Fans Angry That Michael Tse Received No Awards at TVB Anniversary

Falling from a hot favorite in the 2011 TVB Anniversary Awards, “Laughing Sir” Michael Tse (謝天華) ended up winning no awards the evening before. After the conclusion of the awards ceremony, Michael did not accept any press interviews, disappearing from the crowd to go home instead.

Stepping out of his car, Michael flashed a smile. Holding several bags, he explained that he had to work the following morning. Asked whether he was disappointed in the award results, Michael said, “No, I respect the competitive spirit!” Michael’s wife had prepared supper for Michael to eat at home.

After one night of rest, Michael attended a watch store opening in Mongkok. Forcing a smile, Michael appeared calm. Responding initially to reporters, Michael said that he was not disappointed in the Anniversary Award results, “This year I did not get the award; there is still next year and many years to follow!I need to be like Laughing and have an undying spirit!”

Asked again whether he was disappointed, Michael admitted, “Each person will go through such a moment, but it is necessary to quickly resume my spirits and not delve on the negative aspects. One must face the incident and do one’s best! Fala Chen (陳法拉) and I won the Best Onscreen Lover Award in Malaysia. If a similar award were distributed at the TVB Anniversary Awards, I believe that we would have received the award too! In the end, a winner is singled out. However, should the first or second runner-up not be happy?”

Although netizens nicknamed Michael as “Fruitless King” since he did not win any awards at the TVB Anniversary, Michael said that he did not mind.  Lives of Omission < 潛行狙擊> received the  Best Drama Award, so I am considered to have won 1/40th award.”

In a radio interview, Michael mentioned that some fans were upset that he did not win any awards at the TVB Anniversary. Michael had to console his fans for the upset.  Asked whether he had attempted to seek understanding of the situation from Virginia Lok (樂易玲), Michael countered, “Why do I need to understand the situation further?  Ms. Lok has already used a lot of effort. Some things you already know in your heart; not everything needs a thorough review.”

Audience Filed Complaints

In addition, last night’s awards ceremony resulted in nine complaints filed, including protests that Michael Tse should have been awarded TV King, protests that Myolie Wu (胡杏兒) should not have received the My Favorite Female Character Award. One complaint was filed against Master of Ceremonies, Vincent Wong (王浩信), for his lisping.

Raymond Lam Shocked by Michael Tse’s Loss

Appearing at a music promotional event, Raymond Lam (林峯) said that he had already sent text messages congratulating Kevin Cheng (謝天華) and Myolie Wu (胡杏兒) for their victories. Raymond indicated that he was surprised by Michael Tse’s lack of winning any awards last night.

When the reporter pointed out that Raymond Lam did not make the Top 5 Finalists in the Best Actor Category, he said, “Yes, that’s right!” (When can you regain lost ground?) “I can focus on doing my own things. I have to prepare for the release of my music album. Next year, I hope to have balanced development across all platforms!” Raymond hoped that he will be chosen for the My Favorite Male Singer Award at the year-end music awards.

Virginia Lok Hugs and Consoles Michael Tse

At a music promotional event with Raymond Lam, Virginia Lok revealed that she had already hugged Michael Tse after the TVB Anniversary Awards ceremony. Ms. Lok said, “He was very good. He said he was not unhappy.” (Did Michael Tse cry?) “He’s Laughing Sir! Of course he will be able to handle it!”

In addition, Ms. Lok denied that Shirley Yeung had requested leave of absence. Ms. Lok said that she did not know whether Shirley was in fact getting married.

Chilam Cheung Supports Michael Tse

At a promotional event yesterday, Chilam Cheung (張智霖) provided words of encouragement for good friend, Michael Tse. “It is most important to participate in a competition. He can win next year!” (Did you console him?) “There is no need to! Michael is a mature actor and knows how to improve further. His movie will be released soon; perhaps he will win the Hong Kong Film Award or Golden Horse Award!”

