Joe Ma Issues Public Statement and Pleads Virginia Lok for Help

Since the exposure of Benny Chan (陳浩民) and Joe Ma (馬德鐘) touching Rose Chan (陳嘉桓) inappropriately in Hengdian, China, surfaced, Benny and his pregnant wife returned to Hong Kong, announcing their intention to issue a public apology.  After holding a press conference the day before, Rose returned to Hengdian to continue filming Wong Jing’s new movie. There may be a chance that Rose may run into Joe there, who was currently filming a mainland series in Hengdian.

Joe Ma Faces the Media in a Relaxed Manner

When Rose Chan held her press conference in Hong Kong, Joe Ma issued a press statement, professing that the recent news contained false allegations. Joe indicated that he reserved the right to purse legal action for libel. In the press statement, Joe noted, “I state that I did not violate or sexually harass Miss Chan; I did not possess any intention to sexually harass her. Since the matter is currently handled by the police, I will no longer respond further on the incident.”

Yesterday, an Oriental Daily reporter flew to Hengdian to conduct a short interview with Joe. Despite being troubled by Rose’s sexual harassment incident, Joe appeared relaxed and generously allowed the reporter to take photos. However, he refused to comment further on Rose’s harassment incident.

Joe Ma Begged Virginia Lok for Help

It was rumored that Joe repeatedly called TVB executive, Virginia Lok (樂易玲), for help over the sexual harassment incident. Although Joe’s TVB management contract will be expiring in December, Virginia called Rose’s martial arts sifu, Sin Kwok Lam (冼國林). Ms. Lok was successful in setting up a meeting with Sin Sifu to discuss the harassment incident. Since Sin Sifu just became a father, Ms. Lok hoped to capitalize on his good spirits to help pull Joe out of trouble.

Rose Chan Reveals Current Emotional State

After delivering her public statement and filing a police report in Hong Kong, Rose returned to Hengdian. At the airport, Rose said tiredly, “My emotions have not stabilized yet!” Asked whether Rose was threatened by triads to stop talking about the harassment incident, she did not comment. However, Rose noted that she was still perturbed after the harassment incident occurred and will no longer attend any artist dinners in Hengdian [in the near-term]. After consulting with her lawyer in China, Rose will file a police report with the mainland authorities.

Prior to leaving Hong Kong, Rose thanked the media for their concern. Asked whether she had read Benny Chan’s blog messages, Rose said that she only read his first message and not the subsequent responses. Asked whether she will accept the perpetrator(s’) apology, Rose’s manager replied, “Even if the they call us and Rose accepts them, I will stop it and disallow her from accepting it!”

Source: Oriental Daily

Jayne: Joe Ma maintains that he did not force himself upon Rose, thus his conduct did not qualify as sexual violation. There was NO mention of whether he had kissed Rose or not, which leads me to believe he had kissed Rose at the BBQ dinner. Since Rose may have been a willing participant, that may disqualify Joe as being a harasser.

Virginia Lok has some powerful connections; she is able to secure a meeting with Sin Kwok Lam and put in a good word for Joe. Ms. Lok may be one of the few people who knows the true inside story of this scandal? Does Ms. Lok suffer insomnia at night since she knows a lot of deep, dark secrets of the inside lives of celebrities? With all the trouble Joe Ma’s scandal is leading up to, no wonder Ms. Lok prefers docile artists with clean backgrounds whenever possible.

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  1. “Does Ms. Lok suffer insomnia at night since she knows a lot of deep, dark secrets of the inside lives of celebrities? With all the trouble Joe Ma’s scandal is leading up to, no wonder Ms. Lok prefers docile artists with clean backgrounds whenever possible.”

    UHM….HAHAHAHAHA, oh, Jayne.

    I wonder where Joe’s wife is?

    Gosh…I need to go do my homework.

    1. The difference in the dynamics between Benny’s case and Joe’s case is interesting. Benny is aiming for emotional sympathy while Joe has taken the legal route..and this guy seems colder.

