Matthew Ho and Sisley Choi Film “Let Me Take Your Pulse”

Matthew Ho (何廣沛) and Sisley Choi (蔡思貝) expressed their excitement to be working together for the first time in Let Me Take Your Pulse <你好,我的大夫>. They play childhood friends who grow up to become traditional Chinese medicine practitioners and spend 10 years apart in different countries.

At the TVB drama blessing ceremony yesterday, Sisley revealed what she has learned about Matthew so far.  “I’ll always look over at him while I’m doing other things, because I want to gather more inspiration so that our acting looks natural.” When she “discovered that he is afraid of needles,” Sisley found it endearing. “I’ve never seen him vulnerable as he is usually very clear and focused in what he does.”

Sisley has unfortunately always had a reputation as a flirt and collector of romantic rumors. Asked if there will be rumors given that it is their first time collaborating, Sisley stated that she is not worried. Matthew added, “I’ve always believed that the truth will speak for itself, and I have nothing to worry about if I’ve done nothing wrong.”

Source: HK01

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