Rebecca Zhu, Matthew Ho Celebrate His Birthday in Thailand

Rebecca Zhu (朱晨麗) and Matthew Ho‘s (何廣沛) dating rumors have been going on for more than two years, and although they never admitted to their romance, they are often displaying their affection for each other online. Earlier, the pair even got to work on the TVB drama, The Great Soy Factory <大醬園>, together for four months, causing their relationship to improve by leaps and bounds. The day before yesterday, a traveler spotted them on a plane en route to Thailand to celebrate Matthew’s 31stbirthday, which was on August 3.

Though both Rebecca and Matthew are heavily promoted actors at TVB, they sat in the first row of the economy section. Moreover, they only wore caps and did not bother with facemasks. Matthew was chivalrous and let Rebecca have the aisle seat while he sat in between her and a family. In return, when they were waiting for their luggage at the airport, Rebecca did not sit down and wait for Matthew to take care of it, but instead, she was beside him, ready to assist.

“More than a dozen friends went to Thailand to have fun and celebrate Matthew’s birthday,” Rebecca said of their trip.  “We are friends who are getting to know each other. Thank you for your concern!”

Meanwhile, Matthew echoed similar sentiments and added that their career is the most important currently. However, it is interesting to note that TVB seems to be supportive of their relationship. In addition to arranging couple jobs for the two, the company also allowed them to collaborate in The Great Soy Factory, so they can spend more time together.

In fact, Rebecca uploaded a photo of them getting married in the drama onto Instagram to wish him a happy birthday. She said that even though her memory is deteriorating, she must remember his big day. “I wish you  a happy birthday, good health, happiness, and fly higher!”

Source: Sing Tao Daily

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