      Outcome will be interesting.

      1. ”Joe ma should also be arrest for rape, especially an act in China soil, if theres any justice in China? same goes to Benny” ”aslo same to Eddison, any sexual act betwwen under age is against the law Eddision!”

    2. Maybe the relationship with his wife (joe’s wife) already got awry..that’s why the wife didn’t help to clarify for joe like benny’s wife?

      1. Joe Ma says his wife has complete trust in him. The news says that Mrs. Ma was so angry initially that she threatened to divorce Joe hence his press release to appease her and save their marriage.

        Sin Sifu threatens that there is a video that explicitly shows the whole incident.

        And of course, what’s a scandal without juicy insider input.

        Apparently he was very surprised that this happy gathering would end up with a police report. That Rose is a very sociable and outgoing person. And that they all had a great time drinking. (Including Rose?) Yes, (But she said she only drank orange juice?) Hai kuai! She drinks all kind of wine. Either beer or strong liquor, she did it all. She has a passionate/friendly/social (热情 yit ching) personality, with drinks she became even more yit ching and would get close to the men. …during karaoke she already let Benny hold her in his arms willingly…she was very high..very ‘fung sao’..and very coquettish and not intoxicated at all. She was the one who told her PA to go home while she followed the men to the bbq place…

        reminder …tis only an insider news. Take it however you like it ***********

        He forgot to tag his comment with but she is only 19 years old while the men are in their 40s.

      2. Claimine, thanks for your detailed info of this insider’s story of Rose.

        Wonder who’s this insider is and the video that sifu was talking about….?

        If there is really this video exist, which shows benny and joe took advantages of Rose..then, Benny and Joe will definitely need to serve some light sentences or go on trial for molesting a teenager.

      3. @veejay: The insider was there from the very beginning – dinner to karaoke to bbq. He/she said that throughout the whole Rose and BC had been goofing off with each other all the while with no problem. Rose did not leave her seat nor cry out to indicate anything wrong. (Rose said she didn’t know her way around so did not leave) Nonsense, there’s still some staff here, just say it and anybody would glad take her. If she thought it was such a big problem, just wake up Timmy.

        I honestly think if the pictures were not published, this incident would not have become a big deal as evinced by Rose @BC and Joe with happy icon.

      4. Clamine,

        R you implying that Rose fakes her statement and believe the insider’s revealation on Rose that she was very intimate/passionate/friendly with BC throughout that night..Eventually give BC an impression that she’s an easy going girl who BC think he can further approach her in an intimate manner?

        If your prediction is true, this will become interesting lol.

      5. @ clamine

        The insider version of the event reminds me of the movie ‘Happy Hour’ starring Chilam, Andy Hui and Jordan Chan. 3 men went to a bar and have sex with a woman there. But, the woman accidentally fell off a balcony and their activity was exposed. Turn out the woman was married and she cried rape.

      6. And so starts the defaming of the girl’s name. I was already expecting that.

      7. Clamine- Thanks for the info. For some reason, I’m thinking that this insider news is someone from Benny or Joe’s PR team to slander the girl. No matter how she acted, they’re both married and should not have been acting like that.

      8. @Veejay: I honestly don’t know what to think or feel about Rose. But I bet she wishes that the pictures did not surface.

        I’m leaning towards the insider’s story, in that Rose may have fudged her responses to paint herself as victim.

        But not this: “Eventually give BC an impression that she’s an easy going girl who BC think he can further approach her in an intimate manner?”

        I don’t know BC at all — so really don’t know what he thought at that moment. Whether Rose is a very fun girl to play or an easy girl to prey on – don’t know.

        What a shame such a fun night turned into this.

      9. “Eventually give BC an impression that she’s an easy going girl who BC think he can further approach her in an intimate manner?”

        No matter how easy going Rose is, BC shouldn’t have further approach her in an intimate manner since he’s married.

