Tavia Yeung and Him Law Reunite as In-Laws in “Modern Dynasty”

Starring Chilam Cheung (張智霖), Tavia Yeung (楊茜堯), Him Law (羅子溢), Raymond Wong (黃浩然), Lynn Hung (熊黛林), and Rain Lee (李彩樺), family power struggle drama Modern Dynasty <家族榮耀> premiered in January on TVB and Youku. Boasting a big budget with extravagant sets, Modern Dynasty dazzles visually as it follows the intense power struggles within the Ma family, one of the business giants in Hong Kong.

It begins with the sensational weddings of two brothers Ma Yaozu (Raymond Wong) and Ma Yaotang (Him Law) marrying pageant beauties Zhen Xin (Tavia Yeung) and Jia Luoyi (Rain Lee) respectively on the same day. While everyone is full of smiles at the wedding, there are hidden rivalries, revenge schemes, and even a forbidden love affair ready to tear the family apart.

Zhen Xin ambitiously strives to gain the highest family power at the expense of those closest to her, while Luoyi waits for the right moment to execute her revenge plan.

Meanwhile, other members of the Ma family carry their own agenda. Ma Zhanhong (Chilam Cheung) betrays the family while seeking revenge.  Ma Shihong (Henry Yu 于洋) also holds a dark family secret that no one knows.

The drama marks the first time in 10 years where real-life couple Him and Tavia reunite on screen. However, Tavia portrays Him’s sister-in-law in the drama but they do share screen time together as they fight for their own interests in the same family.

Conceived by former TVB producer Tommy Leung (梁家樹), Modern Dynasty falls back on familiar tropes and conventional plot twists in the genre. At 30 episodes, the melodrama does not exhaust itself and is still worth catching for its big stars.

“Modern Dynasty” Trailer

Source: Sing Tao

This article is written Minna for JayneStars.com.

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  1. I’ve been watching it online and it’s pretty good. I look forward to it each day. It’s your typical rich family drama but the story is at least consistent and makes sense. Tavia is pretty good in it but I think Rain is even better in it. Overall, it is a strong cast.

    1. Where do you watch it? Does it have English sub? And I’m a bit sad that Tavia and Chilam aren’t a couple >_<

    2. This makes me very curious! I’ve always thought Tavia was a much better actress than Rain.
      Overall I’m really loving the cast… I guess this will be a TVB drama that I’d actually want to watch in God knows how many years.

  2. It’s a trite but nostalgic plot. I’m about 5 episodes into it, and am enjoying it so far for what it is. However, for its big budget, I’m not really understanding some of the makeup choices for the women. Most of them are looking older than their age (was surprised to see that Rain is only in her late 30s). I don’t think it’s the women themselves, they are all beautiful. Rather, the makeup feels… heavier and doesn’t reflect well in bright lighting.

  3. trailer looks good and i hope it doesn’t disappoint like their prior collab w/ china

    1. “Modern Dynasty” has a very Hong Kong feel to it, although it was obviously produced with the Mainland Chinese market in mind. Thus, more budget was spent on the gorgeous sets and designer wardrobe. Tavia looks very stylish in this drama! The main and supporting cast are all familiar TVB faces, while Mainland Chinese actors play minor roles.

      So far, it feels like a more glamorous and intense version of “Heart of Greed” where everyone has a secret with lots of manipulative backstabbing.

  4. the cast got me all excited about this show but after 3 episodes, felt that the plot has so much of the 80s/90s touch in it that i lost interest….

  5. How is everyone liking the drama so far? I have watched up to episode 14. I like all the casts just kinda wish it was more interesting. I was looking forward to watch this tv series so much. Hope it will get better!!!

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