Rebecca Zhu Responds to Breakup with Matthew Ho

Although they never admitted to it, Rebecca Zhu (朱晨麗) and Matthew Ho’s (何廣沛) relationship was an open secret for six years. However, the pair seems to have split up as Matthew unfollowed Rebecca on Instagram and only referred to her as a colleague. Reacting to Matthew’s gestures, Rebecca spoke up regarding their breakup rumors.

At a livestream selling press conference at TVB City,  Rebecca did not seem to be affected by the news. Asked if she wants to retain Matthew, she joked, “The company will retain him.” She denied rumors that Matthew was the one to end the relationship, asking for the public to not speculate. “I won’t be commenting further–we’ve always been colleagues.”

As for Matthew unfollowing her, Rebecca said she has noticed that her social media followers have suddenly grown a lot and that daily fluctuations are normal. Reporters joked that she has now relegated Matthew to a “netizen” and she laughed, “You said this, not me! We’re still friends. It’s not awkward between us.” Rebecca has not seen him in a long time because she has not been at TVB City in awhile.

Regarding TVB debuting live selling sessions, Rebecca said the most important factor is to retain viewers. She hopes to participate in an upcoming live stream session, but does not see her Mandarin fluency as necessarily giving her an advantage. “Netizens are very inclusive– they like listening to Mandarin with a Hong Kong accent! I tried livestream selling in Mandarin and fans requested that I also speak Cantonese, the Suzhou dialect, and Shanghainese.”

A big fan of online shopping, Rebecca did nearly all of her shopping online and enjoys the thrill of finding the best price among different stores. She was even crazy enough to pull an all nighter!

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Matthew Ho and Rebecca Zhu Broke Up After 6 Years?

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