Compiled from Oriental Daily

Jayne: Did Virginia Lok sacrifice Michael Tse for Kevin Cheng at the 2011 TVB Anniversary Awards? Was it necessary for the extent of Michael’s sacrifice?

I do wonder during which time frame TVB had decided to give Kevin the Best Actor Award. After his success in Bu Bu Jing Xin?

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  1. Did Virginia Lok sacrifice Michael Tse for Kevin Cheng at the 2011 TVB Anniversary Awards? Was it necessary for the extent of Michael’s sacrifice?

    Well 620 loves Kevin, that’s for sure

    I do wonder during which time frame TVB had decided to give Kevin the Best Actor Award. After his success in Bu Bu Jing Xin?

    Probably after the explosive success of BBJX, not to say undeserved.

    1. Last year, it was reported that Moses Chan was sacrificed at the TVB Anniversary Awards and this year, it was Michael Tse.

      TVB had to run a controversial awards ceremony. Since Kevin and Myolie’s wins were solidified, then it was a matter of creating another news angle to the story. A grand sweep of 3 awards for Kevin and Myolie, while lack of acknowledging other artists.

      1. Moses Chan did not leave empty-handed last year. I guess TVB did not feel Michael Tse deserved even a consolation prize?

      2. Some baidu netizen commented that Moses is truly ‘great’ to be on the top 5 best actor list for 7 consecutive years. Is that right?

      3. I don’t know too about what basis Moses manages to step in top 5 best actor this year without any solid performance

      4. Michael’s prize is a movie for himself again with himself as the hero again. He’s not badly treated.

  2. Allegedly, out of the 7 committee members, only Tommy Leung voted for Michael. And only Catherine Tsang voted for Fala while the other six voted for Myolie.

      1. I got the info from baidu tvb. So take it with a grain of salt. I don’t remember the title of that thread now.

        Below is the link to an unverified partial list of 1 vote per artist for tv king and tv queen.

      2. Jayne: Just saw the same info on kuangai sina weibo

        【20111207】無綫七個高層大比數投向鄭嘉穎,公眾投票大幅拋離天華,監製也壓倒性支持嘉穎。嘉穎得到高層6:1支持,投他的包括陳志雲、樂易玲、曾勵珍、彭濟材、何冠中、陳家揚,而梁家樹則投謝天華。至於視后胡杏兒,高層的比數亦是 6:1,曾勵珍則投票給陳法拉。

    1. @claimine lol that means Kevin wins by Laughing not only by the citizens but also by the executives

  3. Michael handled himself well. There will always be times when each artiste loses and wins nothing at the anniversary awards. Sheren has been nominated numerous times, Wayne as well, same with Myolie back in 2006 and all left empty-handed. It’s bittersweet when they finally receive the award. I hope he will get the award in the near future by portraying a completely different character as laughing. I liked him in Legal Entanglement and La Femme.
    I have no idea who is the final decision maker in deciding the winner, but Michael was the hot favorite for most of the year until recently even though GJ was aired earlier, suddenly Kevin got popular maybe with the airing of BBJX.

  4. I also feel bad for Michael but we’re dealing with TVB and TVB can give the award to whom they specifically like! yeah…that’s tvb..has always been “unfair”.

    1. TVB awards are based on favoritism NOT talent and people who truly deserve it…

      1. But HTS, even the result frm AOD (Astro On Demand Award ceremony) showed the same as TVB’s with Myolie being crowned the most best actress award and Kevin the best actor award. While laughing only got like 3 less significant awards in do we explain that if tvb was being unfair?

      2. Veejay,

        At least astro gave laughing 3 small awards. Tvb hung him out to dry. I mean come on, at least throw the guy a bone or something.

      3. I guess like what AC mentioned earlier, ‘TVB’ is prolly angry at Michael’s earlier statement on Steven being childish etc, therefore decided to give him “NO” award.. But what puzzles me is the movie of “laughing” is going to be aired soon, I thought TVB would use this chance to promote and push Michael’s popularity high so the “laughing” movie will get good response.. I wonder why all of a sudden they decided to give it to Kevin.