      10. @AC and Funn Lim, when the news first broke, an weiboan wrote in her blog that the whole incident had been twisted out of context, and that, it didn’t happen the way it was reported. But guess no reporters sought her out until now.

      11. Everything is getting interesting 🙂 I want to see the tape LOL. And Rose’s sifu got the tape? He must have rent a detective to follow Rose 🙂

      12. Oak, NX, you are making Sin Kwok Lam look like an old pervy man, follow little girls everywhere by spy.

    3. I remember Joe’s wife complained on weibo that tvb overworked and mistreated Joe. Now that this happened, maybe she wishes he was still working the long hrs at tvb. Then he wouldn’t have so much free time to be “naughty”. I mean those mainland filming hrs must be pretty good that they can go to dinner, karaoke, and midnight snack all in one night.

      1. His wife is really stupid hanging on to a man that cheated on her and now get caught exploiting a teenager.

      2. Hope his wife is smarter than that.

        Well if not im sure Joe will “eat around” alot in China with lots of freash tasty food out there, hehe

      3. If Joe and Benny are really trapped, then their wives have reason to forgive them.

      4. Trapped? haha

        seriously, you can’t make a non-willing cow drink water.

      5. Whether they were “trapped” or Not..their wives will soemhow forgive them just to save face from the public, family and press since the case is pretty hot atm. (Making a fuss over this allegations will just escalate the whole case and lose face) Either that or their wives have to rely on their men’s income to survive..

        there are many wives out there who doesn’t mind their hubbies eating plastic doll alive. Some I read frm my local news even brought the mistress home with the wife around.. The wife just keep 1 eye closed.

      6. @exoidus: It’s their fault to let their little Joe and little Benny work in wrong time, but there are signs that they are trapped. Lol, Rose is the 100% innocent girl? Maybe, but her sifu seems not. Uhm, I don’t think Rose is innocent, 50% not, don’t say of 100%.

        @Veejay: These reasons and other reasons. Maybe the wives know that their husbie are this type of men and one eye open if they only flirt and don’t go further (***).

        The wives have jobs, not lean on them to bring money solely.

      7. I don’t know the truth but either way what they did were wrong. Common the girl wasn’t even wearing makeup or wearing a sexy dress.

        You don’t blame the girl for being too sexy as the reason she got raped.

        The Beasts can prolly survive the poison by eating plastic dolls. If both parties are willing then who cares.

        LOL, perhaps they bring girls home and the wives join them, haha

      8. Sure the wives have their own jobs but BC and JOe are the main contributor for the family and kids. HOnestly in this century now, with only 1 person working in a family is really hard cuz everythings are so expensive nowadays..I can ensure that these wives of Joe and BC only use branded prodcut to wear/apply/eat since their hubbies are the celebrities.. so depending soley on their OWN income certainly would make their life hard w/o the help from their celebrity husbands

      9. @Veejay: Just because you talk like without Joe and Benny the wives can’t live, then I say that they have jobs.

        @exoidus: I say a word that wat they do is right?

        Even if the girls wear sexy, they are raped mean they are raped, are victims. but even if the girls don’t wear sexy but trapped the men to have sex with her or agreed with the sex, it isn’t the fault of the guy solely.

        However, I don’t really see the victim in Rose’s case, honesty that. At first, I blv her but as it’s being investigated more, it looks like a trap and Rose isn’t the victim anymore.

        To think that, what happen if Joe and Benny flirted like this with Rose many times but she didn’t complain, however his sifu thought it can be a good opportunity to her to gain attention, then told her to flirt with them again when the camera arranged to snap pix outside? Rose only has to show “irritating face” this time like the script and Joe/Benny didn’t know that, still flirted with her like usual. Click, click, the pix are there. Joe and Benny told their wives that and the wives can accept this better. Like I said, Rose didn’t lost a hair but the fame rises up quickly these days.

