Anita Yuen Angers Fans with Another “Wedding”

Anita Yuen (袁詠儀) and Chilam Cheung’s (張智霖) popularity are extremely high in China thanks to their lively appearances in reality shows. The couple’s animated interactions are usually highlights in the variety shows they appear, which likely prompt producers to drum up romantic scenarios to stretch ratings further. When the couple held yet another “wedding” in music competition the second season of Call Me by Fire <披荊斬棘2>, they received backlash for exploiting their marriage for publicity.

During one of Chilam’s stage performances, Anita walked down the aisle in a wedding gown. The couple shed tears and declared their deepfelt feelings for each other.

Some viewers called it a cheap shot against competitor, Richie Ren (任賢齊), who lost to Chilam’s wedding ceremony performance. Alex Su (蘇有朋) also passively aggressively said that someone was trying to win the music competition by selling the idea of family and warmth.

Besides the criticism directed towards Chilam, the incident also resonate negatively with Anita’s fans. The actress’ only fan club, “Always Anita,” suddenly announced that they will cease operations indefinitely, ending its 24-year  run. Many netizens speculated that her fans were fed up with her constant double standards. Instead of interacting and siding with her own fans, Anita often interacts with Chilam’s fans and would scold fans from her own fan club.

Some noticed that this is not the first time when Chilam and Anita played the love card on stage. The couple had a similar “re-wedding” in 2019 during reality show, Viva La Romance 2 <妻子的浪漫旅行2>. Since the show was centered on marital relationships, viewers felt it was suitable. However, they did not find it fair for Chilam to use the same tactic in a music competition such as Call Me By Fire. Netizens lashed out at Chilam and Anita’s authencity, and called them the “one wedding per show” couple.

Anita was puzzled by the abrupt closure of her fan club in China. What she may not realize is the power of fans’ and online sentiment–negative public image could eventually chase Anita out of the Mainland market and cost her future opportunities. For example, when Myolie Wu’s (胡杏兒) actions in Sisters Who Make Waves 3 <乘風破浪3> were perceived to be selfish, she was voted off the competition.


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  1. Wow!!!! Thanks for fixing the commenting function. I did miss this community the last few days…

    Back to topic…to be honest, I found the wedding a cheap gimmick too… But it was a clever one as it did get him lots of PR and won that eps.. It is just a game show…move on..

    1. @Hohliu There was a caching issue which prevented the comments section from working properly. Glad to see everyone is back again!

  2. Anyone knows what did Myolie do to get voted out?

    I always thought wedding ceremony or proposal on TV or any commercial platform is pretentious, showy and fake but some may just enjoy the limelight and perhaps the sponsorship. However having do that more than once is so unnecessary and insincere. Never a fan of Anita but I did like Chilam back when he acted in TVB. However never see the need to join any fan club, not even in those days when I have idols.

    1. I must have missed out the news on why Myolie annoyed the C-netizen that got her voted off early..

    2. @BearBear On “Sisters Who Make Waves 3,” Myolie had wanted to be part of Tan Weiwei’s group during the fourth performance, but she was not chosen by the latter. Myolie ended up in Yu Wenwen’s group. During the meeting with the music producer, Myolie spoke up and said that she did not really have a chance to show the strength of her singing skills in the past group performances on the show before, so she really wanted to highlight her part to gain more points. The music producer responded that he did not want anything too intentional.

      Netizens perceived Myolie’s behavior for being selfish because she was focused on showing her individual strength, instead of thinking about her group’s performance.

  3. I love Chilam, but I too found the wedding so performative. I personally think having a make-up wedding on some ridiculous competition show in order to win votes is a bit distasteful. His group’s performance also wasn’t the strongest, so I felt like he won purely based on the theatrics they put on. I also didn’t know about Myolie, but I thought her performance throughout the show was pretty mediocre anyway.

  4. This is so tasteless, and it still wins. And it’s not even original because they’ve done it before. Always quite liked Chilham but bit disappointed with him now.

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