck with playing minor roles after all these years? Up until now, why TVB still haven’t given them the chance to be the main lead or the second lead? It is obvious TVB had never intended to promote them to leading status.

        Take a look at all those new siu sungs fandans Tony hung, Him law Benjamin Yuen, Vincent Wong, Eliza sam, Priscilla Wong, Grace chan. Even though they have joined the entertainment industry for only a short amount of time compared to those veteran artists,TVB has already started heavily promoting them, giving them lead and second lead roles in every series.

      3. This content has been hidden as the member is suspended.

      4. @freedalas That’s a TVB issue and unfortunately one that won’t be fixed until the day comes when the entire HK television industry is overhauled and the system is completely changed (which, if it ever does happen, probably won’t be in our lifetime).  In fact, it’s only going to become more and more frequent, since TVB’s talent pool is dwindling and the younger generation artists they’re currently grooming don’t have what it takes to succeed the way the previous generations did.  Plus the environment is different now, as there are way more options out there, though unfortunately many of those opportunities aren’t in HK (i.e. Mainland China, collaborations with other countries, Internet dramas, etc….and there’s still the movie industry, though that has been weak in recent years as well) so artists have more choices and don’t necessarily have to stick with TVB in order to survive (even TVB themselves recognize this, which is why they are also placing more and more focus on the Mainland China market).  With TVB losing artists faster than they are able to groom and replenish, of course it makes sense that they will go the ‘easy’ route of inviting previous artists back who already have the experience and exposure as well as name recognition – of course, the bigger the name they get, the better, though it goes without saying that most of the truly ‘big name’ artists aren’t going to bother with TVB no matter what.  Timing will also be a factor, as that’s one of the main reasons Anthony Wong was able to return to TVB last year — yes, he agreed to film LOS primarily because of producer Amy Wong, but it also happened that he wasn’t too busy, since he barely had any movies to film due to him supposedly being ‘boycotted’ by Mainland China (HK movie industry caters heavily to Mainland market, especially mainstream ‘commercialized’ movies, as that’s where the lucrative box office is, so of course many of the big production houses who rely on Mainland box office won’t want to risk offering him work)….all he had was his theater work and HKAPA-related stuff, which did keep him relatively busy, but not to the point where his schedule was packed.

        Don’t be surprised if the same thing happens next year too, as there are other hugely talented, award-winning movie actors that TVB already invited back to film for them and there’s no doubt that their acting will be levels above TVB’s current artists.

      5. This content has been hidden as the member is suspended.

      6. @freedalas I actually don’t recommend ‘excluding’ veteran artists, as that wouldn’t be fair to them either, especially since most of them are downgrading themselves to film for TVB – like Anthony said, he had to pay money from his own pocket in order to film for TVB (he was referring to all the hotel accommodations and such, since he has special requests when it comes to that kind of stuff). Also, the fans definitely won’t go for that, especially if it’s a famous artist who has been in the industry for years and is already A-list level. TVB would essentially be shooting themselves in the foot if they did that, as those artists probably wouldn’t want to film for them (sure, big name artists don’t care about whether they receive TV King or Queen or not, but deliberately shutting them out is a whole different story altogether – I mean, how would it sound on TVB’s part if they were to say: I’m going to invite you to film for us but you’re not allowed to compete for any of our awards, okay?).

        The separate category thing might work, but TVB actually had something similar to that in the past — the Best Supporting Actor/Actress award used to be known as 實力非凡男女演員 (literally translates to ‘Extraordinary Talent Actor/Actress’) which was awarded to veterans with extraordinary acting talent but couldn’t get TV King or Queen…back when that award existed, it was already widely viewed as ridiculous that TVB would create a separate award category for ‘artists with acting talent’ – so did that mean that the ones they awarded TV King and Queen to didn’t have acting talent then? TVB was able to skirt around that issue by turning the award into BSA but still – the differentiation had already been made, which obviously didn’t sit well with people back then.

        In my opinion, if TVB truly wanted to ‘control’ it and let their own artists win, the only way they would be able to do it (without rigging the awards, which we all know they do anyway) with the least amount of scrutiny/backlash would be to ‘manipulate’ the airing schedule of the series. Like this year for example, if Lord of Shanghai hadn’t aired, most likely Captain of Destiny would’ve swept most of the awards (however undeserving that would’ve been due to how bad that series was). To be honest though, I don’t see TVB doing this, as they are not stupid – they know that the veteran/big name artists can bring in audiences based on just name recognition alone, plus they have to give them certain amount of treatment, so logically they would air the series as soon as possible and make it an anniversary series to boot.

      7. This content has been hidden as the member is suspended.

      8. @freedalas You’re welcome! 🙂

        In response to your comment: While that’s all very true, I kind of see it as a catch-22. On the one hand, as an artist, you WANT to be nominated with ‘the best of the best’ because of the honor it brings – just like how the younger artists want to be able to film with the veteran artists because that’s the best way for them to learn and polish their acting skills, since they have to constantly be on their best game. However that also means that your chance at winning decreases. On the other hand though, if the competition is weak, what glory is there to winning? Awards aside, if we look at sports competitions, aren’t the most exciting competitions usually those that have 2 strong, hard to defeat teams (i.e.: the top 2 teams in the world/country/state/etc.) battling it out? This type of competition requires both teams to put in their 200% best effort and be on their best game — no matter which team ends up losing, they still put up a great fight, which sometimes can matter more than the outcome.

