2012 Miss Chinese International Results; Kelly Cheung Wins Crown!

From left to right: Cheryl Wee (Singapore), Kelly Cheung (Chicago, USA), and Lenna Lim (Malaysia) were the winners of the 2012 Miss Chinese International pageant.

TVB held the 2012 Miss Chinese International Pageant on Sunday, January 15th. Contestant #11, Kelly Cheung from Chicago, USA won the crown, while #9 Cheryl Wee (黃馨慧) from Singapore  was the first runner-up and #5 Lenna Lim (林家冰), from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia was second runner-up. The final results for the 2012 Miss Chinese International pageant were unexpected, surprising many people!

During the swimsuit segment, Kelly Cheung shockingly displayed uneven sized breasts, in which one breast appeared to be larger than the other! Dubbed as the Malaysian version of Fala Chen, contestant #5, Lenna Lim won 3 awards last night, including the second runner-up title and the  “Miss Cosmopolitan Award” and “Asia-Pacific Vitality Award.”


Representing Hong Kong, #26 Rebecca Zhu, won the “Greater China Region Vitality Award.” Contestant #15, Jasmine Hayter (海莉鈴) from New York, USA, won the “Euro-American Region Vitality Award.”  Contestant #17, Ashton Hong (洪美珊) from Toronto, Canada, won the “Miss Friendship Award.”

Raymond Lam Confused in Performance

The Master of Ceremonies for the 2012 Miss Chinese International Pageant were MC Jin (歐陽靖), Eric Tsang (曾志偉), and Astrid Chan (陳芷菁). Raymond Lam (林峰) served as the opening guest performer at the pageant, singing 4 consecutive songs to introduce the 28 contestants. While singing the song, Chok, Raymond’s microphone malfunctioned. In a backstage interview after his performance, Raymond noted, “I have a fear of heights. The metal frame upon which I was hoisted on in the entrance act was 3 stories high! I was very scared, but had no option since it was for work. During the rehearsal, the dance choreographer also had an accident. Fortunately, there were were no serious injuries. There were too many contestants; by the time I got to the eighth and ninth contestant, I became confused!”

Myolie Wu and Michael Tse Acted As Judges

Myolie Wu (胡杏兒) and Michael Tse (謝天華) were part of the judging panel for the 2012 Miss Chinese International 2012 Pageant. Wearing a white dress revealing her bare back, Myolie indicated that it was the first time she had acted as judge and paid careful attention to the  contestants’ responses during the interview segment.

Regarding boyfriend, Bosco Wong’s (黃宗澤) proclamation that if Myolie did not have enough money, she can ask him for funds. Myolie said sweetly, “Is that real? You can act as my witness! Ask him to give me his bank account password!” (Will Myolie become Mrs. Wong soon?) “Not so quickly!”



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Jayne: The winners for the 2012 Miss Chinese International Pageant was indeed surprising. I found Jasmine Hayter (from New York) to be gorgeous; surprised that she was not placed. And why was Rebecca Zhu not in the top 3?

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  1. The girl giving the award to Rebecca Zhu looks a lot like Nancy Sit.

    1. more like layaway on implants… could only afford one side

      1. I think it’s just the angle. What an awkward story to cover: “uneven breasts”
        ..it happens people, it’s natural.

  2. My favourite from day 1 is Lenna Lim! Happy that she is actually placed. Knowing how TVB is like, always letting their own to win.! Fair results i should say, HK is not placed in the top 3 🙂 Havent watched the show, could only judge by contestants’ looks.

    1. agree! does anyone know where we can find it online to watch? out of town so missed it… =( thanks in advance!!

  3. I could tell Raymond was scared while he was up there. That’s quite cute.

    1. Please…. dont say he’s cute when he’s NOT!

      LF is a sensitive man!!

      1. He is cute, cute, CUTEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. Lol. He is really cute. Cuter than many TVB guys now.

  4. Getting annoying seeing Raymond in every single TVB production… dont they have any other artists they can promote?

    1. So true. The moment I saw him, I have the urged to turn off the tv. Luckily the girls are attractive enough to hold me on. Glad to see singer like Hacken Lee back as guest. Definitely a good singer.

    2. I think TVB is running out of artists because many have left or will be leaving due to their bad management, bad treatment, low pay,etc…

    3. You shouldn’t feel annoyed, it has been like a traditional..that LF must perform in every event held in HK because he’s tvb only asset …. sadly i agree with u that..I feel annoyed watching him..too

      1. LF is the only tvb’s asset that can sings well,dance moderately and charm well. The other one I can think off is laughing sir, but he is the judge of the night.By the way, LF second song ‘baby lady’ pretty good.

