Nancy Wu Stars Opposite Wayne Lai in “Rosy Business 4”

Due to the massive success of the Rosy Business <巾幗梟雄> franchise, TVB had long wanted to follow up with a fourth installment. While the first two series were ratings breakthroughs and featured golden couple Wayne Lai (黎耀祥) and Sheren Tang (鄧萃雯), the third installment faced a much cooler reception, likely due to the departure of Sheren as female lead.

TVB tried its best to cast Sheren in Rosy Business 4. Although Sheren initially accepted, filming was delayed multiple times due to the pandemic and funding issues. With her recent small, but memorable role in crime thriller film No More Bets <孤注一掷>, Sheren acquired plenty of filming offers. Sheren revealed that when discussing with TVB about Rosy Business 4 over the past four years, she had offered three open slots and is disappointed that the collaboration fell through. However, Sheren also hinted there were other incompatibilities with the station that led to her decision.

“Just trust your instincts and don’t go any further,” Sheren wrote on social media. “This is not to say who is right or wrong… there is no happiness if you try too hard. Speaking from experience, I once objected to some unhealthy ideas about the plot before I started filming. The producer compromised and didn’t write the plot in order to recruit me for the project, but I ended up in a very unpleasant situation during the filming process. I’ll never forget this lesson, and I have always used it to warn myself. ” Sheren summed up, “I’ll no longer compromise on unfair treatment…. Don’t give in to unreasonable working conditions, and don’t cooperate with people are unprofessional.”

Nancy Wu Will Be Female Lead

Instead, Nancy Wu (胡定欣) will be taking over as the female lead opposite Wayne. Producer Dave Fong (方駿釗) confirmed that while in talks with Sheren, both parties could not reach a mutual agreement. He said, “Nancy is a good casting choice. Despite its name, Rosy Business 4 is not a sequel and will feature a new independent story. The most important aspect is retaining Rosy Business’ spirit and unique characteristics.”

Asked about the status of Rosy Business 4, Wayne responded, “At TVB, the actress that I have collaborated with most is Nancy so we are really compatible. We’re both good at what we do, so I hope the audience will accept this! We’ll do our best.”

Wayne and Nancy share remarkable compatibility due to their multiple collaborations, including Short End of the Stick (公公出宮), The Confidant (大太監), Forensic Heroes III (法證先鋒III), and Overachievers (名門暗戰). According to the inside scoop, the cast for Rosy Business 4 is already confirmed and the crew will be heading to Hengdian to film this winter.

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  1. I used to love Nancy’s acting. But the last couple years before she left tvb, you can there she was no longer putting her 100 percent. Hopefully she will go back to her 100 percent acting! I really like her!

  2. Sounds like Sheren was talking about her regret in participating in Beauty at War, unfortunately.

  3. I do love Sheren and Wayne as an onscreen couple, but Nancy and Wayne also have a very strong chemistry. I am saddened that Sheren cannot take part in this production, and I doubt she will ever film with TVB again. She enjoys her work in Mainland China and TVB doesn’t seem right for her anymore.

    I quite like Nancy. I thought she did well in Narcotics Heroes with Mo. I will still watch RB 4 as both Nancy and Wayne are great performers. I just hope that the storyline does not disappoint and gives us something memorable to look back on. RB3 tried to sell a lot of gimmicks but the whole storyline was a mess. I hope to see TVB’s sincerity in producing another classic. I would rather a sad ending, or an open ending rather than a crappy and rushed ending where everyone dies for no reason. TVB hasn’t done any period drama for a while. I do look forward to it.

  4. Sheren has always been critical about TVB’s harsh working environment and I doubt she would make a comeback to the station in part due to her soaring popularity in China. Given her acting credentials and experiences, Nancy is the best candidate to succeed her in the latest instalment of RB.

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