      4. Michael and KC are going to act in a series (china) together. Let’s see they will eat each other alive or not :P.

      5. Michael will out chok KC but KC will out gentleman Michael. Be great if they play lovers.

  5. How can we find out the actual number of votes and who were the people who voted?

  6. Vincent Wong was indeed bad as the host. Can’t really blame him though, since it’s probably his first time. They should bring back Amigo haha! He is rushy at times, but at least I think he is witty as a host and knows how to handle situations.

    1. I agree! I also miss Amigo in JSG although Mimi and MC Jin are doing ok. Just dun use Patrick and Louis Cheung any time, anymore!

    2. They should have made Wong Cho Lam cohost! Even though he knew he wasn’t going to win anything, he was very lively throughout the whole show and would have been quick on his feet.

    3. Yep he was bad, but at least he looked good, LOL.

      I’m getting bored with Dodo Cheng hosting… they should get Wong Cho Lam and Johnson Lee to co-host, or all 3 of the fook look sau. I think they’d be refreshing.

      1. No, Fuk Low Shows…they are getting crapier and crapier. Wong Cho Lam will do

      2. I’m tired of FLS. Every TVB event is having them and they also have their own movies and series

    4. TVB is so stupid to pick an amateur MC to put on this big show.

  7. Atleast he won an award in Malaysia (AOD Awards for tvb 2011).. he won 3 awards I rmb.. one is best theme song, second is best onscreen lover and fav drama artist award.

    1. The AOD award has no gold statue… unlike TVB HK$3 Million (below US$500,000). TVB winners should pawn the award.

      1. Tvb no longer give out gold statue years ago since the company that sponsor them went backrupt. That why the tvb statue now is very ugly/cheap looking.

      2. @Larry,

        I think those gold platted statue frm tvb costs HKD 3Millions in TOTAL not specifically 1 statue. And it’s not all in “gold” but platted gold only.

      3. Tvb is famous with cheap offering but not those salaries given to some really famous artists like Charmaine, Kevin, Wayne who believed to be one of the top earners in tvb. But then again, these artists also gained their income frm endorsements and attending ribbon cutting ceremonies.

      4. @ Veejay

        Kevin’s earning might be high, but, his TVB salary is not high. His earnings are mostly from outside job.

      5. @kidd,

        Do you know how much is Kevin’s salary in TVb (maybe an approximate figure)?

        I think Charmaine is the highest earning artist in tvb? izzit?

      6. @ Veejay

        I don’t remember the figure liao. But, I read an article in Golden Forum that said Kevin Cheng salary is very low. Have to move from big house to small house (because house onwer increased the rent and Kevin couldn’t afford). I guess that was before BBJX.

        Ok, found the article

        Kevin’s salary is HKD4000 per show. Lower than Ron and Bosco.

      7. Thanks Kidd for the article,

        HKD4K per show or per episode? if per show/series, that’s abit low haha for Kevin.

        I think even TY has higher value than him?

      8. TY is 3k2, Kevin is still higher, Veejay.

        Ron is 3k2, too, Kidd. Bosco is a bit higher, 4k.

      9. @ Fox

        I just based on the article. The article said Ron and Bosco are HKD6000.

      10. Oh ok. Maybe it’s new price that I dun noe :). So I guess KC will increase his price now?

      11. Ron earns the same price per episode as Bosco? Man, Tvb is being robbed blind!

      12. An artistes price aren’t fixed, some events may pay sky-high prices, depending on the organizer, and depending on what the artistes need to do for the show/appearance. but normally the manager/management will set a “minimum asking price”, and normally too these matters are confidential(unless something leaked out such as the 2008 asking prices list- where Gigi and Charmaine topped). Thus why Fox, Kidd and others may have seen multiple price ranges. For example, Next Weekly and Oriental Sunday may publish different rates, until someone managed to get a black-and-white listing.