      2. @fab,

        yeah lol even if LF was often seen to appeared in most major events, the 2 songs he sang that nite was okay, pretty nice.

      3. @veejay: Which 2 songs are you referring to? I think Raymond looks really charming on that night. 😀

      4. don’t agree with you.he just do his JOB.he’s innocent and you’re keep criticsing him
        he ‘s so elegant

    4. Actually LF has appeared less and less in TVB production and he never appeared in any series that aired near the award ceremony. He has never been truly fully promoted, I don’t see TVB or EEG invest much in him, they just want to milk him fast and shout out loud that they are promoting him. Just look at his 1st album, it’s only LF himself made ppl buy. And they only gave him maximum 3 weeks to prepare for his concerts, not to mention filming t the same time, what quality can we expect from that? For that, I still think LF survive by himself.

      Anyway newspaper find him news worthy. On the other side of the coin, this can be consider a good sign.

      Btw, it’s surprising that Rebecca din make it to top 3.

      1. Bravo,LF. Marvelous starting intro for this pageant.I would prefer LF to start than hacken . More entertaining I guess.LF’s latest canto album produce many nice song other than the song ‘chok’…..Eventually enormous negative review and viewers blasting had make this song very famous!!!

        This song is as controversial as singaporean winning first runner up in this pageant

      2. Miss HK is not that pretty though, and couldnt agree more that Ms Singapore is really does not deserve to be 1st runner up.

        Ms Lenna Lim is one of the more confident and has carried herself well more than any of the contestant.

  5. I was surprised with the results, but I guess I have to watch the pageant myself. I thought one of the girls from Canada should have made it, but oh well. Maybe it’s the makeup and the styling, but I think the winner looks a little old or mature for her age.

    1. Agreeed, I wanted Ashton Hong or Hilary Tam from toronto to win

      1. haha exactly what I was thinking, I also wanted Hilary or Ashton to make the Top 3.

      2. I had high hopes for the Canadian girls too (I’m from Toronto, lol), because they usually win something. But then, Vancouver and Toronto won too many times before. I do think the winner and 2nd runner-up are pretty.

      3. Hilary has one big eye and one small eye. How can she win. And Ashton looks like a man with that jaw.

  6. I think Kelly Cheung looked a lot prettier on the show than in these pictures, so I’m thinking that she just doesn’t photograph as well as some of the others. lol

    1. I definitely agree! She looked very good in the show! The pictures definitely don’t do her justice.

  7. I know sometimes, beauty contestants puts padding into their swimsuit to make their breast look fuller. I wonder if Kelly forgot to put the other padding in.

  8. happy that b**** jasmine didn’t place! doesn’t deserve it. she’s the most pathetic person i’ve ever met in real life

    1. ooh, so you know one of these contestants personally? do tell! haha

    1. but she answered good, even eric tsang says her answer is “correct”

    2. maybe tvb wants to keep these replacement in case fala quits and goes live in her “mansions”.

      1. yep. they are surely well stocked up on falas. enough falas to last quite a while. lol

  9. I’m really surprised that fala Chen lookalike only placed second runner up. Thought tvb would of give her first place.
    Thank god Rebecca didn’t win, I don’t reckon she is that pretty.

    1. hi khanh,

      REally curious on your statement that tvb should give the fala lookalike 1st place..why?

  10. Not bcos I’m m’sian but Lenna Lim really deserve to win it,but result make most of us disapppinted.Anyway Lenna u r the best cos we don’t know wat behind the story…:-)

  11. this year the winners looks okay. better than last year

    1. Disagree, i dont think so. Her features a little pathetic and would be lucky to be in top 10.

      1. Little pathetic? what does it mean?
        Your comment sounds “little pathetic” to me.
        Anyways, everybody has a different view.
        I guess it’s true that beauty is in the eye of beholder..

  12. rebecca zhus questioning period was blahhh… it was an easy question. and 11 did really well. i think all the points went into the questioning round

  13. ms london has a pretty feature, so are some Canada’s contestants..I’m surprised that ms Singapore won though…she’s abit of Pork Chop doesn’t have the star looks in her..imo.

    1. really agree with u that miss singapore should not be in top 10 in the first place.

      1. Totally disagree with you. Miss SIngapore has substance and looks. She displays the most vitality and passion unlike Lenna. Her performance is too good that it is not real.

  14. Was expected Rebecca Zhu to get top 3. Kinda sucks that they know place HUGE placement in the interviews. So you always end up with not so good looking getting the winner’s crown like this one.