        Of course, all of what I said above probably doesn’t apply to TVB (LOL), since their nomination and award system has always been backwards, plus they rig their awards anyway so we’re never going to get truly fair results no matter what. But in a truly credible, reputable awards ceremony, that’s the ideal situation. For me, the best awards are the ones where all the nominees (who must deserve to be nominated in the first place) are strong and all of them put in such great performances to the point where I would rather forfeit my vote than to have to choose a winner amongst them (in all the years that I’ve been following the TVB Anniversary Awards, this has only happened once to me and it was in the Best Supporting Actor category many years ago).

        In any case….TVB’s awards have a reputation in the industry as being a ‘closed-door game’ that isn’t really taken seriously anyway, so in that sense, I guess there’s no point for fans of any of the artists to get too overly worked up over the results.

      9. This content has been hidden as the member is suspended.

      10. @unknown how old are you? You still a little bit naive and ignorant. A person success is depended on many reasons. Hard work alone is not enough. You still must have the luck and also being likable by the producers and audience. So what if RUCO cannot get TV king? Means he is still not yet a successful actor in Hong kong or even mainland lo. As simple as that. Getting champion in FA cup and Carling cup does not mean much unless you can win UEFA CHAMPION!

      11. @lam86 You are being ignorant, when did i ever say that a person’s success is dependent on hard work only? By the way, my initial comment wasn’t even directed at you. Why do you even bother replying to a comment that wasn’t directed towards you? There is no point in arguing with people like you. If you really want to argue,argue with yourself.

      12. @unknown Because you ignorant think as long as having good acting skills can become successful and getting award but that is not the case. Having a good acting skill alone is not enough. Awards in HongKong and Mainland mean alot to an actor. If your RUCO cannot get any it means he is yet a successful actor in Hong Kong or Mainland. As easy as that 🙂

      13. @lam86 Firstable, I’ve never said that an actor would become successful as long as they having great acting skill. Secondable, I don’t give a crap whether Ruco is a successful actor or not. Your opinion about him is irrelevant to me.

        By the way, Why do you even bother replying to my comment that wasn’t directed towards you? It seems to me that you’re a troll who got nothing better to do than start fights online with stranger. You are the one being ignorant you started this whole argument I just stated my opinion and you got offened by it.

      14. @unknown then why you bark when other actors who can act very well but could not receive an award? Thats why i said you are naive to think that getting an award is solely based on hard work and acting skills. There are many other factors as well.

        And then you said TV king award means nothing to RUCO. lol. He is not the only leading actor in TVB. There are many. But not everyone can get TV king award. Some cant even get in their lifetime despite working very hard for life. If your RUCO cant get it just simply mean he is yet a successful actor in Hong Kong and thats it. I know the truth hurts…

      15. @lam86 Lol, you are indeed an internet troll. You goes around throwing insults and calling everyone ignorant in every single post, just simply because you disagree with their opinions.

      16. @unknown Lol. You are indeed an ignorant. Since when saying ignorant is insulting? I just providing facts that you are being naive of not knowing there are many factors in determining an actor success and thats it

  21. This content has been hidden as the member is suspended.

    1. @freedalas totally agree with u tat alice chan should get the most popular female character. GOR is jus a light-hearted comedy. which i didn’t expect their actresses to even win anything.

      1. @c3stlavi3

        Alice Chan lacked screen time as it was taken up by mainly the three male leads in Lord of Shanghai. I would have liked her to win Best Actress. I still have no clue why people seem to like Kristal Tin. Nancy Wu won it mainly because of her other competitors are not up to scratch or lack screen time like I mention.

        Overall Nancy won it because of the amount of influence she has in the drama and carried it as being the centre piece to the whole premise behind the series. The ghost who manipulated things. Just like Anthony Wong who ran the show as he is the pivotal character in every way possible.

        Just like why Dayo Wong, Wayne Lai, Roger Kwok, Kevin Cheng won it in recent years as Best Actor.

    2. @freedalas sometimes you need to consider their connection and relationship with others as well. I think Nancy wu is much likable among her peers than alice chan? Not sure though. But since she have won it then congratulate her because its not easy to get it. Look at Linda,fala,kate tsui, and many other actresses maybe have to wait a lifetime to get it. hehehe

  22. Even though I hope Ruco can win TV King, but if compared to Anthony, definately Anthony wins hands down. He is great in Los.

    As for TV Queen, Nancy deserved it. And I am glad she won!!! Who else??? The next deserving person is Liza. But too bad TVB chooses Nancy over her.

    But as for most popular, I think Alice Chan got a lot of likings for Los. It should be given to her, rather than Kristal. But TVB is always biased. Like how they treated Nancy before the internet voting era…..

    Grace and Tony winning most improved is a joke so bad, most are cursing rather than laughing. It shows that no matter how many years passed, how many bosses changed, TVB is still a biased, self centred, I like who I like mindsets. It’s so bad, it’s pathetic.

  23. i think nancy wu’s performance is good in gor but not really better than her previous works as supporting actress. she won it because there is no competition between lead actresses this year.
    for anthony wong is quite meaningless to receive this award because he already won movie king multiple times. so i dont understand why he has attended this show. better to give it to ruco and make him first brother in tvb.
    for grace is really a joke once again it shows this show is just a game for tvb management and nothing more.

    1. @kolo win is win lose is lose. TV king awards is based on that year actors’ performance. No accumulate points or whatsoever. Any actor in the industry can take part as well. Anthony Wong never got any awards since 9 years ago. To get an award in modern world surely means something to him and he is just 54 and not that old and the first one to get all awards in movie,theater and drama. Something to be proud of. You think you want to get can easily get it? Duh..