        And no, these “asking prices” are only for shows, “per episode” fees and “monthly allowance” are different matters.

        There were rumors that Kevin Cheng’s “per-episode fees” for mainland dramas are 160,000 yuan per episode. Kevin said it is more. Believe it, or not. Heheh.

      13. 160k/eps isn’t too high for a TVB top artist in China as there are higher. Maybe KC can increase it if the China companies highly value his 3 awards.

      14. @veejay:

        No, I’m just amazed that wooden Ron is actually not that dumb. He can play a thief for his next role.

      15. He’ll? In the Prominent something? He looks like that. However, Ron should be careful with the passport, like the weibo one :P.

      16. lol josie, but mr. wood ron is dumb for giving out his weibo’s password to his rumored gf Viann…and this girl eventually created a mess in his weibo =\

      17. I missed that weibo she made :P. When I logged in to weibo, it has been deleted. Aw.

        However hats off to some quick witted weibo-ians/weibo-ers who screen capped it.

      18. @Masaharu: Go to tvbchannel weibo, there is news on it with the cap of the weibo post.

  8. There will always be a next year so who knows next year will be Michael Tse’s turn to be Best Actor ! Maybe this time is not his turn yet lol !

  9. It’s weird that TVB only focused on two series: GJ and LOO (mostly GJ). TVB made a lot of sacrifice to promote Kevin and Myolie. I felt it was undeserving for others. At least divide the “pork’ awards to acknowledge them.

    1. Forgot to add, but the success of BBJX really helped Kevin. Although it was a TVB award, it revived his popularity. Idk. The timing was right for him.

      1. Please give a name of an actress who deserve to win mpre than Myolie. Myolie winning is good for TVB’s future too. It’s time we let this younger generation step up.

      2. Kevin won and was voted for Law Ba. BBJX has nothing to do with this besides just helping him getting some votes from mainland fans, but that’s all.

    2. They divide pork we complain. They limit pork we complain.

      1. exactly…we just complain about everything…and next year its the same thing…prob about the best actress award should it be for sheren or ada…hahaha cuz u know tats going to be the two hot favorites for sure…

      2. Not really. People complain when they feel something isn’t fair.

      3. While it’s true that people complain when they feel that something isn’t fair, but then like many things in life, everyone has a different idea of what is fair and what is not. Everyone has their own yardstick to measure with. Just a good example would be the awards this time. For Myolie’s fans, it’s fair that she won Best Actress, but for Tavia’s fan, it’s very unfair that she didn’t even get into the Top 5. But if things were reversed, Tavia fans wouldn’t feel that it was unfair but Myolie fans would. It’s just impossible to keep everyone happy.

        But, in my POV, the awards this year weren’t fair. I can’t say anything about GJ or CORH because I didn’t watch it but at the very least, nominate people accordingly. Take Aimee for instance, she was only a guest star in TOT, how can she all of a sudden be in the running for best supporting female and fav female? If TVB must really promote her, then do it for a series that she really played a supporting role like FH3. I was surprised that Queenie Chu wasn’t even in the Top 5 for supporting female. I felt that she did a good job in YSSS. But oh well, the awards are bogus anyway. Just a way of promoting the stars.

      4. @ CY

        I know that it’s hard to please everyone. I simply didn’t agree with Funn that people complain no matter what because that isn’t true.

      5. @ advo

        Haha, while I agree that it’s hard to please everyone, unfortunately, I do feel that there are people who just complain for no good reason. I have had the ‘luck’ of meeting a few of those people who simply love to complain about everything under the sun. If given the ear of someone long enough, I’m sure those people would even complain that to breathe is too much work. Haih.

        And also off topic here, but I find that a lot of HK TVB viewers like to complain about the series they are watching, like it’s too violent or bloody, etc for things like police series. Mind you, I don’t like violence, blood and gore in my series but TVB did say parental guidance and the like. So why still complain? It’s not like it’s the type of program the parents should be showing little kids anyway.

