Sisley Choi Catches Everyone’s Attention at TVB Sales Presentation

TVB held its annual sales presentation recently to attract advertising for dramas to air next year. The event promoted eight new dramas, including the Justice Sung <狀王之王> remake, Your Highness 2 <痞子殿下2>, Hong Kong People in Beijing <香港人在北京>, Hello, My Doctor <你好,我的大夫>, The Invisibles <隱形戰隊>, Pet Pet My Angel <寵愛Pet Pet>, Romeo and Zhu Yingtai <羅密歐與祝英台>, and One Dance Allure <一舞傾城>.

As the sales presentation is one of TVB’s key events, the standing position of artistes in the group photos is telling of their status. Standing front and center in an eye-catching low neckline, body-fitting red dress is Sisley Choi (蔡思貝), who stars in several upcoming dramas. Others standing near the center position include Moses Chan (陳豪), Shaun Tam (譚俊彥), Rosina Lam (林夏薇), Kenneth Ma (馬國明), and Nancy Wu (胡定欣).

Heading into TVB Anniversary Awards season, speculations are running who will win the top acting awards. Although Rosina won Best Actress last year, she does not have any projects airing this year. With no chance of being nominated for TV Queen this year, Rosina expressed, “There was talk about airing Speakers of Law (法言人), but they later changed their minds. It is a pity, because the character I portray [in an upcoming series] would’ve given the audience a different perspective of me. The main point is not about winning an award, but I hope each of my characters will give the audience a different feeling about me. Every character is a new challenge and learning journey.”

With two dramas aired in 2022, including Brutally Young 2.0 <十八年後的終極告白2.0> and ICAC Investigators 2022 <廉政行動2022>, Shaun was asked  whether he has confidence to win Best Actor for two consecutive years. He responded, “I feel differently this year and not as nervous as I was last year. In contrast, I see a lot of my colleagues working really hard. I will be rooting for them.”


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  1. Agreed, she’s hawt in here. Curves in the right places while stick thin in others. Sigh wish I could attain those attributes lol

  2. Sisley’s been looking more and more attractive by the day. Idk why she gets so much hate. She’s actively improving acting wise and plus she’s looks great.

    1. I agree with you! When she first started acting, I found her to be pretty grating. But I’ve noticed constant improvement from her. I find her to be one of the more acceptable actresses TVB has left.

  3. This years awards going to be interesting for male & female as there’s not really an outstanding performance.
    If I were to vote ,
    Best actress would be Nancy Wu for Big White duel 2
    Best actor would be Joel Chan for Beauty at War

    The only hot favorite to win is Angel Chiang for Best Supporting Actress for Beauty at War

    1. I thought Nancy was alright in Big White Duel 2, not sure if best actress worthy. Although Joel nailed his character in The Beauty of War, I dont think he can get nominated for best actor since he wasnt male lead.

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