  24. I am not sure abt Nancy. I would have given it to Alice but Alice isn’t lead.

    As for those crying abt ruco, he got the award he was meant to. It meant his popularity amongst hk viewers is on the rise as opposed to no love. Compared to Anthony Wong,I cant critique much Anthony Wong who was superb who made the lame ending a bit more respectable. Ruco will have his day. But to think he wins by better actors not being in the same category is the words of a sore loser or rather sore fans. I want him to win without question.

  25. Alice Chan should have won something …… either Best Supporting Actress in “Lord of Shanghai” or “With or Without You”, or Most Favourite Female Artiste. She acted very well in “Lord of Shanghai”, but unfortunately her role was not 1st leading.

  26. Kristal Tin annoyed me quite a bit during the night. She spoke too much, and she came across as rude and disrespectful to Anthony Wong.

    Still don’t get why some people are so mad about Grace winning ‘Most Improved’, it’s not like her award was one of the big ones of the night. Whether her award was fixed by TVB or not, shouldn’t everyone strive to improve? They clearly see potential in her to give it to her, maybe this award will push her to improve even more! She’s still young and has only been in the industry 2 years so she has plenty of time to perfect her craft. Just because some don’t see her improvements doesn’t mean she’s not improving. For someone who has not had any acting training before entering the industry, she’s not actually that bad at all! But by no means am I saying she’s great, because TVB promotes her so much, I feel like some people are forgetting she’s technically still a newbie, she’s got a lot to learn and in time she’ll do so.

    I’m so happy Nancy won Best Actress, her speech was so heartfelt, it even made me tear up a bit hahaha. I feel like she doesn’t get as much recognition/buzz as some other actresses, therefore it’s nice to see her winning such a big award.

      1. @lileric I agree, Kristal and Anthony do have a quite good relationship considering the horrible internet war that Anthony had with Chapman. I think Kristal is quite abrupt with people, but it is just the way she is. She talks pretty bluntly to Edwin as well and they are great friedns.

      2. @lileric I did not know they were good friends, that’s why from my perspective their banter came off as rude from Kristal’s side, but now I know, I get it was a bit of a joke.

    1. @melodylai Still don’t get it? You already self explained. She is not good enough to get Most Improved award, duh!!! And there is nothing from her to compare with in the first place!!!! It’s pathetic to the max for TVB side to push her so forcefully, like double bulldozing her!!!!

      Eliza was not even in the list, and don’t forget Jacqueline Wong. TVB is management crap. So biased and obvious till death favoritism.

      1. @dramadrama All the people in the Most Improved category aren’t good enough, if they were they’d be in the Best Actress category. Anyone who has more than one piece of work under their belt can have their progress compared and Grace has more than one piece of work to her name. To be fair, you can’t really blame her for accepting all the jobs that come her way, she’d be silly to not jump at career boosting opportunities!

      2. @melodylai I not blaming her lah. At most she is bootlicking but it’s not a crime. I just hated TVB for being so biased after so many years and so many changes of bosses, but still back to square 1. Tvb is killing it self. Comparing Grace previous performance??? She got much worse in COD!!! TVB is the shameless one!!!

      3. @dramadrama That I agree on, TVB is more so about office politics, whoever is which bosses favourite gets good advantages.

        In the order that we see it, COD is Grace’s 3rd or 4th drama, but in the order that they film, that was Grace’s 2nd Drama, so of course her acting in that is going to waver between good and bad. For a newbie who’s had no prior experience in acting, her acting is actually ok for the level that she should be at, whereas Sisley on the otherhand, who came into the industry at the exact same time, her acting is like it’s her first day on the job in every drama she’s been in so far.

      4. @melodylai The award is “MOST improved.” None of the ladies in the category were good enough for Best Actress, but Grace also certainly did not have the most improvement of all the nominees. Yes, you can be compared if you have more than one piece of work, but you can still lose because you are not the most improved… It’s sad for people like Rosina and Tracy who have actually shown more and measurable improvements over the years.

        I totally agree that you can’t blame her for accepting job opportunities; it’s just silly of TVB to have given this award to someone who didn’t deserve it. Although, to be honest, I read that Grace was very vocal about getting this award and that rubs me the wrong way a little too. I’m not saying she should never win the award, but this year was clearly not her time and her improvement levels are not even that high. To me, it just seems self-centred and arrogant.

  27. BTW, I am surprised that they added a Classic Drama category. I think it is a great idea since GOM began its rerun, the midnight slot has given me much joy in rewatching all the classics, I just finished “War of the Genders”! Great stuff!

    1. @elizabeth Same here, though to be honest, I WAS kind of ticked off when TVB first announced the nominees in this category.  Seriously, Lives of Omission and Brother’s Keeper don’t deserve to even be nominated, as they are nowhere NEAR classic (since when is a series from less than 5 years ago considered ‘classic’?).  Even Triumph in the Skies was already pushing it, since that series is less than 15 years old.  With TVB’s sole purpose for creating this category due to the huge focus on Midnight timeslot series this year, they should’ve named the category as such rather than mislead people by using the ‘classic’ title.  But since The Greed of Man won (which it was a shoo-in to win from the beginning, since this category is essentially only in existence because of that series), I will cut TVB some slack on the nominees part and the bad choice of category name.  With all that said, I’m still ticked at TVB at the moment over the ‘fast one’ that they pulled with not airing a series in midnight timeslot that they had promised to air, so I’m hoping they don’t repeat this category in the awards ceremony next year, as it will definitely be an injustice due to them ‘rigging’ the airing schedule.

