Matthew Ho Admits to Breaking Up with Rebecca Zhu

Rumored couple Matthew Ho (何廣沛) and Rebecca Zhu (朱晨麗) are suspected to have broken up after netizens spotted Matthew to have unfollowed Rebecca on social media. As many netizens wait for updates, Matthew confirms the news while appearing in a public event.

When asked about his relationship with Rebecca, Matthew responded, “No matter if it’s a relationship between friends and colleagues, all relationships will have changes. Right now, the best decision is to respect each other. You can interpret this.”

When asked if it’s a pity to end a six-year relationship, Matthew did not provide a response and did not respond to the questions asking if the two were mad at each other. Instead, Matthew reiterated that he considers Rebecca as a colleague and would not feel embarrassed to meet colleagues at the company. 

As for questions regarding when the two last met each other and if he would be avoiding each other at work, Matthew said, “I forgot. We saw each other during the company’s big events. I will let the company arrange projects. I have always let the company make the arrangement.”

In the meantime, Matthew revealed that he would be focusing on his career. In regards to the recent news of TVB laid off their employees in response to economic downturns, Matthew confessed that he felt sad that TVB had to make a difficult decision. Although Matthew did not know how many of his colleagues were affected by the layoff, he hoped that things would improve after the pandemic. 

Source: HK On CC

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  1. This is good………Rebecca deserves a real man anyways……..this guy’s voice and face has always seemed to be that of a boy……….He will probably never get on the A-list anyways.

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