Kelly Cheung Really Trusts Her Boyfriend

Kelly Cheung (張曦雯) has been in a stable relationship with her Japanese-American boyfriend Mark Brunjes for two years. Though in a trusting relationship and living together, they are not in a rush to get married given their busy careers.

Meeting through a mutual friend, they bonded through their love for gaming and transitioned from friends to lovers. “We like shooting and zombie games the most. From day one, I was already a better player than him,” Kelly said proudly. When they game together, she would joke about his mistakes. “Sometimes, I go a little overboard and immediately apologize to him. However, he never gets angry.”

Growing up in Chicago, Kelly is not the romantic type who needs flowers and gifts. Preferring a simple relationship filled with trust, Kelly is not a controlling girlfriend. “Mark is a very good person. We rarely argue and even if we have a disagreement, we talk about it peacefully. We are in a very comfortable, happy, and stable relationship. He takes really good care of me no matter the situation.” 

As to their future together, Kelly said, “I don’t fantasize about what kind of wedding I would want. My boyfriend is also not pressured about it. We want to focus on our careers first, so we are not ready to progress to the next step yet.” 

Kelly’s Rising Career

Mark is also very supportive of Kelly’s career and makes sure to watch her dramas by always setting an alarm. Appreciating his efforts, Kelly laughed that it is hilarious to see a foreigner watch TVB dramas. 

Most satisfied with her own performance in Legal Mavericks 2020 <踩過界II> so far, Kelly had taken an acting class in the United States previously which helped her to tackle the lawyer role. “The first Legal Mavericks was very successful. I was a fairly new actress, but my character was a very complex career woman. She was competitive, gentle, yet attractive. There were so many levels to my character which made the challenge so difficult.” In addition, the court scenes took 21 days to film and there were long lines of legal jargon to memorize. “My short-term memory is fine, but I also have to simultaneously show the appropriate emotions which makes it difficult. Since I was able to handle it, I felt like I unlocked that achievement!”


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