    1. Don’t judge her looks based on the pictures alone, she looks a lot better on screen. I think she deserved the win, both in looks and personality.

    2. Beauty and brains go together la…i dont think you want a candidate to be at an international stage, but dont even knows how to present and answer simple question! that would be really shameful. You can see it during Ms World or Universe..

  15. Eventhough I’m from M’sia and despite Lenna Lim having a look alike as Fala Chen, I’m totally against her to be in the top 3. Reasons: She’s “boobless” and “buttless” despite doing reasonably well in the questionnaire round.

    I really want Rebecca Zhu to be placed in Top 3, but alas! She “sucked” stubbornly in the questionnaire round despite beating Leena to death with her stunning “bouncy” catwalk and her sizeably improved boobs/butts.

    Anyway, this year MCI is the WORST in 5 years……considering that the judges are more hongkong based (biased towards small boobs and skinny type of contestants) that are very much below the acceptable international average/taste…

    1. If you look at big fat pig Eric Tsang’s face was stoned when Rebecca wasn’t place in top 3. There’s always a consolation prize

    2. You are so right about the hong kong based body type!!!
      It should be more like healthy looking with curves rather than boyish-barely-teenage body type. Out of the bunch, I would say
      Jasmine Hayter would hit the mark with international audience. But this competition is solely for HK audience.

  16. Again, they place so much emphasis on the Q&A segment, that even if you are pork chop quality, you can still win this thing. I thought Rebecca was sure win, her Q&A wasn’t that bad though. Seen worse. What about that chick who ran when there were still more questions? lolz.

  17. there were so many good looking girls in this year’s contest that i really didn’t expect kelly or cheryl to make it to top 10, much less top 3.

  18. This year the contestants were much prettier and I guess the judges place a lot of importance on the Q&A as they were all beauties. However, the contestants from China are not that attractive. The results are ok although a bit surprising. Happy that Lenna wins as I’m a Malaysian therefore sure will support her. Furthermore, she’s confident during Q&A and that’s good.

  19. That is a horrible picture of her breasts but then the second pic of her looks as though her body has been sculpted? There is a distinct line that runs through the side of her body. Is that natural or is she just overly skinny and you can see every single muscle in her body.

    I only saw the start and though it was terrible of TVB to make the contestants record their introductions in Cantonese. Those poor girls whose native language is Mandarin, made them sound ridiculous. And poor LF who had the malfunctioned mic whilst “singing” CHOK.

    1. That picture of the winner’s breasts was just a bad one; they looked perfectly fine on the show. I think it is just the angle of that shot and the lighting. The second picture is a different contestant from the first. Lenna Lim in that picture does look like her body has been sculpted, a bit scary. She is pretty though.

  20. i think the Malaysian girl is much prettier… but how come she got herself 2nd runner-up?

  21. Is there an exact reason why there’s no 2011 Miss Chinese International Pageant?

    1. I read that they delayed it so it wasn’t possibly to hold the pageant in 2011,

      Pretty silly to have two representatives going in for the crown. Really shouldn’t be allowed considering they are no longer reigning from that year.

  22. after watching the pageant, I would have picked Lenna Lim as the winner, but I guess TVB doesn’t want a winner to look like Fala, who knows. I wished they would have had a talent segment.

  23. Surprising Miss Singapore is in top 10 cos during the bikini session when she was standing behind with the other 9 girls, she totally do not stand out at all and outshine by other taller and prettier girls and even more surprised she is in 2nd place. Really thank Michael Tse for voting the right winner instead 🙂

  24. I thought Jin as MC was not bad for his first time. I can’t help but want to compare him with Vincent Wong who was also a first-time MC for the awards ceremony. Vincent is much worse that ABC Jin. Jin has quite the potential, and his Chinese improved so much just in these few years.

  25. I guess TVB was interested in Lenna Lim Malaysian version of Fala Chen) when she first appeared on My Astro On Demand Award Show. If she is in top 3, TVB will have 3 Fala Chen(s).

  26. I think Kelly Cheung deserves to win.

    If we look at untouched photos of the contestants in light make up, Kelly, Rebecca and Jasmine are the only pretty ones. Lenna has weird eyes that needs tons of make up. All the china contestant sucked.

    1. The one from London and Canada also pretty,

      China got great skin

      Lenna has just one special,, fala lookalike.

      and Singapore…MISS pORK CHOP

      1. Ms. Susan Su is pretty, I forgot which part of canada she’s from..

        and i still can’t believe singapore won..she’s really so average looking.

        yeah the girls from China are okay can’t considered pork chop

      2. What a difference lighting can make on those pictures! Some girls look nothing like their profile pics!

  27. No: 5 is like Fala Chen’s twin sister..

    Bet TVB will promote her pretty quickly..