  28. Anthony deserves the TVB award for his excellent acting in LOS. I have no doubt in this though I am not his fan.But seriously, I have reservation for Nancy and Kristal. I can’t imagine if they are going to dominate TVB series in the coming years. It is a worrying trend . TVB is obviously lacking fadans and they lack that x-factor to lead a drama by themselves unlike Charmaine.

  29. Not a fan of Anthony but can’t denied he is a good actor and Ruco and them are not in the same league as him. Like Nancy but she shouldn’t win for her role in GOR…. Liza should have won. as for most improved… no comment there! blah!

  30. totally surprise me I thought Linda deserve finally the award this year… Anthony is a legend hands down he deserve it. Grace Chan winning most improved is a joke seriously there’s way better people who should have deserve it. Anyway typical TVB award, we can’t be happy with everything.

  31. Ruco and Linda as tv King and queen, my wish too! Ruco will definitely have a chance but Linda, she’s always one step short for so many years in a row despite having a good package. Tvb just can’t bring out the best in her vice versa, she should leave for mainland China, tvb can use Nancy, Kristal and Grace all they want

  32. Grace winning the most improved is a big ass joke I think the award should go to Jacqaueline she’s way beta then her!!!

    Congratz to Anthony winning the TV king award he deserves it!!! I was shocked that Nancy got the TV queen I was expecting tavia Kristin or Linda but its all good she deserves it too

    1. @llwy12 I particularly agree with you about your comments on Nat Chan. He did not deserve the “Life Time Achievement ” award. He did not film many drama series and they were all filmed in 70s or early 80s. He is no good as a host either. There are a lot of veterans who deserved such an award. Lau Kong got it one or two years ago, but there are hundreds of them left without any recognition. Why should Nat Chan get it?????????

      1. @orchid123 Yup…even if we remove all of those who already received the award (can’t remember everyone off the top of my head), there are still tons of veterans who deserve that award way more, so Nat Chan is nowhere near “next in line” to receive that award – in fact, he shouldn’t even be “in line” in the first place!!! I seriously wonder whether TVB gave him that award as a means of rewarding him for his ‘loyalty’ in terms of defending them against the enemy, as I find it interesting that Nat has been the most vocal the past couple years (aside from director Wong Jing that is) in touting TVB’s horns (some of the undue praise he’s given TVB has been so absurd, makes me want to vomit just listening to him talk) and dissing the opposition – he seems to be the first to come to TVB’s defense and also the first to criticize TVB’s rivals (i.e. ATV, HKTV, NowTV, etc.) whenever anything involving those parties come up. Of course, the other reason could be Nat’s close relationship with TVB’s current owner Charles Chan, in which case that would be even worse. Whatever the reason though, TVB definitely made a bad choice this time around with the Lifetime Achievement Award recipient….

      2. @orchid123 By the way, Lau Kong never received that award (you’re probably thinking about that year he and Helena got the Lifetime Achievement Award and Andy Lau was presenter – that was Malaysia Astro awards, not TVB Anniversary Awards). The award he got at TVB was that Professional Actor award (or whatever name they called it), another award that they did away with this year.

  33. Haha if anything I feel like Grace declined in skills from her first drama “Raising the Bar.” But if there’s an award for “lots of room to improve,” it should go to Grace.

    At least this year is Nancy and not Myolie, though it’s not much of a consolation in my opinion. I think I would be more irked if Myolie won again. Her pinchy face & voice annoys me beyond belief…I’m so glad she’s leaving TVB. Nancy is not up to “Best Actress” caliber, but due to mass exodus of current crop of fadans, she isn’t a bad choice. She’s more like my backup option though. Kristal is still my first choice. She’s been consistently good in all of her roles. I would pick Linda but Linda hasn’t always been consistent.

    No comment on Anthony Wong vs Ruco Chan. I think they’re both good but Anthony can pull off a weathered, cunning man like nobody else. Ruco is always accommodating his roles and tries to fit his personal touches in there whenever he can. So whoever wins, at least it’s acceptable.

  34. I like Nancy but I don’t agree with her winning for this year at all. -_-;

    I usually not impressed by Linda but I feel she got ripped this year. Limelight Years was soooo much more interesting and better crafted in both character development and plot.

    Liza is still the clear winner for me…

    1. @jjwong well, its understandable that there is no need to promote liza as she is already an experienced veteran and probably would film for tvb until she no longer able to act. So better to give the awards to someone else and try to capture their heart. I still think Nancy is more loyal than linda. People like Kate Tsui and Fala are example of not loyal staffs. Pointless to promote people like them,wasting resources le..hehehe

      1. @lam86 Though I understand what you’re saying AND why TVB did what they did, awards should be based on merit and NOT they want to promote or keep acting pool. Use monetary, bonus or gift to do that. Them doing this just cheapen the meaning and prestige-ness of awards.

      2. @jjwong Then you should aware the reality of the world. In your point of view they should based on merit, but in tvb point of view they have to keep the business running and successful. You are not the shareholders and you bear nothing of course you can say that

      3. @lam86 You assume I’m not “aware the reality of the world” just bc I don’t agree with how tvb is handling their awards, lol, now that’s gold. I already stated I understand why they had to do what they’re doing with awards, but that doesn’t mean I need to agree. Disagree doesn’t mean ignorance. They have a business to run, yes. But that doesn’t mean they eay they do it is correct or everyone must agree to it. So, get off your high horse.

        I stand in my opinion just like how you’ll keep yours.

        Have a good day.

        /ending yet another rabbit hole

      4. @jjwong lam86 Just ignore this troll. You’re aren’t the only person being called ignorant. He called everyone including me ignorant, simply because he disagree with other people’s opinion.

