[Style] Memorable Red Carpet Looks at the 2020 TVB Anniversary Awards

The 2020 TVB Anniversary Awards closed the curtain on last year’s dramas on January 10, 2021. There were as much surprises as there were fail-safes—and the same can be said for the red carpet. Here are 15 of last night’s most glamorous—and most memorable—looks.

Sisley Choi (蔡思貝)

As it turns out, Sunday was one of Sisley’s most memorable nights, as she won Best Actress for her performance in Legal Mavericks 2020 <踩過界II>—at only 7 years after debut. Here, Sisley has opted for a black bodice with a vintage-inspired fringed skirt, definitely one of the most unique looks of the night.

Samantha Ko (高海寧)

The Al Cappuccino <翻黑路人甲> star looks sophisticated and elegant in her body-hugging formal gown, which is a breath of fresh air compared to her more revealing looks in previous years.

Kaman Kong (江嘉敏)

The Death By Zero <殺手> actress is a walking diamond with her classic evening gown.

Kelly Cheung (張曦雯)

The rising star gave the red carpet a pop of color among the shades of black, white, and silver. The neck-to-floor cape commands attention on the stage.

Roxanne Tong (湯洛雯)

The Forensic Heroes IV <法證先鋒IV> actress didn’t win any big awards or top nominations last night, but she was able to win the heart of Best Actor nominee, Kenneth Ma (馬國明). She promised she would marry Kenneth if he won, unfortunately, the trophy didn’t go to Kenneth. No matter—better luck next year.

Katy Kung (龔嘉欣)

The Most Popular Female Character winner was 2020’s main rising star, thanks to her fantastic performance in the award-winning Hong Kong Love Stories <香港愛情故事>. Her unique gown is also winning popularity rankings.

Gloria Tang (鄧佩儀)

To stand out in the sea of black and white, the Most Improved Female Artiste nominee donned an asymmetrical gown to turn eyes at the red carpet. 

Ali Lee (李佳芯)

Like Gloria, the Best Actress nominee is covering all grounds with the black and white block. She’s chosen the more conservative route, just like her character in Death by Zero.

Tiffany Lau (劉穎鏇)

The young actress happily showed off her fantastic figure in this body-hugging sheer gown. Definitely one of the most beautiful looks that night!

Yoyo Chen (陳自瑤)

While Yoyo didn’t get a top five nomination, she was the center of media attention. One, because she was on the same stage as her husband Vincent Wong (), and two, she had on one of the night’s most beautiful and most daring one-piece. 

Stephanie Ho (何雁詩)


The singer disregarded red carpet traditions and chose to stand out in a bold, velvet short gown. 

Shiga Lin (連詩雅)

Arriving at the awards with this elegant black gown, the statement headpiece definitely puts Shiga’s gown apart from others.

Bowie Cheung (張寶兒)

Whether it’s the color or the style, Bowie would not be difficult to spot!

More TVB Anniversary Red Carpet Looks:

Source: HK01.com

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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  1. I only watched to see Ali…………For some reason, she’s the only actress in TVB these days that catches my attention……Something about her on-off screen aura that is just so mesmerizing!

    1. @yuaida I am SO happy there’s someone like me, watching it only to catch Ali!

      I like her cos I find her to be the whole package that TVB will not get again anytime soon. She has the looks, the acting skills and the X factor!

      I know she won’t win anything but am just glad she’s still recognised as A list actress in TVB based on the fact she’s second last in red carpet and was standing in the middle of the stage

      1. @tt23 will not watch it if not for Ali, am sure that sums it up for me. While I know what the show is trying to bring out, I find the plot weak.

        I have friends who find it lighthearted and enjoyed it but I think it pales in comparison to My ages apart and DBZ.

        Of course I’ll say Ali is still good in it but I’m super biased so don’t take my words for it. Moses was kinda of boring

        Will I recommend it? Only if I known you’re a fan of the cast.

      2. @mulder99 mind sharing if there is any website with English subtitles? The one I’m currently watching does not have English subtitles 🙁

      3. @conan2209 agree with you on Moses – he seems to be doing the same kinda act like he was in DBZ, those high pitched English.
        Ali is great!

      4. @conan2209 I LOVE Ali in the series. She’s so refreshing to watch and isn’t one tone. Ugh love her.

