Matthew Ho and Rebecca Zhu Broke Up After 6 Years?

Rumored to have dated for six years, Matthew Ho (何廣沛) and Rebecca Zhu (朱晨麗) are speculated to have broken up. Matthew had quietly unfollowed Rebecca, signaling a clear end to their relationship.

The pair met while filming 2017’s time-traveling comedy, A General, A Scholar, and a Eunuch <超時空男臣> and reunited in 2020’s The Dripping Sauce <大醬園>. Although they were initially slow to warm up to each other on set, Rebecca admired Matthew’s dedication to acting and his family values. He  was attracted to her easygoing attitude without the high maintenance of typical Hong Kong women.

Photographed eating out together, Matthew was also seen frequently staying overnight in Rebecca’s home.  In 2019, they even celebrated Matthew’s 31st birthday in Thailand. Despite all this, the pair only admitted to be only “very good friends,” hoping to grow their careers without media scrutiny.

However, their relationship seems to have simmered down and taken a turn for the worst this year. Keen-eyed netizens noted Matthew had unilaterally unfollowed Rebecca on Instagram, paving way to rumor that they had broken up on bad terms and are not even friends anymore. Neither has responded to the most recent news regarding their relationship status.

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  1. the unfollowing is a clear sign. was hera chan rumored to be close to matthew on set?

  2. If they were headed towards marriage, they would have officially made a one time (and no more than that) announcement that they are dating. But they never did. Just because you date someone for years, it doesn’t mean they are your future marriage partner

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