      5. @jjwong ,unknown- yo, jus ignore that fellow. Call everyone ignorance . I was in heated exchange wif this fellow last week . No point wasting our breath.. …
        There is a saying. “It is good to know one shortcoming than to be full of oneself…”

      6. @jjwong I am just saying what you think should be done vs reality to keep the business running. You cant be naive to think that to make a business to success and survive by using ethical ways all the time. I respect your opinion but mine is fact instead because business world is like that.

      7. @lam86 They can be unethical in other ways. Like @jjwong said, give bonuses or monetary rewards if you want to reward someone so much. I’m sure they’d rather get money anyway. But if you’re going to have an awards show, at least don’t pretend everyone watching is stupid (because awards shows are for the audiences more than for the artists, let’s be realistic). No one is ignorant enough to not realize that businesses need to survive but that doesn’t make a rigged awards show any less silly.

        Also, honestly, TVB’s business would probably be way more successful if they just treated their artists properly. Promote who deserves to be promoted, and they won’t leave. Have a hierarchy for moving up. People leave because they’re mistreated.

      8. @ayyh0 TVB business is already a successful and multi billion business. If you dislike how they run their business you can dont bother to watch their dramas or shows. Nobody force you anything or in fact they dont even bother on how you perceive. They already very successful now.

        You are complaining as an outsider not the business owner of course you can yell whatever you want. Duh..

        So what even if LIZA acting is more deserving to get TV queen but TVB still chose to give it to Nancy? Its TVB own business,they wanted to promote whoever, they are the one who decide. If you butthurt nobody can save you. You can just close your tv and refrain from reading any tvb related news. Cheers.

      9. @rcel, @unknown, appreciate the head up guys. I’ve seen a few said-person posts and concluded it’s indeed will be a waste of breath to response. I’m all for a mutual debate but when said-person mixes opinion as fact then there’s no point to further feed the troll.

        @ayyh0, my point exactly.

      10. @jjwong LOL…yup…noticed that I didn’t even bother responding to that lam person after like 2 comments?  There are better things to do than to engage in meaningless conversation with a looney internet troll. One thing I will say though is that troll’s writing style and pattern of commenting on posts with certain key words as well as picking fights with people unprovoked and calling people names from the getgo all look very very familiar (pretty sure it’s someone we encountered in the past)….maybe @jayne can look up the info and ban him/her once again…

      11. @llwy12 Oooo, now I’m curious who this said-person was before they became this one. Their avatar picture (orange triangle wedge with x-ed out eyes and sad eyebrows) is a fitting portrayal of the person though: grumpy, lost, and confused, lol.

  35. So happy for Nancy! Well deserved!!! and also congratz to Elaine Yiu for best supporting actress!

  36. This award definitely increase the market value of Anthony. He got opening up for acting class right if not mistaken during his interview with TVB few years back. So now with the awards, its undeniable he has the best acting skill and definitely can attract more youngster to enrol in his acting course and his revenue would increase. hehe. Good for him.

    1. @lam86 Not really. Anthony’s acting class (the one he teaches jointly with Olivia Yan from HKAPA) was already a pretty popular class even before this, so whether he got the TV King award or not doesn’t make a difference. With Anthony already such an established actor in the industry, the TV King award is essentially meaningless to him – it’s icing on an already well-decorated cake, so to speak. His HKFA Best Actor awards (especially the first one he got back in the 90s, which I remember was a huge deal back then) and his theater Best Actor award (which is also a big deal given his background in theater and his passion for it) are really the ‘important’ awards that help him build his career and make money. The only thing that awarding Anthony the TV King award will do is increase the likelihood of him filming with TVB again (which he already said in one of his celebratory after parties that he is interested in doing). Of course, that doesn’t mean he should push away the award, as, like he said in his acceptance speech, the award represents the efforts of the entire team and not just the individual artist and all awards should be cherished – it’s just that career-wise, it’s really not going to do much for him….

      1. @llwy12 Lol, he did said before getting his best actor awards for the first time in untold story boast nothing in his career and dont mentioned back what happened in 90s. Its not relevant in today’s modern world.

        Whether the award would increase his revenue anot we have yet to know or no way we could know. Not like he will show you his business accounts. But an award like this is not easy to get somemore since 1989 his last drama with tvb and over the past 9 years he had not winning any award.

      2. @lam86 Not sure if I interpreted your post correctly, since it’s written in such choppy English….

        Yes, of course at the end of the day, none of us will ever know whether an award truly impacts an artist’s career or not – only the artists themselves will know. We can only speculate and give our opinion based on the information that is out there, which is exactly what I did.

        Oh and I completely disagree with your comment about not mentioning what happened in the 90s (or 80s or 70s or any other time in the past for that matter) due to it not being relevant in today’s world.  Of course there’s relevance – it’s called HISTORICAL RELEVANCE.  You are welcome to disagree on this, but to me, having knowledge about past history is equally as important to living in today’s modern world as it is to have knowledge of current events.  And it definitely has relevance in the HK entertainment industry given that so many HK artists’ careers span several decades – how fair is it to judge an artist without knowing anything about their past?  In my opinion, when discussing something related to an artist’s career, for someone to totally discount an artists’ past achievements (or successes, failures, etc.) for the sole reason that ‘it happened in the past’ and is therefore ‘irrelevant’ is not only foolish but also tells me that the person is hugely ignorant.

      3. @llwy12 Choppy english anot is not important because good in english does not mean highly intellectual which can be reflected on you.

        Since you have suddenly said that we wont know what impacts will be on the actor after getting the award, it means its silly for you to claim that it wont further boast its career and increase his revenue in the industry.

