Kelly Cheung Talks About Her Boyfriend

Going public about her relationship, Kelly reveals what she loves the most about her boyfriend.

Having entered the industry for seven years, Kelly Cheung’s (張曦雯) tall figure, curvaceous silhouette and fluent English have given her a goddess image. However, Kelly has never hidden the fact that she grew up in a modest family. With recent reports surfacing of the 29-year-old actress dating rich male companions and living in expensive houses, Kelly felt very unhappy. She retorted, “Why do people always assume that women get their money from men?”

Moving to the United States when she was 10 and having introduced luxury residences on TVB Pearl, everyone would naturally think that Kelly comes from a rich family. However, the truth is that Kelly grew up in a flat in Lower Wong Tai Sin Estate. “I never said that I am a rich girl. Growing up overseas also doesn’t mean that I have a wealthy family. So what if I grew up in government housing flat? How is that negative? My childhood was very happy. I miss the times my parents brought me to Kowloon Park and went to McDonalds afterward.”

Family is Her Greatest Strength and Motivation

At the mention of her family, Kelly grew emotional. “My mom was in the beauty industry before we migrated overseas. I’m very thankful that she had worked so hard to bring my brother and I to the United States, and had to give up her career after becoming a normal housewife.”

with her parents

Kelly also burst out laughing when she shared about her brother who is studying to be a doctor, “He said he wants to study hard to earn money to support his parents and sister, reasoning that ‘Sis will get old and lose her good looks in the future so she can’t be a star!’”

with her younger brother

Her close-knitt family is the reason for her hard work. “In the past when I was hosting, I would experience a luxurious lifestyle in Europe or Maldives, and I really wished my family was there at the moment. I hope to give my parents a better life,” the 29 year-old said.

Outraged by Materialistic Claims

Not the thrifty sort, Kelly has always enjoyed good food and the finer things in life. Recent reports surfaced about the actress having a penchant for wealthy boyfriends and even moving into a Mid-Levels mansion. Clearly unhappy about these rumors, Kelly said, “Why is it that people always associate women’s money with men? I am a very hardworking person, and have taken on frequent hosting jobs during my hosting days. What’s wrong with buying what I like with the money I have earned? There’s absolutely no need for me to explain to everyone.”

As for rumors that she has many male companions, all of whom are rich second generation, Kelly said, “There really isn’t. I’m very serious whenever I date, and hope to have a long-time relationship instead of dating casually. Work is already so busy and I won’t waste time on incompatible partners.”

Makes New Relationship Official

Recently revealing her partner to be a tall and handsome English-Japanese man, Kelly shared that she used to be afraid that going official with a relationship would affect her career since most of her fans are male. Thinking further, Kelly felt that she should not let her job affect her personal happiness. Conversely, she might feel even more pressured if she had to lie and keep up pretense about her relationship.

Although she has known her boyfriend for eight years, they only started dating recently. Kelly spilled, “He is a very kind person. When I had a quarrel with a girlfriend, he told me to say sorry to her. If an apology can improve the relationship, then it’d be totally worth it. He is also very thoughtful and romantic.”

She added that marriage is unlikely in the short term, as Kelly and her boyfriend are working hard in their careers now. She hopes to focus wholly on having and raising a family only later on.

Good Friends are…

Asked about her good friends in the industry, Kelly points to Ali Lee (李佳芯), her co-star in Big White Duel <白色強人>. She is also on friendly terms with Philip Ng (伍允龍) as both share a passion for gaming. Though they knew each other only after becoming artistes, their families had already known each other as Phillip’s family ran a martial arts school in Chicago’s Chinatown, where Kelly’s family also had a business.

Source: Cosmopolitan HK

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