Anita Yuen Reveals Reason Behind Domineering Actions with Chilam Cheung

Together for 27 years, in which they were married for 18 years, Anita Yuen (袁詠儀) and Chilam Cheung (張智霖) are always open in discussing their relationship dynamics. Anita has always been open about her methods of keeping Chilam in check and asserting her presence. Not only did she admit to having “spies” around her husband, Anita has also made it a point to visit Chilam on set whenever there were romantic rumors between him and his female costars.

Friends Cautioned Anita to Be Careful with Chilam

Anita offered a glimpse of the possible reason for her domineering and overbearing actions. In a recent episode of Viva La Romance 2 <妻子的浪漫旅行>, the 47-year-old actress shared about a dinner experience she had with friends, which included Chow Yun Fat (周潤發) and his wife, Jasmine Tan (陳薈蓮). Jasmine expressed through a mutual friend to caution Anita, “Is this man reliable? He is so handsome. Tell her to be careful.” It turns out, Jasmine was not the only one who was distrustful of Chilam.

Anita shared that while the couple was dating, many of her friends disliked Chilam and were skeptical of him because he seemed to be quite flirtatious. Perhaps because of these cautionary words from friends, Anita became distrusting. She expressed, “At the time, Chilam asked me: ‘Do I not give you even the slightest sense of security?’ When he said that to me, I felt that I was in the wrong. But on the next day, I told him: ‘You should be the one to give me a sense of security. It’s not about whether I trust you or not.’”

Chilam’s Rumors with Co-stars

Known for his playful personality, Chilam may come across as flirtatious, leading to many rumors with his female co-stars. Although Anita knows these reports are untrue, she feels frustrated at having to answer media questions about them all the time. She reprimanded Chilam, “It’s not about whether you actually gave the other person a chance with you, it’s about giving someone the false pretense that there is a possibility of something happening.” Anita recalled a time when one of Chilam’s female co-stars who not only made soup for him, but would even buy him bedding sets.

“A Fortunate and Unfortunate Union”

When the camera panned to Chilam for his reaction, the baby-faced actor merely grinned and shook his head slightly. Rather than getting angry, upset, or embarrassed about Anita’s revelations, Chilam ambiguously expressed that meeting Anita was both a fortunate and unfortunate event. “The fortunate part is that I encountered her. The unfortunate part is knowing that our union will come to an end one day. Every person will grow old and die. It’s not up to you to decide who leaves first or who leaves later. We’re already very lucky. I don’t ask for anything else.”

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  1. He is too handsome and looks way younger- that’s why she is insecure. Furthermore he is very friendly with female co-stars, that’s the problem with marrying actors- they have to do love scenes

    1. @gkoh Well they’ve been together for almost 3 decades so obviously their relationship works. Not everyone is so shallow and only considers looks or how rich the other person is. Shame some people only cares about looks without checking the mirror first.

  2. Uh, while I tried to be as open minded as I can about Anita, but more and more article about her just make me dislike her more and more, at least how she deal with Chilam.

    I understand that a sense of security should be given by the man in order for you to trust him, however, trust is two way streets as well, you have to trust him as well. No matter what he does to give her a sense of security, if she doesn’t trust him or lack in self confident, not much he can do to lessen that.

    Every interview, she made it sound like Chilam is a playboy. Being friendly with co-star doesn’t mean he’s flirtatious. Just because there are women out there being delusional, does not mean it’s Chilam’s fault >_>?

    I lol at chilam’s “our union is fortunate and unfortunate”. The unfortunate part sounds like he can’t wait for her to pass away >_> if a man has been with you for over 27 years and zero affair, I think you can let your sense of insecurity goes. After 10 years, and you can’t trust your partner, why do you stay with him? I just felt like Chilam is too good for her, try very hard to not be so hard on Anita, but the more she keeps talking, the less respect I have for that girl

    1. @littlefish
      Anita is far too good for Chilam back in the day. She may have been arrongant but she was one of the most confident young stars. Just because the dynamics have changed, we can’t suddenly hope for Chilam to dump her. Chilam’s worry is a genuine one and it is something we all worry about with our respective partners.. It’s ridiculous if you believe there’s even a slight tone in him hoping for her to pass away. It’s totally opposite. He’s worried that he will pass away and no one will look after her.

      1. @jimmyszeto agreed. there was a lot of trash talk back when anita was with chilam and that was because chilam’s status wasn’t as high as anita’s. people demeaned their relationship, gave chilam a soft rice king reputation. it wasn’t until chilam hit it big that people stopped. but anita never stopped supporting him.

        i mean anita is getting older nowadays and working less. whereas chilam is working more and still very popular. it’s natural to feel a bit of a threat from other parties. and when you’re in the ebiz, it’s very easy for both parties to fall for other people. all it takes is one phone call or one lingering chat. i can understand why anita hints at her safety measures. and honestly chilam doesn’t seem to be the type that has self-discipline…as you can tell from her friends’ remarks about his flirtatious behavior. not everyone can be like dicky cheung, his gang of buddies, wong cho lam, etc and have strict self-discipline about how they interact with fellow costars. and to be honest, if my husband shows complete trust in me and never gets jealous or checks up on me, that much freedom would make me question if he loves me at all. some jealousy & territorial feelings are healthy, in fact. and considering anita used to be a 3rd party in someone’s marriage, she knows how easy it is to lose a man even in a secure relationship. so for all those reasons above, i can’t say i blame her.

      2. @jimmyszeto lol, was a joke. Just that with her current attitude, can’t help but feeling could be the other way xD I know Chilam is a pretty good guy. But my sentiment is still the same, after 27yrs, you don’t have to be that domineer over your husband. He knew she was too good for him at the beginning, and that’s why he doesn’t turn his back on her now, or later. But she needs to loosen up a bit. These sort of talks about her she’s still controlling Chilam is just make her look bad

      3. @littlefish
        This is the Entertainment circle. It is not the typical office job. There are sexy girls inside and outside the circle who will be all over them. It’s good for Anita to show a bit of authority to those girls by confronting them and intimidate them a bit because they will know shame…

  3. also the fact that anita is not aging well. she started showing signs of aging quite young.

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