        What i meant for 90s the first best actor award he got in untold story did not boast his career further. He said it by himself. I did not say we should neglect actors’ past achievement. What i meant was his achievement in the 90s were not getting as much fame as he got now in 2015.

        The real ignorant are those that saying TV king award are meaningless and does not make any different. Those ignorant can only say that after provide evidence that after getting the award, their pay check or revenue did not increase or else its very silly for them to claim something without evidence.

      4. @lam86

        I think he did win some awards in the 2010s.

        10th Hua Ding Awards (2013)
        Winner – Best Stage Actor – Anthony Wong

        2013 Macau International Movie & TV
        Winner – Best Actor – Anthony Wong – Ip Man – The Final Fight

        2011 Macau International Movie & TV
        Winner – Best Supporting Actor – Anthony Wong –
        The Woman Knight of Mirror Lake

      5. @grace duno though, I searched wiki there is none since 9 years ago and suddenly got 2015 TV king awards. Maybe wiki considered those awards you mentioned are mickey mouse awards. :p

      6. @lam86

        From Chinese.mov.com
        They have an updated list of movies & TV of almost every ( China , Taiwan & HK ) artistes plus their awards. ( if any ) I think the data are more reliable.and updated than wikipedia.

        Film and TV Awards: – Anthony Wong

        33rd Hong Kong Film Awards
        Nominee – Best Actor – Anthony Wong – Ip Man – The Final Fight

        25th Hong Kong Film Awards
        Winner – Best Supporting Actor – Anthony Wong – Initial D

        22nd Hong Kong Film Awards
        Winner – Best Supporting Actor – Anthony Wong – Infernal Affairs
        Nominee – Best Supporting Actor – Anthony Wong – Just One Look
        Nominee – Best Supporting Actor – Anthony Wong – Princess D

        19th Hong Kong Film Awards
        Nominee – Best Actor – Anthony Wong – Ordinary Heroes

        18th Hong Kong Film Awards
        Winner – Best Actor – Anthony Wong – Beast Cops

        16th Hong Kong Film Awards
        Nominee – Best Supporting Actor – Anthony Wong – Young and Dangerous 3

        13th Hong Kong Film Awards
        Winner – Best Actor – Anthony Wong – The Untold Story
        Nominee – Best Supporting Actor – Anthony Wong – Legal Innocence

        12th Hong Kong Film Awards
        Nominee – Best Supporting Actor – Anthony Wong –
        Now You See Love, Now You Don’t

        42nd Golden Horse Awards
        Winner – Best Supporting Actor – Anthony Wong – Initial D

        40th Golden Horse Awards
        Winner – Best Supporting Actor – Anthony Wong – Infernal Affairs

        39th Golden Horse Awards
        Winner – Best Supporting Actor – Anthony Wong – Princess D

        36th Golden Horse Awards (1999)
        Nominee – Best Actor – Anthony Wong – Ordinary Heroes

        35th Golden Horse Awards (1998)
        Nominee – Best Actor – Anthony Wong – Beast Cops

        2006 Changchun Film Festival
        Nominee – Best Supporting Actor – Anthony Wong – 2 Young

        2002 Changchun Film Festival
        Winner – Best Supporting Actor – Anthony Wong – Princess D

        2002 Hong Kong Film Critics Society Awards
        Winner – Best Actor – Anthony Wong – Infernal Affairs

        1998 Hong Kong Film Critics Society Awards
        Winner – Best Actor – Anthony Wong – Beast Cops

        2006 Golden Bauhinia Awards
        Winner – Best Supporting Actor – Anthony Wong – Princess D

        2004 Golden Bauhinia Awards
        Nominee – Best Actor – Anthony Wong – Infernal Affairs II

        2003 Golden Bauhinia Awards
        Winner – Best Supporting Actor – Anthony Wong – Infernal Affairs

        2000 Golden Bauhinia Awards
        Winner – Best Actor – Anthony Wong – Ordinary Heroes

        1999 Golden Bauhinia Awards
        Winner – Best Actor – Anthony Wong – Beast Cops

        2005 Asia-Pacific Film Festival
        Winner – Best Supporting Actor – Anthony Wong – Initial D

        2005 Chlotrudis Awards
        Nominee – Best Supporting Actor – Anthony Wong – Infernal Affairs

        10th Hua Ding Awards (2013)
        Winner – Best Stage Actor – Anthony Wong

        2014 Chinese Film Media Awards
        Nominee – Best Actor – Anthony Wong – Ip Man – The Final Fight

        2004 Chinese Film Media Awards
        Nominee – Best Supporting Actor – Anthony Wong – Cat and Mouse
        Winner – Favorite Actor (HK, TW) – Anthony Wong

        2003 Chinese Film Media Awards
        Winner – Best Actor (HK, TW) – Anthony Wong – Princess D

        2013 Macau International Movie and TV Festival
        Winner – Best Actor – Anthony Wong – Ip Man – The Final Fight

        2011 Macau International Movie and TV Festival
        Winner – Best Supporting Actor – Anthony Wong –
        The Woman Knight of Mirror Lake

        2007 China Fashion Awards
        Winner – Best Actor – Anthony Wong

        2002 Asian Film Critics Association Awards
        Winner – Best Actor – Anthony Wong – Beast Cops


  37. TVB should have a category called “most promoted actors/actresses” and gives Tony and Grace that awards. Such a mess! I agree that her acting was declined instead of improved. How did they manage to ignore the audiences negative responses towards her in COD? Most improved lol haha joke on you TVB. This is a crap show sorry I’m disappointed just can’t take it no more. As a matter of fact will not watch that many TVB dramas anymore even though I grew up on them because I’m so sad how TVB has turned out to be.

