Chilam Cheung Suffers Gallstone Pain

Chilam Cheung (張智霖) has recently stopped all work and has seemingly disappeared from the public eye. Originally scheduled to attend an event in Hangzhou, the 50-year-old actor cancelled his appearance last minute and attributed it to his worsening health.

His studio posted a message on social media to explain the cancellation, “Mr. Cheung suddenly felt ill today early in the morning and was immediately rushed to the emergency room. The doctor found gall stones and he is currently in the hospital receiving care.”

Fortunately, Chilam’s surgery went smoothly and he has already returned home from the hospital. Thanking everyone for their concern, he admitted having gallstones was a very painful experience. “I’ve actually been suffering from this problem for several years. It’s triggered every time I eat oily food, so I’ve now decided to stick to a lighter diet.”

Chilam was aware that many longtime fans had especially travelled to Hangzhou in hopes of seeing him, but they were not upset and went to Lingyin Temple to pray for his recovery. Touched by their actions, he is further motivated to have a good recovery and manage his health better.

Known for his charismatic appearances in variety shows, Chilam’s popularity is at an all time high fueled by his participation in Call Me by Fire 2< 披荆斩棘的哥哥 2>, where he and Jordan Chan (陳小春) are currently leading in the music competition. Hopefully, he will be fully recovered for the third episode’s live performance, which will be filmed on August 17. The actor has developed close friendships with Jordan, Hawick Lau (劉愷威), and Raymond Lam (林峯) since filming started.


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