      6. @ CY

        While you can always find depressing people would will complain for the sake of it, they are a minority. Yes, we often read those articles that some programs received complaints and whatnot but it’s 10 people out thousands who watched. In that context, it’s not really so bad.

  10. Although it hurts, Michael is gracious about the whole thing of not getting any awards. Yeah, why so much focus on 2 series only GJ and LOO and winners are mostly from GJ. There are many other good series too. TVB should divide the pork equally to acknowledge the good works of the other artistes.

    1. Ghetto Justice and Lives of Omission was well received. What other series deserve more recognition: My Sister of Eternal Flower… yeah good series!

  11. With the China market now so lucrative and the HK market soon to be crowded with additional free stations it is the practical thing to do as they now have a hot commodity in Kevin and can pave this into opportunities for other artistes in the stable to gain more exposure in China.

  12. It’s rumored that they changed it to Kevin last minute because they decided to go with the audience vote in the end but I don’t know how true that is.

    I think one of the contributing factors to Michael’s loss was when he criticized Steven Ma for being immature. I’m sure that there were lots of people who thought he got too cocky.

    1. Many steven’s fans will think that will serve him right for calling steven childish…

      But I thought Steven won’t play anymore big impact on the result since he’s terminating his contract with tvb soon?

      1. I think Steven would have probably gotten the Best Host award if he showed up but he obviously wants to leave tvb. If I was a psycho Steven fan, I probably would’ve voted for Kevin just to spite Michael. lol

  13. Raymond hoped that he will be chosen for the My Favorite Male Singer Award at the year-end music awards.

    REALLY??? yes he will get it just cause he is TVB….. honestly…don’t like him.

    1. its sad to see singers like andy hui and hacken lee wait 10-15yrs to get that award.. and nowadays its all rigged and the award honesty means nothing………..i still rmb andy hui and hacken’s speech….

      1. Totally agree which is why I don’t think that the TVB awards are a big deal or mean anything anymore… But everyone was all making a big deal out of who was going to win and stuff…

    2. yeah i agree his singing and acting are both going downhill for sure.

  14. It’s good that the best actor award didn’t go to Michael Tse. Can’t stand him anyway.

    1. Isn’t the award supposed to go to the best performance of the year? Not based on personal feelings towards an actor/actress?

      It’s why the awards where a sham… Myolie winning for her most recent performance? really?

      1. Personal feelings of one won’t affected, of a lot ppl also won’t affected.

  15. I don’t mind Kevin or Myolie winning for Best Actor and Actress, but Myolie really should have won for Ghetto Justice (although it wasn’t her best performance) rather than CRH… she was terrible in CRH.

    And BOTH Kevin and Myolie should not have won Fav Male and Female. Michael Tse should have won Fav Male (either way I see it, Laughing as a character is much better than Law Ba) and Linda Chung for Fav Female (because of the hype and “surprises”). I also think Nancy Wu or Elena Kong should have won Best Supporting instead. Other than that, I’m pretty much satisfied with the rest of the results.

  16. Michael Tse will get a TVB award next year, if it doesnt pretend “Laughing this, Laughing that”…

  17. Michael Tse is already a movie star compare to Kevin ,he more popular than Kevin in oversea with his triad movies and he don’t mind not winning a small title.

    1. Kevin also had movies, dun underestimate him! Michael has any else movie other than the TVB (Shaw)’s?

      1. Reality check; kevin is more tv than movie. No shame in that.

      2. Both of them are that, no shame in that, too. Compare KC to Michael, they are the same – more of TV actor than movie actor.

        Watched their movies, too and they have strong TV smell in movie. Done.

      3. Besides the TVB movies, Michael Tse has also acted in the following

        – The Young and Dangerous movies
        – Stormrider 1
        – Troublesome Night 3

        The above movies are off the top of my head only. He has more.