    1. @kaykay408 i think most improved did not specify on which drama la. They judge their overall performance, teamwork and others criteria as well should be. Well, there are haters in anything in the world regardless what results.

      1. @lam86 So how do you consider if one has improved or not? Comparing her performance of the years (or “year” in her case lol) before with this year I assume? Simple enough not rocket science yeah? Or tell me other ways if I’m wrong. But I’d prefer to make things simple. Here you have it, since she doesn’t act in that many dramas anyways: COD is her latest work if I don’t remember wrong. I’ve watched her in “overachiever” and “raising the bar”. She was better in those 2 dramas. I thought she was okay. However in COD her acting was unbearable. It was so hard to watch! So how is it that she’s the “most improved” ?
        Yup there will still be haters if others have won instead of her but I’m sure the numbers will be way less. Very small number. And those maybe of some Grace’s fans. Peace!

      2. @kaykay408 That is why they have a team of professional judgers. You should work your ass out to find out who are those professional that voted for her. Most improved not only focused on COD but all other dramas together and they might judge her teamwork, likability, and others criteria as well not just acting skill alone. She might not be the best but since she has won then just congratulate her, dont need to curse,scold and blame..Winner is winner.

  38. Are you really that naive to not realize this is already determined by TVB? I don’t even need to know who are the judges. It’s all for show. Teamwork, liability and “other criteria” are what you made up for her. She’s an actress. Improving in acting is mandatory, that’s it. Let’s say if there were those “criteria” you mentioned, she still needs to meet the most important thing of an actress first, acting. But she just can’t act. End of story.
    And mind you I didn’t curse, scold, blame her. I’m not even talking to her lol. I’m simply expressing my opinion. That’s what the comment section is for. If anything you was the one that cursed at me.

    1. @kaykay408 The one that being naive is you not me. You claimed something without evidence it means you are silly and naive. Show me the proof that those judgers are not reliable and also the audience votings. You cant even show me any evidence and yet you shouting like a fool that its been rigged? How ignorant you can ever be? You want to accuse TVB on the most improved award but you cant provide any evidence. Duh.

      Teamwork, likability, personality, popularity and etc of course should be included. Acting skill alone is not enough to make once succeed. Or else many good acting skills veteran actors been getting awards long time ago.

      1. @kaykay408 nothing to do with what i want to believe but if you want to accuse something pls provide evidence next time or else its very silly for you claim without proof. Cheers..

      2. @lam86 proof, is right in front of you. The award that Grace got there, is proof. The other actresses that were nominated with her, along with the ones that weren’t nominated, and their hard and outstanding works, through years, those are proofs too. Hard for you to understand right? It’s not the same “proof” you’re demanding right lol? Don’t think too hard it hurts your brain. And I don’t expect you to, from your way of thinking. So just stick with yours. But yeah we audiences have eyes and brains, believe it or not ;). We see it. Anyways, you can have fun with yourself. I’m out, like others in this article who were called names by you. You can win all you want.

      3. @kaykay408 You ignorant called that as proof? Are you that naive? Dont show me what you think but evidence that professional judgers or tvb was rigging the most improved award. Or at least try to find out how they make the selection and judgement. Dont tell me your perception and treated it as evidence. Duh..

      4. @lam86 You are the one being ignorant, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Just because you don’t agree with someone else’s opinion doesn’t mean they are ignorant or naive. Stop projecting your own ignorance onto others. You’re indeed a troll who have nothing better to with your boring and pathetic life than troll the internet and attack anyone who you disagree with.

      5. @unknown look how you troll? You cant even argue anything with facts but just merely showing your stupidity and ignorance. If you cannot accept criticism then just stay away from forum as well since you cant argue aything with evidence or fact but merely your own perception and opinion.

      6. @lam86 You are nothing but a stupid troll and a attention seeking moron. If you aren’t a troll, you wouldn’t go around calling people names and starting unprovoked fights on the internet with a stranger you don’t even know.

      7. @unknown here is a forum. Anyone can entitle to debate. Unlike you ignorant cannot argue anything with facts/evidence but only can resorted through being rude, insulting and harrasing and thats all you can do.

      8. @lam86 Lol you’re an ignorant, pathetic hypocrite now you’re trying to play the victim card, accusing me of insulting you. You are the one who resorted to name calling first. I’m just giving you a taste of your own medicine. Why don’t I give you a suggestion, you should stay away from this forum as well since you can’t stop trolling and attacking others in every single thread.

      9. @unknown You need to search what is ignorant and name calling. And need to read up your post if you think its not insulting. I am not attacking anyone but just debating with facts and evidence. Whereas you cant. You ignorant only can troll and insult and cant argue anything with evidence. You said many hard working actors got no recognition and no awards and you still being naive and tot working hard can get you award and neglect other important factors. You think 1+1 equals to 2. Duh.

      10. @lam86 Why don’t you do everyone a favor and stop trolling in every single thread. You must be an absolute moron if you believe that calling others ignorant, stupid and naive is not consider insulting. What kind of positive things can you say beside calling other people names. Your comment is offensive and totally uncalled for. You’re just an internet troll who have nothing better to do than posting offensive comment and starting unprovoked fights with strangers online when you don’t agree with them.

        As I’ve said before everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Just because you don’t agree with someone else’s opinion doesn’t mean they are ignorant or naive. if you can’t accept it, that’s your problem not mine. You should just get lost and stay away from this forum.

