Kelly Cheung’s Boyfriend Has an Impressive Background

Currently seen in Flying Tigers 2 <飛虎之雷霆極戰>, Kelly Cheung’s (張曦雯) career has been highflying in recent years. Considered to be a goddess due to her beautiful looks and approachable personality, Kelly went public with her dating relationship last year. Aside from his photos on social media, little was known about her boyfriend, Mark Brunjes, until now.

As Mark’s face increasingly graced tabloids after he became known as Kelly’s boyfriend, more details emerged about the 36-year-old Japanese-American. Possessing a highly impressive career at a global investment bank firm before, he served as the vice president of the trade program department. After relocating to Hong Kong in recent years, Mark started up his own business.

Aside from his career-driven mindset, Mark is also an avid lover of fitness and training like Kelly. Often working out at the gym, Mark’s intense workouts have rewarded him with an impressive 44-inch chest. In their spare time, the couple likes to exercise together.

Though they were friends for years, Kelly and Mark only started dating two years ago. Turning 30 in May, Kelly had a big party with her friends at the couple’s home in the prestigious Mid Levels district. In their photos, Kelly and Mark looked just like a family while lovingly holding their dog and cat. As the couple shared their photos openly on social media, it is an indication that they are very serious about their relationship and each other.


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  1. vice president in an investment bank just means you worked there for X years. every other banker you meet is a VP lol

    1. @terrycrews19
      you got that right. almost every person i’ve ran into in the finance world is the VP of something. at first i thought it was a big shot role until i learned.

      1. @anon I used to work at HSBC corporate, and their Account Managers are titled VPs. So there were about 6-7 VPs under one SVP. It sounds great on business card but yeah, middle management.

      2. @anon that would be even worst, you don’t make any money in personal banking. Definitely need to do cooperate to make the big bucks.

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