      10. @Veejay: Both of wives are celebrities :P. Joe’s wife is also a model, same to Lisa Chong, Benny’s wife. As they work (ed) in entertainment industry, they will know the craves of young girls there :P.

      11. There are no evidence of Rose putting a “trap” for the beasts, however there are pictures of the beasts trying to eat a free lunch.

        Seems like you can forgive your bf for cheating on you since it’s not his fault solely, hehe.

        The wives should endure the thirst when they were willing the eat the salty fish in the first place. The guys know this and can eat outside freely.

      12. @Veejay: Yes, but without them, the wives still can live by their own.

        @exoidus: Here are the points:

        1. The paparazzis appeared TOO in time. They didn’t have a pic of the dinner but the Karaoke part when they did that, they are there. It happened in China, not in HK but a HK magazine snapped the pix. Is Rose that famous for the reporters to follow her to China if they don’t know something will happen?

        2. On 19 Rose still posts the pix of her and Benny, Joe on weibo with happy mood: . And up to now, she still follows Benny’s weibo. However, on 23, just few days after that, she sued him :P.

        3. Her sifu said in weibo about “SOMEONE did bad thing to a little girl” – Why he didn’t write out the name directly?

        4. She is in quite high level of Wing Chun kungfu, if she was really mad, she will beat them after that. It’s normal reaction of a person who learn kungfu. YOu mentioned of flower fist? No, it doesn’t exist in Rose’s case as her kungfu is right kungfu. Wing Chun is used in performance but it can use to fight as well. If you say it’s flower fist, then Donnie Yen can quit job from now :P.

        5. She didn’t look uncomfortable when Joe kissed her.

        Yes, I can forgive my bf if he is trapped. Of course, just in case he is trapped or forced.

        My point is the wives are girls in entertainment world, they knew very well how the girls use scandal to survive 😛 and how “innocent” the girls in the industry are.

        And don’t forget that Rose is famous by scandals more than her works.

      13. @Fox, my opinion regarding your points:

        1. There are several explaination for the paparazzi being there. I don’t believe the paparazzi was there just bc of Rose alone there were many artists there. The paparazzi might been waiting for the beasts to show their true colours, hehe. Besides someone might have taken the pictures and sold it to the magazine.

        2. She wanted to act normal and after the exposed pics she had to take action. Too shocked and didn’t had time nor mood to unfollow the beasts?

        3. Heard an interview with her sifu, he was not aware of the magnitude of the incident in the first place hence he didn’t mentioned names. Besides at the time he didn’t have evidence.

        4. High level? haha. Again accordning to her sifu she only have 3 years++ training Wing Chun and it also depends on how much she have been traning. Sure it’s not enough against 2 hungry beasts and remember Joe is a former G4!

        Maybe she didn’t knew how to react due to the shock and hitting someone is very serious.

        Donnie started training MA as a little kid since his mom is a martial artists herself. It’s like comparing a moderate runner against the elite.

        5. Sure she might be more comfortable with Joe, however a person in shocked might act weird.

        Lucky BF you have just eat around and say “i got trapped and forced” LOL

      14. @Fox

        Add another. Why Rose didn’t report right after the gropings happen, but still have happy life tweeting about the dinner and only come out after the magazine is published? Is the whole thing just her manager’s attempt to save her jade girl image after being photographed with Benny and Joe? She didn’t show any rejection for Joe at all.

      15. @ exoidus:

        1. I don’t think the reporters in HK follow Benny and Joe that tight to China, as well. Benny and Joe, do you see much news about them before this? Nope, right? The reporters won’t have that much time to follow every single artists to wait for them to show the true color or else. They only follow when they have “internal” news that stated about something “interesting”, “worth the news” will happen.

        And more to say, Rose is now under EEG, and coincidentally, the pix – ground for this scandal – comes from Oriental Sunday, an EEG’s magazine.

        2. Too shock then still can post the image of the party as well as zhuan fa (transfer) a pix posted by a person in this party with two smiling emoticons? Check the weibo first. I don’t blv it’s no mood or shocked. If shocked, she’ll act different.