        I agree the plot is weak but is it unbearable? No. I don’t like the way it is edited though it seems a bit messy but I think the cast is decent. I much prefer Ali/Matthew in this, I think I’ve seen enough Moses/Ali. Matthew is also very cute in this.

        I also like Edwin in it but I’m confused if he’s gay or not. Or bisexual? The soundtrack is really good, I think.

      5. @tt23 I love anyone who loves Ali!

        TVB is releasing it on TVB on 15 Feb, hope ratings will be ok now that all her fans have already watched it ;(

        I am the kind that likes intense show while my friends like lighthearted ones so I don’t enjoy it as much as my friends. They were disappointed that there’s only 5 more episodes to go!

      6. @conan2209 that’s totally fair — intense is always more exciting to watch haha.

        I’ll watch it on TVB to help boost ratings haha but also I think it’s definitely a series you can watch again/have on in the background.

  2. Loved yoyo’s look. Sisley, winki, Kelly and Sharon also looked great. Mark Ma’s look was also good as it was a really nice green, nice change from black

    1. Also is it just me or does yoyo look like to gained some weight? in a good way! I remember her to be much more thin but she looks like she got some curves in that outfit. Maybe it’s the outfit?

  3. Doesn’t look like most of these ladies have stylists, if they do have a stylist fire them. Majority of these gowns are ill fitting and unflattering. That romper/jumpsuit is hideous.

  4. Kelly looks amazing!!! Even more gorgeous than usual. Her outfit has such good fitting and I love the look – unique, refreshing colour and very elegant! Perfect for her.
    Yoyo also looks amazing. Definitely the most head-turning of the night.
    I also think Tiffany pulls off her dress with her tall and fit figure. (And did she wear it before or did I remember wrongly?)

    1. @boomer I love Kelly too, but I thought this year her outfit was not sexy compared to last year..

      She was in a black cross top gown which was eye catching, what was different this year was her color choice in pink I think when everyone was white or black…

  5. Everyone looked kinda frumpy if I’m being honest, except Sisley and Katy. These ladies actually look polished.

    Yoyo’s jumpsuit looks bizarre. Like straight from the 70s with a slight modern twist. It doesn’t really work. But her body is nice.

    Kama looks matronly. What is she wearing…she doesn’t have better options?

    Kelly Cheung’s dress is too pretentious and the color just doesn’t work. Maybe if it was in red or black, it would stand out better.

    And Tiffany Lau…for a girl who’s trying to come off with an innocent image, she sure is trying hard with her nude dresses. She pulled this same skin-tone dress before and I didn’t like it then. I certainly don’t like it now either. But she definitely has a great body.

    1. @coralie Yoyo’s jump suit looks like something that Jennifer Lopez wore at an award show I believe…But she can definitely rock it, hope Vincent went home to her after the award show!

  6. Best Dress: Yoyo Chen, Tiffany Lau
    Worst Dress: Stephanie Ho, Roxanne Tong, Crystal Fung and Bowie Cheung

  7. Fave: Kelly Cheung, Ali Lee, Katy Kung, Yoyo Chen, Samantha Ko. Ali always play safe on red carpet but I like. She always looks so elegant & classy

  8. Sisley’s dress was interesting and she looked pretty. Vincent and Pakho were classically handsome. Mark Ma’s suit was interesting without being overly flashy. I actually like his look best of everyone’s.

    That pink color on Kelly was not flattering. That design in another color would have been great. Stephanie Ho’s look was like a costume. I love Ali, while elegant, her dress was too heavy. Priscilla’s looked juvenile. All the others were bland.

  9. Favs: Samantha (I love the little slit near her bosom. Simple, classy but sexy). Ali (shows that you don’t need to show too much skin to look good. She is so pretty!) No one mentioned Elena Kong? Her suit was simple but the color, the fit, the tailoring. It looked so good and sleek on her. Her hairstyle is not something every person could pull off with the short fringe but she looked great in it.

    Honorable mentions: Kelly Cheung, Sisley Choi, Yoyo Chen

    Least favs: Stephanie Ho (my cousin always wear a similar Gucci belt so the outfit doesn’t seem very red-carpet appropriate to me lol). Roxanne Tong (the top and bottom do not match AT ALL and the color is too pale for such an event). Gloria Tang (too basic and looks like something teenage girls buy so at the local mall, sorry Gloria).

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