Kelly Cheung Stumbles Over Lines in “Narcotics Heroes”

Complicated romances fuel the plot in TVB’s latest thriller Narcotics Heroes <破毒強人>, where Man Wah (Moses Chan 陳豪) still has feelings for his ex Cheung Lam (Nancy Wong 胡定欣); alas she only has eyes for Yip Ho Tin (Edwin Siu 蕭正楠), whom Jackie (Kelly Cheung 張曦雯) is also smitten with.

Central Love Triangle
Adamant to know more the ambiguous relationship between Ho Tin and Zhang Lin, Jackie appears at his doorstep to clear up her doubts once and for all, only to realize that both Cheung Lam and herself have separately invited him out for a drink. Missing out on the chance to develop further romantic sparks with Cheung Lam, Ho Tin clarifies his relationship with the former to reassure Jackie.

Boey Cheung Comes Between Matthew Ho & Rosita Kwok 

Matthew turns drug smuggler to escape poverty.

Fans looking forward to another of Matthew Ho (何廣沛)’s performance will see the actor in a mute role with lots of sign language gesturing. His childhood romance with Ah Wing (Rosita Kwok 郭柏妍) is threatened with reporter Ho Yee (Boey Cheung 張寶兒) tries all ways and means to be by his side, even initiating meal dates in order to dig for intel on Man Wah.



Kelly’s Numerous Outtakes

Kelly underwent special training for her action scenes.

While Matthew admitted to outtakes due to the challenge of remembering hand signs rather than dialogue, actress Kelly Cheung apparently stumbled over her words in a scene where her character had to recite extensive figures while questioning witnesses. Blurting “Sweet Potato” instead of “Yip Sir” at one point, her may faux paus caused co-star and actor Penny Chan (陳國峰) to burst out in laughter on set!

Perhaps too focused on her lines, her identification pass was facing the wrong way a few times while filming without her realizing. Continuously apologizing upon realizing her blunders, Kelly looked exasperated and made huge movements with her hands, though Edwin Siu, who witnessed many of her hilarious outtakes, stayed true to his “stony” character and did not give much reactions.

The drama is also veteran actor Ram Chiang‘s (蔣志光) parting work as he ends his contract with TVB, after over 30 years at the station.





Watch Kelly Cheung’s Outtakes:

Source: Mingpao

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  1. I am not sure who the writes insulted more: Kelly Cheung with one of the most useless character in history in a drama till date or Ashley Chu who at 37 got paired up to be Ram’s, 60+ yo, to be his wife. At least Ashley Chu’s role had a purpose. She is the catalyst for Ram’s characters insanity and Moses’s character breaking point. Wait, I’ve answered my own questions. Kelly’s character waits for signals from her subordinate and love interest Edwin Siu’s character.

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