Anita Yuen’s Love for Handbags Drives Chilam Up the Wall

Known for her love of luxury bags, actress Anita Yuen (袁詠儀) has more than once been admonished by husband Chilam Cheung (張智霖) for her extravagant spending. Recently, he claimed that her hobby of splurging on bags is bringing him “close to bankruptcy”!

Lawyer: Wife Has “Legal Right Share”

The “it” couple has been married for two decades.

Going on Chinese variety show Braving Life <哥哥的滾燙人生> where guest stars including Jordan Chan (陳小春) and Chilam had to sit in for a legal crash course, Chilam took the initiative to raise his question to the lawyer. Upon blurting out his question, “If the wife is spending hubby’s money like crazy, does it count as breaking the law?” The entire audience on set broke out in laughter. Chilam’s buddy Jordan could not help expressing his disbelief and commented, “Are you going so far?”

Addressing the actor’s query, the legal consultant said this would depend on both parties’ income, the family’s financial conditions and the wife’s preferences, and added that both spouses have the same legal control over their income, and that the wife is entitled to her right of the share even if she is unemployed. The consultant then rationalized, saying “So if Anita is happy from getting many bags, your life would be easier.” To this, Chilam immediately wrung his hands, and jokingly replied, “No, you overestimate me–I’m nearly bankrupt!”

Source: On.CC

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