Tavia Yeung and Chilam Cheung Share Passionate Kiss in “Modern Dynasty”

Despite its tried-and-tested storyline, the well-executed “undercurrents-amid-family-feuds” and star draw of drama epic Modern Dynasty <家族榮耀> — produced in collaboration with China’s Youku — has fueled strong viewer interest and netizen discussions. In recent episodes, leads Tavia Yeung (楊茜堯) and Chilam Cheung (張智霖) share a passionate kissing scene, which went up Weibo search rankings!

Kissing – Undressing – Rotating
Tavia Yeung’s Zhen Xin (甄芯) is the second daughter-in-law of the family while Chilam Cheung’s Ma Zhanhong (馬展鴻) is the family’s young master on the maternal side, which makes her his cousin’s wife. However, even before Zhen Xin marries into the family, Zhanhong has long been secretly in love with her, yet too timid to confess


Imploding passion – Chilam and Tavia sizzle up the screen

A recent flashback scene harking back to before the “wedding of the century” showed Zhanhong and Zhen Xin engaging in a passionate kiss when both became intoxicated. The two had started out chatting outdoors over drinks, before he sent her back home, where Zhanhong then could not resist giving Zhen Xin a kiss. Even though she was taken aback, the two then threw away all their inhibitions and eventually ended up locking lips passionately, undressing as they moved from outside the door to the interior corridor, all the while turning about in rounds.

Netizens to Chilam: Get Anita a Handbag!

In real life.

Amused netizens, who took count of the number of “rounds” the pair spun, said they rotated eight times in total, prompting some to wonder how they could not have felt giddy while filming. Some even put a hilarious touch by matching the kissing scene with a memorable line from Taiwanese singer’s Jolin Tsai’s (蔡依林) hit song “Dancing Diva” <舞孃> which went “spinning, jumping with my eyes closed.”

Joking that Him Law (羅子溢) and Anita Yuen (袁詠儀) should be prepared before watching their spouses’ steamy scenes, some say they expect a big reaction from Chilam’s wife. Commenting she might be letting off steam through impulse handbag purchases, they suggested for the actor to “appease” his wife beforehand!

Source: HK01

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  1. I still remember back in the days Tavia was a very modest actor and really had no steamy scenes in her TV dramas. Then after the drama with Michael Tse (I think it was Rippling Blossom or Friendly Fire?) and had her first passionate on screen kissing, her acting went skyrocket high and won her BA.

  2. How do her co-stars kiss her when her nose gets in the way? It must be very uncomfortable. I still remember her nose pushing up against Damian Lau in Sterling Shackles.

    1. Guess you don’t have much experience, you will figure it out in the mid of the passions, do not need to worry about such trivia thing!

  3. It really wasn’t that steamy lol but okay.

    I think she’s great in this series, progressively better and love how her character’s true colors begin to show.

  4. Tavia looks better when she was younger re-watched Heart of greed and she looks way prettier wonder why she got her nose done in the 1st place the kissing scene wasn’t that all steamy

  5. Off topic, but I find Gallen playing the uncle quite surpriseing since Chilam and Gallen were in so many series together in the 90’s.

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