Kelly Cheung on Career and Love

A former model, Kelly Cheung (張曦雯) won Miss Chinese International 2012 and launched her acting career. Due to her fluency in Chinese and English, Kelly later hosted variety programs Dolce Vita, Pearl Entertainment Tonight, and Scoop. Making her drama debut in 2016’s Law dis-Order (律政強人), Kelly’s breakout role was Big White Duel <白色強人>, which earned her the Most Improved Female Actress award at the 2019 TVB Anniversary Awards.

Although Kelly had a relatively smooth-sailing career, she also faced her own sets of difficulties and pressure. Recalling her struggles while filming her first drama, she had trouble crying on cue for a scene. “At the time, producer Liu Chun Shek (廖晉碩) was very patient in guiding me…. After he explained the story, I was slowly able to gather my emotions and cry.”

Due to her sweet smile and sophisticated charm, Kelly was often cast as a protagonist. Although possessing a healthy image as a result, Kelly admitted to feeling bored with portraying the same types of characters. The 33-year-old actress was ecstatic to finally portray an antagonist in her new drama In Bed With a Stranger (再見枕邊人). She expressed, “When I watch movies or series, I pay most attention to the villain because there are more dimensions and potential in the character. I noticed online comments saying I am always portraying ‘the beautiful girl,’ and I agree. This time, I am very thankful for the producer trusting me to portray a complex, morally gray character.”

In addition to a successful career, Kelly is also enjoying a stable and loving relationship with her Japanese-American boyfriend, Mark Brunjes, whom she has been dating for seven years. Admitting her boyfriend is eager to get married, Kelly shared, “He is my ideal marriage partner. It’s about time I give him a response, but I still want to experience more things in my career first.”

In the past, Kelly did not shy away from admitting she had pursued Mark first, as she knew he was her ideal type. Compatible personality-wise, they also share similar habits and preferences. “Earlier, I went to South Africa with my boyfriend for vacation. There were many Michelin restaurants. At one of them, it took us three or four hours to complete the meal. It felt so tiresome. We immediately looked at our itinerary to see whether any other Michelin restaurants were on there and removed it from our to-do list.”

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  1. It’s been so long since I watched TVB, that I didn’t think she’s even with the company anymore. I totally forgot about her.

  2. I’m a fan of Kelly, she’s a goddess

    But her acting still has room for improvement still, not at best actress level yet…

  3. “Earlier, I went to South Africa with my boyfriend for vacation. There were many Michelin restaurants. At one of them, it took us three or four hours to complete the meal. …. South Africa?

    From googling … According to TimesLive, there are not any starred restaurants in South Africa because Michelin’s inspectors do not operate here, or anywhere in Africa. They only cover parts of Europe and Japan, some cities in the US, and other places such as Shangai, Singapore, Seoul, Rio, Thailand and Bangkok.

    Bad translation or Kelly is a bad liar!

  4. Kelly is very pretty but not a good actress. Her “sweet” baby talk is very annoying.

  5. She did okay as the antagonist for this recent series, but overall I’d say that her acting/ facial expressions do need some work. She looks like the same character in almost every series (in terms of face and “vibe”).

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