        3. Rose phoned Sin Kwok Lam: Sifu, some guys did sexual harassment to me!

        Sifu (say to public): WTH! My little girl is bullied by someone.

        Public: Who are they?

        Sifu: Oh wait, I forgot to ask! Give me a couple of days to see if my spy can snap of pix or not first then I’ll sue them, then you guys will know.

        Few days later.

        Sifu: OMG! Not only pix but also a tape! Joe Ma and Benny Chan, you die ah! Yes, they are Joe Ma and Benny Chan!


        4. Joe might be a former G4 but not Benny :P. And Rose didn’t look uncomfortable with Joe but only with Benny :P. Then why she dun beat Benny? Sorry to say that, she has time to think: “He might have better kungfu than me” but didn’t have time to “WTH! The guys are bullying me, I have to do something”. There weren’t only Rose, Benny, Joe there. At least 2 more ppl there and they didn’t seem to see or hear Rose shout or yell. She only showed uneasy mood to the camera outside.

        She is already 19, joined industry for 3++ years. She isn’t a 12 years old girls and in the first day of entertainment world.

        5. Too shocked to do the above mention actions? Oh well, Rose’s shocky action is truly weird.

        Lol, to say this mean you are either truly naive or acting too high class. Poor your girlfriend. If she is trapped and tell you about this, you will say “No NO NOOOOOOOOOOOO” to the poor girl. When you judge something, you shouldn’t hear it by one ear and see it by one eye.

      16. @Fox : Live, yes. but cannot enjoy anymore luxury services, branded handbag etc since 2 incomes frm Husband and wife can ease the expenses of 1 household but just 1 income frm Wife to accommodate so many things..little chance these wives can enjoy their old celebrity lifestyle. Imagine how many would survive cannot enjoy such luxury services and buy branded stuff?

      17. Regarding @Fox and @exoidus point of view:

        I think @Fox is right that Rose isn’t as innocence as describe by some ppl here.

        but @exoidus is correct when he said “rose had a shock when those pics surfaced, and the only Logical and correct action to take is to sue these guys OR public will start projecting wrong image of her, her status and rep in entertainment cirle will be ruined from jaded/innocent model girl to foxy flirty easy girl.

        I think both of you also have valid and solid reasons to judge someone..

        As for the personal attack..i think that’s very unnecessary to attach each partner LOL

      18. The first point Fox pointed out. That was also the first thing I thought about when I first heard the news. How come paparazzi happen to be there to take the picture?
        But my friend said maybe reporters new there were a lot of people at the dinner, so, they go check it out. This could be true too.

      19. @Veejay: She has never had innocent/naive image. Linda has this but Rose isn’t. Rose’s image is kungfu girl.

        I don’t say the sue action is wrong. It’s a right move of her. But the intention of this action is something we can judge.

        If this one is a trap, then this action is even more correct and useful.

        But I also say: Rose might genuinely innocent, however, her sifu, might not.

      20. @ Kidd: But there is no dinner pix is snapped, only karaoke pix (after the dinner) is spanned. And is it coincident that they sit in a KTV, in front of the mirror where the paparazzis can span pix?

      21. @Fox,

        There are either 2 answers frm this allegation.

        1)Rose and her sifu have this planned all the way just to boost her popularity and sifu’s.

        2)Rose is really dat darn NAIVE (highly doubt that though) to think guys who really DRUNK would be easy on her..(if she wasn’t being passionate, overfriendly 1st).

        My conclusion..I also think she sets the trap for BC and joe. Too many flaws in her statement.

      22. @Veejay: But watever trap is set up, I blv that if Joe and Benny covetous of girls, they didn’t fall in the trap. Lucky to them Rose is 19, not under legal age, ie. Cammi Tse or their trouble will be bigger.

      23. @ Fox

        Maybe they did snap pictures at the dinner, but, choose to publish only the juicy ones. We really wouldn’t know how many pictures they took.