    1. I think it is more than just looks. Plus,I personally don’t think Fala looks that great so looking like her doesn’t necessarily mean that you will get an edge over others…

    2. They can play sisters in a series. Isn’t that how Tavia sorta got more noticebable after playing Maggie’s sister in the Awakening Story?

  28. i think number 9 was actually very pretty and had the best bikini body, although ive seen some of her other photos and perhaps shes had some work done on her nose? either that or the makeup artists are extremely good. Imo the winner was good, nothing to say about that, but i dont see what everyone is saying about number 5 fala lookalike, she has a very weird head to body proportion, as in her head is very big, and to be honest her face isnt that pretty compared to fala. And she is like waaaaaay to skinny, and im a guy who prefers skinny girls, but she is like negative A cup. Overall the results are ok based of their performance, i wouldnt say it was rigged for anyone in particular, but i dont see any of the top three becoming another big in TVB if they do decide to sign with tvb, maybe minor roles at best

    1. LOL, i definitely agree with what you said about #5 fala lookalike. Her head is so big compared to her body. And she’s too skinny. Both Rebecca and Lenna are called fala lookalikes but I think Rebecca has a friendly look with her big eyes, whereas lenna has a sly look that makes me feel uncomfortable. Her smile look very controlled and rigged. When I look at her, she reminds me of Jess Sum more than Fala, as Jess Sum is very skinny and the bottom half of their faces look really alike.

      1. I agree that Lenna #5 looks way too scrawny in bikini and like someone pointed out has a lollipop body proportion, and her face not all that pretty. And Kelly Cheung has a very mature look for a 21 year old. But I only caught glimpses of the contestants as I didn’t watch the whole show through.

        Anyway, congratulations to the winners!

      2. In my POV Lenna’s advantage is more for her ability to “talk” 😀


  30. Perhaps we shouldnt always judge Lenna as being fala lookalike. Everyone is special in their own way, even identical twins. Lenna is probably one of the finest beauty queen Malaysia produced in recent years. Just my personal opinion.

  31. “Kelly Cheung shockingly displayed uneven sized breasts, in which one breast appeared to be larger than the other!”

    It is actually very common for a woman’s breast size to not be exactly the same. One breast is usually slightly larger than the other.

    I agree that Leanna looked so much like Fala.. but Leanna was sickly skinny. The gap between her legs when walking in the swimsuit competition reminded me of a skeleton – she needs a few pounds.

    I also felt that Aliya Fan from Melbourne looked a lot like Selena Li.

  32. They should just rename the MCI to Fala Chen look alike pageant.

    TVB really needs to stop making the contestants cry like Raymond Lam’s tiny incident.

    Raymond Lam’s performance was dreadful, wasnt singing; just lip sync; out of sync.

    The judges… ugh!

    Although, the show is average. Results were surprising.

    1. Many singers lip sync so it is not just Raymond… If you can sing well live, that is what truly shows that you are a good singer.

      Gosh, I get so sick of everyone comaparing that contestant to Fala. I personally would not want to be compared or looking like any artist because I would be stuck in their shadow and can’t be myself…

      1. A lot can’t sing still sing live. It is not whether you can sing live or not it is whether you want to or not and whether there is facility to accomodate that.

      2. As I have said, it’s not just singing live for the sake of singing live. It is the fact if “can you sing WELL live or not”??

      3. I did not realized many singers lip sync in the many years that I hid behind my big screen tv with out knowing.

      4. It is TVB’s next Fala Chen look a like pageant with big boobs, nice assets, pretty face, great looking body, nice voice, pretty looking babe…. Man likes it.

    2. I think the performance is very good, haha. The lip-synced in a show like this is normal. All the times I watched MCI, the guest do lip-synced. If you wanna listen to his live singing, go watch the music award or the concert. In concert he always sings live.

      And I like the set up of the show, too. Really better than many current shows I’m seeing, even the Next Top Model :P. If you watch the Next Top Model, you will see that the crying is a part of any gameshow. So stop complaining and accept the fact.

      1. People cry on America’s Next Top Model because the TV productions force them do it. Brilliant! Im crying right now.

  33. Would have definitely wanted NY and HK to make the top 5 unfortunately there wasn’t a top 5 announcement!! NY did not interview as well as the top 3; if not, I thought she would have replaced Singapore…. Singapore really won because of her interview (interview must have accumulated 50% of the final marks!!)

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