Shaopin Tsui Follows Sisley Choi to Europe in Hot Pursuit

With her beauty, fit physique, and straightforward personality, 32-year-old Sisley Choi (蔡思貝) has a long list of admirers. She has been rumored with many male artistes including Hubert Wu (胡鴻鈞), Vincent Wong (王浩信), Adrian Chau (周志文), Owen Cheung (張振朗), Dickson Yu (余德丞), and Shaopin Tsui (徐肇平).

Actress Gigi Wong’s son, actor Shaopin Tsui, was introduced to Sisley in 2015 by mutual friends. As both had studied abroad, Sisley and Shaopin got along instantly. Dating rumors blazed when Shaopin visited Sisley on the set of My Dearly Sinful Mind <心理追兇> and they both disappeared for an hour.  Both were involved with different people over the past seven years and thus the timing never seemed right to go beyond being friends.

Resuming his single status recently, Shaopin hoped to pursue Sisley again after her  relationship with Hubert Wu ended. Eager to close their distance and show his sincerity, Shaopin even followed Sisley to Europe.

Sisley recently travelled to England to film TVB England Go Go Goal! <貝遊英倫>.  As the travel show was well received, TVB decided to film a new nine-episode installment. Sisley visited nine cities in England and Italy in June for  20 days.

As Shaopin did not have any work scheduled since finishing Happy Ever After? <婚後事>, he was willing to pay a five-figure sum out of his own pocket to accompany Sisley in Europe.

When Sisley was filming, Shaopin did not go sightseeing by himself. Instead, he watched Sisley from the sidelines and catered to her needs like her assistant. Their amorous behavior led to gossip quickly spreading, but Sisley seemed happy by Shaopin’s presence. The crew even invited Shaopin to make a cameo in the travelogue, but Sisley declined.

Shaopin’s affection for Sisley is apparent, as he often praised her and shared her photos on his social media account. When Shaopin started dating  model Joey in 2017, he deleted all photos of Sisley from his social media but the pair continued to remain good friends. In 2020, Sisley posted a photo of them eating together on her Instagram. In March 2023, Sisley celebrated Shaopin’s birthday at his house with his friends and his mother, Gigi Wong. As they are obviously very close, is now the finally the time for Sisley and Shaopin to be together?

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  1. Hilarious that they said Vincent, isn’t he still legally married to Yoyo or is this before yoyo…

  2. what is so special about her I forgot what runner up she was in for Miss HK i was pretty shocked she even pulled through

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