      24. @Kidd: I blv no because the dinner pix used in the mag by Oriental Sunday is the one posted by a person in the dinner this day (on weibo). Rose also zhuan fa this pic. So if the reporters have the pic of the dinner, why they have to use this pic but not the pic they took themselves?

      25. Gossip mags always choose the juiciest pictures to print, so I believe there were more. The angle of the pictures suggest someone from outside. The inside ones are certainly by their own people. Paparazzis make a living from trailing stars, more so a gathering in a public place. That snapper probably got lucky with these set of pictures.

      26. Moreover why would a young star use these as own publicity? In Asia sexual harassment is still a taboo, a girl is always blamed for that and she wouldn’t want to antagonise 2 of her co-stars who are veterans in this business. I believe when it happened, it was what it was. She had wanted to keep quiet until pictures surfaced and now she has no choice but go through the entire process. No young star would want to go to court with such accusations so yes, I believe what she is doing now is to answer to her fans and media and she did faced real distress. Question is how far will this go? Give it a month or 2, she may end up dropping charges, etc when Benny and Joe issues some real apology, and perhaps behind close doors paid compensation.

  2. From the pictures I would agree that he didn’t force himself on her.

  3. From the picture, it doesn’t seem like he force himself on her. The picture can say he kissed her or it can say camera angle problem. Joe seems to know that he is not in a bigger trouble than Benny and he has Ms. Lok’s help.

  4. From the pix she was smiling and enjoying his company just saying

  5. It seems like Benny is in more serious trouble since Rose looked more uncomfortable in those pictures with him.

    I wonder if this will cause Joe to reconsider signing with TVB, since he’s begging Ms. Lok for her help. Does this affect Joe’s chances for filming opportunities in Mainland? It seems it would be easier to stay with tvb since he has a lot of old colleagues speaking up for him.

    I want to know the deep dark secrets of tvb. haha

    1. When this story first broke, tvb was probably glad they didn’t re-sign Joe and was willing to let him rot. But maybe Joe begged ms. Lok for help and is willing to sign a new contract for cheap, in exchange. If so, I think tvb will do damage control and take him back.

  6. Benny’s action in the photos were too apparent thus he had no choice to refute the allegations.

    On the other hand, Joe’s actions are unclear and as per mentioned by Jayne and some other posters; lies in a “gray” area.

    1. I dont really know much about laws but I’ve this feeling that Rose may have a higher chance to win this case..

      Firstly, she’s just 19 yrs old (considered a teenager)

      Second, there are only pics that showed she was HUGGED & kissed by these old perverts.

      Third, there are no pics so far that neither JOe or Benny pushing Rose away for being “too intimate” as proclaimed by some insider of the story..

      In conclusion, pics (or so called evidence) can really play great impact on the result decision.

  7. It has to with the moral of the individuals. I have been with male friends who got drunk before, they acted like gentlemen, the last thing they want to do is think about sex or molest someone, all they want to do is rest. When you are drunk, your conscience is there and you can still distinguish rights from wrongs. Joe and Benny just use that as an excuse to molest and attack an innocent victim, I am sure they had probably done it many times before to other women. Once a pervert, always a pervert. The only reason they are sorry now is that they got CAUGHT with photos, otherwise, they would just denial all the way to the court.

    1. Most guys don’t molest girls when they drunk not because they don’t think about sex but because they can’t. They clearly know they will get a slap in the face or friendship go south. Benny and Joe Ma knew of their senority and forced upon Rose. They knew she wouldn’t do anything if they molested her. The reason Rose filed the charge because of the pictures taken. I doubt she would have pressed charge if there wasn’t any pictures.

      1. yeah, you are right without the pictures we wouldn’t have known this incident at all.

        Sure it happens all the time in showbiz sometimes the girls are willing sometimes not.

        They have prolly done it some many times it has become a routine for them. Molest newbies in showbiz for fun and laugh about it later.

