Matthew Ho Admits to Dating New Girlfriend

Since ending his 6-year relationship with Rebecca Zhu (朱晨麗),  Matthew Ho (何廣沛)  now has a new girlfriend. Dating since last year, his girlfriend is Sarah Miu, the founder of a public relations company called talens.mgmt. She previously gifted Matthew some PR items, which he helped promote on social media.

Other than following each other’s social media accounts, Matthew and Sarah’s relationship seems to be accepted by their friends. Matthew follows Sarah’s close friends, while she follows all accounts related to him such as Milkson Fong (方紹聰), his partner from their YouTube channel BrainStorming <食腦>.

A source shared  seeing Matthew and his girlfriend on holiday last November. At that time TVB was filming the TVB Sales Expo 2023 < TVB傳承·狂歡55節目博覽2023>, but Matthew was not in attendance and did not explain why. However, his Weibo showed his IP address was in South Korea.

The source also shared that Matthew adores Sarah’s Shiba Inu. The actor follows Sarah’s Instagram account which she set up for her dog. Matthew was seen carrying a Shiba Inu on a hiking outing and the dog was suspected to be Sarah’s dog. Although Matthew did not tag any accounts in the photos, his friends clearly tagged Sarah and her dog’s account in their Instagram stories.

Both sharing birthdays in August, Matthew and Sarah seemed to have celebrated together. He posted a photo of  a custom cake and it was very similar to the one in Sarah’s birthday group photo.

After speculations grew, Matthew admitted to being in a steady relationship with Sarah. As she is not a public figure, he hopes everyone can give Sarah some space. As Matthew is already 35, he is  thinking about starting a family and hopes to achieve this within next five years.

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