      11. @unknown No, because you ignorant said many hard working actors deserve an award but i just telling you the fact that hard work is not enough to get an award. I am just arguing with you with fact. Whereas you cannot take the criticism of fact but only resorted with insulting and thats all you can do because you could not argue with facts and evidence. And then you said award in HK means nothing to RUCO which further prove your ignorance. If you can have evidence to prove that i am wrong,ignorant and being naive i wont even butthurt but instead you have been proven but cannot accept the truth..duh…

      12. @lam86 You troll all you can do is go around insulting others and calling people ignorant, stupid and naive. You’re either ignorant or just plain dumb. You clearly enjoys playing the victim card, accusing me for insulting you when you are the one who resorted to verbal abuse and name calling first. You’re the one who verbally attacked me by calling me names like ignorant, stupid and naive. I’m only returning the favor by giving you a taste of your own medicine.

      13. @unknown trolling and insulting is you. You cant even argue anything with fact and evidence but instead trolling and insulting nonstop. I am just arguing with fact that to getting an awards require more than hard working which you ignorant think why tvb did not give awards to many hard working veteran that work for tvb for a long time. I never call you stupid but instead naive and being ignorant.

      14. @lam86 It seems you’re either ignorant or just plain dumb. You must be an absolute moron if you believe that calling other people ignorant, stupid and naive is not consider insulting. What kind of positive things can you say beside calling other people names. Your comment is offensive and totally uncalled for. Why don’t you do everyone a favor and stop trolling and insulting others in every single thread.

      15. @unknown Nope,i was just arguing with truth. Coz i proven your to be ignorant and the truth hurts so i dont blame you. But instead you can only reply with insulting,trolling and harrasing and nothing else. Stop looking like a fool. I never call you stupid but just a mere ignorant that being naive about the real world. Getting an award require more than hard work.

      16. @lam86 You’re the one who should stop acting like a fool. It’s pretty clear you’re just here to troll since you did not acknowledge that you’re wrong, and instead just dismissed the points I made even though I’m right. You don’t even realize how pathetic you really are. You keep on playing the blame game by pointing your fingers at other people while ignoring, minimizing and covering up our own faults. You should stay away from this forum as well since you can’t stop trolling and insulting others in every single thread.

      17. @unknown just focus on your problem enough. Dont beat around the bush by caring on other peoples’ affair. I just merely arguing with fact that your being naive to think that by hard working should be getting award. But that is not the case. It needs more than hard work to get award. And then you barked Ruco dont need those award as it is meaningless which further shows you are an ignorant. Please provide evidence to argue instead of insulting and trolling. thanks

      18. @lam86 You’ve proven no points, your debate style is pathetic. Your post was offensive, condescending, insulting. There is absolutely no way you’re going get away with playing the victim card now. Don’t dish it out if you can’t take it.

      19. @unknown nope. i just argue based on your ignorance points. Kindly counter me back with facts and evidence. I am waiting. Dont just trolling and insulting

      20. Do us all a favor, stop projecting your own ignorance onto other humans. You’re indeed a stupid troll who have nothing better to with your boring and pathetic life than troll the internet and attack anyone who you disagree with.

        All you can do is go around trolling, insulting and pointing your fingers at others for the exact same thing you do You clearly enjoys playing the victim card, accusing me for insulting you when you are the one who resorted to verbal abuse and name calling first. You’re the one who verbally attacked me by calling me names like ignorant, stupid and naive. I’m only returning the favor by giving you a taste of your own medicine.

      21. @lam86 Do us all a favor, stop projecting your own ignorance onto other humans. You’re indeed a stupid troll who have nothing better to with your boring and pathetic life than troll the internet and attack anyone who you disagree with.

        All you can do is go around trolling, insulting and pointing your fingers at others for the exact same thing you do. You clearly enjoys playing the victim card, accusing me for insulting you when you are the one who insulted me first by calling me names. I’m only returning the favor by giving you a taste of your own medicine.

      22. @unknown nope. Just you. I beg you to stop trolling. If you want to debate, debate with fact and evidence. Not trolling,insulting,harrasing and etc. Its total nuisance to claim that awards means nothing to RUCO as you ignorant claimed. No award simply means not a successful actor in HK not to mention in mainland. And acting skill alone will not land you awards. There are still many other factors that accounted for.

      23. @lam86 You’re indeed an ignorant, pathetic hypocrite now you’re trying to play the victim card, accusing me of insulting you. You are the one who insulted me first by calling me names. I’m just giving you a taste of your own medicine. Don’t dish it out if you can’t take it. Why don’t I give you a suggestion, you should stay away from this forum as well since you can’t stop trolling and attacking others in every single thread.

  39. If i remember correctly, in 2013 they actually announced the percentage of votes that the winner received along with the others in the Top 5. I wish they’d bring that back.

  40. Grace and tony, Im happy they won too. Tony performance is good in angel in the making. Hope to see him better and better. As for Grace, i wont butthurt that she won before any actresses before her. Wish her gets better in acting in her next series. As for Anythony winning over Ruco i may say Anythony deserved it. Im not sure whether Anythony has gotten any awards before from tvb during his service but his performance in LOS was superb and what made me keep watching the series.

  41. Nancy and Krystal wont dominate for long. Pretty soon Grace and following batch of fadans (Tracy, Sisley, Moon) will run the shows and they will be stuck playing Auntie roles.

  42. Tbh none of the female artistes deserved to win the tv queen. The competition always seems so much more intense for the guys cos they’re better actors than their female counterparts. Nancy’s role was unremarkable and did not stretch her acting ability. Kristal was just Ah Ying transported to GOR. Linda was hmmmm……so Nancy won by default.

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