      2. @Exoidus,

        I really would like to know what “IF” Rose didn’t file the police report against Benny & Joe even after the pic surfaces…What would happen to Rose and both JOe and BC?

      3. Nothing i suppose, however she would’ve lost out following that path.

        The audience would think she was a willing part. Just look even with the pictures and press con. there are still doubters out there.

        It’s like blaming the girl for wearing too little rather than the rapist.

        The beasts public image went down the drain already and i really hope this will hurt financially i.e. no more jobs!

  8. Never thought Joe Ma would be such a sick individual. Benny however looks like your typical pervert and he was with Charmaine at one point. Talk about Class.

    1. I’m not talking about Charmaine or Sehseh will go after me later 😛

      What I’m trying to say is only Benny’s exgf knows how h0rny benny can be….

      Whether Benny has all his hands over Charmaine last time while they were dating..only charmaine knows best.

      1. Don’t know if Hong Kong has a database of all the sex offenders listed for the public like they do in the United States. Once you get convicted as a sex offender in the US, all your information will be listed and updated across the country. So before you move into a new city, you could always search to see how many sex predictors are in the area. Hong Kong should do that too if it does not have it already. Benny and Joe should be on the list of sexual predictors. I am sure Charmaine will definitely distance herself from Benny. The only reason Benny and Joe are sorry about is that they got Caught, otherwise they would be LOL of what they did to Rose Chan.

      2. Maybe when they dated, he was more well- behaved back then. But after he went to the mainland, it’s a whole another world and he got accustomed to how easy the girls are there.

      3. Charmaine had an interview with Stephen Chan in the past, she told him when she graduated from HS and went overseas for college, she had a taiwanese boyfriend and they lived together and even went to Taiwan with him after graduation and then went back to HK after they broke up. Right there, you know she is quite lose during her early days. So for Charmine to be with so many other artists, it’s no big deal for her to sleep around since she has been so used already. The only thing i don’t get is that she looks like a man in a woman’s body and still attract so many perverts like Benny. Like some of my friends had say about her, she must be good in bed. She does not look attractive whatsoever, but it’s a whole different story behind close doors i guess.

      4. @tvbfan,

        Regarding the list of sex predators in the US which can be shown on a system specialised design for that’s pretty useful but how did that worked out? Did the sex offender carried some chip or something in his body or just based on his previous sex convictions record? What if someone who has a same name and didnt commit any offense? Will the system mistook him as one since he has the same name as the sex offender?

        Wow, if that could be done in msia…that will defintiely save alot of girls here..right? Funn and kidd? if both of u r around.

      1. If you call sleeping around is class, then i guess she has more class than me. And if i were you, get your HIV tested, you are probably like her, a typical sperm bank. LOL!

      2. To tvbfan.
        Come on. You don’t need to be so harsh and make personal attack against Kate.

        If you don’t think charmaine has class, then fine. But the way you act here only shows how pathetic you are.

      3. @kate, i bet you look like an old hag, as a medical profession, i could get you 50% off on botox injection and a face lift. But then again you will probably die a horrible death from HIV from your wild sex games. Btw, i have to lower my standard to meet up with low life like you. LMFAO!

      4. @tvbfan

        seriously give kate a break. What’s wrong with you?

        Never liked Charmaine either, however she has her fans and you should accept that.

      5. @exoidus, ok ok, no more nasty comments about Kate, i will not lower my standard anymore. Anyway, like i said before, Hong Kong should have a database for all the sexual predictors for the public to search.

      6. @Kidd, i guess you don’t know too many people in the medical profession. Like so many of my relatives and myself in the field, we don’t care for most people especially arsehole patients. unless you are related to us or are good friends. We don’t care for anyone of you. If you don’t have money, too bad, your surgeries or emergencies will have to be delayed again and again until it’s too late. Even some of my relatives who have drug stores in the states, if you don’t have money, please go elsewhere, poor people usually die earlier in the United States. As a medical professional, i hardly know anyone who would do charity works nowadays. At least not most of my
        buddies in the field.

