Sisley Choi’s Body is Full of Injuries

In the industry for nine years, Sisley Choi (蔡思貝) won TVB Best Actress in 2020 and is known for her hard work ethics. Behind her success story is a body full of injuries.

Filming Let Me Take Your Pulse <你好,我的大夫> earlier, Sisley revealed that she often suffers from headaches. The traditional Chinese medicine consultant on set even commented on Sisley’s injuries, stating that the actress is injured and bruised all over. Ever since then, Sisley has learned the importance of taking better care of herself. Right after filming an outdoor scene in the blazing heat, Sisley quickly shielded herself from the sun with an umbrella and consumed large amounts of liquids to avoid a heat stroke.

Known for her hardworking behavior, Sisley often gets injured on set from different fight scenes. She has previously worked through her high fevers. Aside from pulling all-nighters and not looking after her health, Sisley was once admitted to the hospital due to her poor immune system.

“I hit my head previously so I suffer from frequent headaches. There was one day where I just couldn’t take it anymore and I asked the doctor if he could massage my neck. I felt so much better afterwards. The following night when we were all out getting a late-night snack, I asked him to do some acupuncture. The doctor didn’t charge me, but he say I was injured all over and that I need full body treatments,” Sisley admitted.

Filming Let Me Take Your Pulse with a doctor on set as a consultant, Sisley developed an interest in traditional Chinese medicine and finally began paying better attention to her health and diet.

Matthew Ho and Sisley Choi Film “Let Me Take Your Pulse”

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