Nancy Wu Shows Off Muscular Back

Playing revenge-seeking character Tou Man in the drama Mission Run <廉政狙擊>, actress Nancy Wu (胡定欣) delivered a layered performance showcasing emotions of anger, hurt and pain when her informant Zhong (played by Gordon Siu 蕭徽勇) was cruelly buried alive by Ben Wong’s (黃智賢) Cheung Ting Gwong.

A Gym Regular
The 41 year-old actress also has several gym scenes where she showed off impressive back and bicep muscles onscreen. The actress said, “Thankfully I work out regularly, so I could achieve the desired visuals for the gym scene, this taught me how being prepared is very important.”

Besides being a fitness buff, the exercise lover also runs and plays tennis and other sports, which explains her muscular physique! Using a variety of exercises targeting all muscle groups and get toned, she also shares that she does hardcore training and TRX to get killer abs and admirable arm muscles.

Given her workout intensity and frequency, Nancy does not rely on dieting to keep slim, but rather focuses on healthy eating, and would occasionally indulge in a good meal to reward herself for maintaining her workout regime!

Source: Hket

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