      7. Tvbfan,
        “if you don’t have money, please go elsewhere, poor people usually die earlier in the United States.”

        That’s what Medicaid is for, to cover poor people’s medical insurance needs. It’s up to the doctor whether they choose to accept Medicaid insurance or not. But if driven purely by money for all actions, including the value of human life, then that person is no different than a mercenary. Money doesn’t give a person class, especially the vulgar way you spoke to Kate.

      8. @ tvbfan

        Doesn’t change the fact that you give medical professionals a bad name. If all your medical buddies and relatives speak like you did (throwing derogatory illwill remarks on others), then, you all also give medical professionals bad name.

        Very sadden that such a noble profession has degenerated into such level.

      9. Kidd,
        “Very sadden that such a noble profession has degenerated into such level.”

        Every field has people doing the job only for money and those that care for their jobs more. I’ve met with doctors that don’t care to speak with me when I ask more questions and doctors who will explain the medical details to their patients more.

      10. @tvbfan

        I’m not Charmaine fans but I don’t agree with your view abt her being “loose” becos she lived with her boyfriend during college days & follow him back to Taiwan.

        You make it seems like she’s like a sl*t who slept around as if you knew her personally.

      11. Thank goodness we have free healthcare where I am.

        @TVBfan, you have absolutely no class.

    2. @Veejay, usually the sex predictors will have all their information listed online/database for the public to search in any cities. Their personal information would be their birth date, height, color of hair, eyes, photo, name, ethnicity, home address, and offenses that they had committed. They are supposed to check in periodically to the local law enforcement office, and if they failed to check in, it will be a violation and will be updated on the database and warrant will be issued for them. It’s quite useful especially for people who want to buy home in certain location. You will know right then how many sex predictors are in the area.

  9. Rose Chan, please take those two guys to court and get them convicted as sex predictors. I am sure these two perverts had done it with other women except they didn’t get caught. Rose Chan needs to make a stand for all women against sexual harassment. It will make other men to think twice before they do anything like this in the future. So, I hope Rose would continue with case and takes these two perverts to court and get them convicted as a warning for others.

  10. In the pictures, she does look more uncomfortable with Benny rather than Joe.

    I read from weibo that a worker on the filming set said Rose was quite open and approchable. In a way, she does give me a feeling of painting herself worse than she feels.

    However, I still think these 2 married men are shameless.. But thinking back, Joe has alot of scandals since… sooo long back! So its normal, just bad luck cos he chose a girl too young.

  11. I am definitely 100 percent on the girl’s side and thinks that there is no smoke without fire. I know its her word against theirs but I believe hers. They (both being married men) should know better and I have completely gone off both of them now. I used to like Joe and Benny but after this awful scandal, they have come down in my estimation. I just hope the poor girl can get over this soon and start afresh. If I was Virginia Lok I would not help Joe Ma, let the stupid man “fight his own battles”!!!

    1. Totally agree. Virginia Lok should stay out of this since her involvement will only damage TVB’s reputation. Big corporation shields and protects its artists against their own wrong doings.

  12. can anyone tell me who is this sifu of rose. is he famous , old or yount?? he had a greeat impact with vl?

    1. Sin Kwok Lam is her sifu. He isn’t really old, or young. He is mid-age. He was a kungfu guy but now work in entertainment industry.

  13. What does having trust from a wife have anything to do with his sexual harassment toward another female? How does a wife’s trust resolves and addresses the assault? Such lame rebuttal. Be a man and accept his fault and wrong doing.

  14. Has everyone watch TVB entertainment news programs reported on the Joe Ma’s current scandal situation? It seems very little reporting or coverage on him with the scandal brewing on Benny Chan solely. 620 or TVB heads wont even discuss Joe Ma situation because it is tooo embarrassing?

    TVB biased as always!

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