Kelly Cheung and Her Boyfriend Split Their Expenses

Normally a big shopper, Kelly Cheung (張曦雯) shared that she has limited her online shopping due to a decrease in income caused by the pandemic. When asked if her non-celebrity boyfriend Mark Brunjes helps her financially, she revealed that their finances and expenses are separate.

“We are financially independent and very fair with each other. He is a gentleman who loves to spoil me, so he does pay for dinner when we go out to eat. I always try to pay him back, but he won’t let me. I won’t ask him for money for my own expenses though,” Kelly revealed.

In the upcoming weeks, Kelly will be filming Big White Duel 2 <白色強人II> in Shenzhen. She shared that she will have to quarantine for 21 days prior to filming, which will give her a lot of time to play video games. As she will probably be filming until the end of April, would Kelly mind the long-distance separation with Mark? “I am used to it. We don’t see each other that much when I am filming.”   

Fortunately for the couple, Kelly was able to spend Valentine’s Day together before her busy schedule starts. “Usually he doesn’t cook, but he decided to make a steak and salad for me, and bought some flowers. Even though the house smelled like steak for two days afterward, I really appreciate his efforts. He is very sweet.” As she is not a romantic person, she is fine with just watching television and eating dinner at home. When asked what she got for him, Kelly admitted, “Nothing. My personality is like since we started dating. So there isn’t much expectation.” 

With the pandemic steadying, local beauty salons and theaters have begun operating again. Kelly shared that she had already booked a facial appointment and is looking forward to going to the cinemas again. “I haven’t been to the movies in such a long time. I miss watching live action movies on the big screen. My boyfriend also enjoys going to the movies too.”  


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