        Michael Tse is like Raymond Wong. He moved from movie to TV. So, he has acted in a lot of movies before becoming a tv actor.

      4. The problem with Michael Tse and Raymond Wong is although they’ve made many movie they’re unnoticeable in their movies.

  18. so prior to the tvb awards, everyone was rooting for kevin and myolie to win. and now that they have won, everyone is dissing them and rooting for michael. wtf people?

  19. When Myolie went on stage 2 receive her d fav character award her reaction was genuine as it showed her worry tat she might not get d award she’d set her heart on i.e d best actress award. At tat moment in time, every word she uttered was triggered off by d horrid thought tat she was given a consolation. It affected her badly 2 b gracious. When she received her coveted award she was

  20. overwhelmed by emotions. Hence, she cried but her train of thoughts wasnt properly gathered as cud b seen by her gesture of pressing her fingers on her temple 2 steady herself. Outside her personas she isnt as talkative n articulate as TY. She tends 2 put
    d wrong foot in her mouth when she’s
    nervous or

    embarrassed. Funnily, when she was saying, Sei lo. Sei lo she was drawing strength in order 2 regain her composure I cudnt help but rooting 4 her as well as KC 2 win

    1. I had the opposite impression. I felt that she wasn’t really grateful for winning an award. As an actor/actress, shouldn’t you be grateful for any award/recognition that you received? Instead, I found her reaction ungrateful because she she was expecting to win TVB queen. I think she already knew TVB queen was hers, that’s why her last words were ‘I hope to continue my speech later’ . What if she didn’t win TVB queen and didn’t get to finish her speech? She didn’t even start to say her thank you’s until someone in the background told her to.

      1. Reading a lot comments here and watching Myolie’s attitude at the awards made think of Myolie’s role in GJ rofl. I don’t know why maybe it’s the same mannerisms about really really wanting a name or recognition to ‘prove herself’ 😛

  21. I do not believe that Michael lost due to his attack towards Steven. There’s worst things that’s happened with their artists and they don’t care, they’ll still promote them. TVB is a business they promote those that has the ability to make them money. At this point in time, kc makes more than mt, so TVB will promote kc. Because the more popular an artist becomes the more money TVB makes.

    1. Michael’s attack to Steven can contribute to loss of votes from audience. ROFL will you help someone you hate win an award? 😛

  22. I think the title of TVB King and TVB Queen is something to live up to. Sheren and Wayne won two years in a row, and I think they’ve done a great job as they earned the respect and there is no doubt about their talent.

    Being completely unbiased, I think Kevin will fit this role of TVB King well, but I have doubts about Myolie. Relative to the other beauty queen fadans, she is better, but I wouldn’t say she is the the most talented of them all.

    Also, TVB is just another big corporation, and with that it means politics. So unfortunately, some are favoured over others and thus given better opportunities

  23. @Mandy, if ur supposition is correct abt Myolie was already in d know tat d Tvb Queen award was hers 4 taking then I must say her acceptance came across as odd.
    If she really knew in advance tat she’d get d coveted award then her reaction certainly puzzles me.
    She seemed 2 b distracted by her concern tat d fav female award might give her a slim chance of getting d Tvb Queen award tat she’d set great store by winning.
    If ur supposition is correct I’ll say she deserves d Tvb Queen award 4 being so convincing as a recipient who accepted an award with a bad grace.
    If it wasnt d case n her reaction was genuine 4 she was more distressed than pleased. A consolation wud b a slap on her face if she didnt get d Tvb Queen award. I must say her honesty shud b commended. Why pretend 2 put on a brave face as if it doesnt matter when it does?
    Lots of flak or no flak, wat it really mattered to her was to take home the coveted award which is a testimony tat she’s reached stardom.
    There r ppl who think she deserves it n others who dun. Realistically, she shudnt give a damn. Pointless 2 lose sleep over negative attitude as d fact remains she loses some n she wins some.

    1. In every award ceremony there will be happy and unhappy people. Everyone should just move on.

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