New Shocking Photos of Benny Chan Fondling Rose Chan Emerge!

Rose Chan’s (陳嘉桓) alleged sexual harassment by Benny Chan (陳浩民), while witnessed by Joe Ma (馬德鐘), took place on November 20th at 2 AM in Hengdian, China. When the photos were reviewed by Oriental Sunday’s editorial department, it was quite shocking! Oriental Sunday contacted Rose Chan’s manager to find out Rose’s relationship with Benny and Joe. Rose’s martial arts sifu, Sin Kwok Lam (冼國林), was extremely angry over the incident.

Oriental Sunday sought out Rose for an interview. As the publication deadline had passed for last week’s issue at that point, the interview was printed in the current issue of the magazine instead. Since the incident had occurred within 24 hours, Rose’s reaction may be in its truest form and less inhibited than after her filing of the police report in Hong Kong several days later. Regarding her “humiliation” with the two “wolves” Benny Chan and Joe Ma, Rose expressed outright hatred!

OS= Oriental Sunday ; RC= Rose Chan

OS: What exactly occurred at the barbeque restaurant?

RC: I was eating dinner with a group of Hong Kong artists. Since we were all from Hong Kong and there were veterans present, I thought it would be a good idea to talk to each other and meet up. After they drank too much alcohol, the behavior as depicted in the photos occurred. I did not know what to do; I thought whether I should stay or leave.

OS: Did you talk to other people about the incident?

RC: I spoke with my family about the incident; they advised me to be more careful going forward and that I should decline dinner invitations with people I did not know well.

OS: Did you feel as if you were sexually harassed?

RC: I do not know how to answer you…. I was the most unhappy that such incidents really do occur.

OS: They touched you from behind and your thighs? Joe Ma also leaned on your shoulder!

RC: …I am very scared right now!

OS: Why are you so scared?

RC: I kept resisting them throughout the incident. Their actions became more severe and crossed the boundary. I was very unhappy at that moment, but I did not know what to do. Right before we left, I pushed him (Benny Chan) against the wall and asked what he was doing?!

OS: Throughout the incident, did they say anything sexually suggestive to you? You were whispering to Joe Ma and appeared to be quite intimate with him. Why did you not stop him?

RC: They asked whether I was drunk. I was drinking Coke at the time, so there was no possibility of getting drunk. I felt that they were testing me throughout [the evening]. I kept saying no; I could not accept it. When I went to work today and saw Timmy Hung (洪天明), I told him I do not want to eat dinner [with Benny Chan and Joe Ma] as I did not want to be in contact with them again.

OS: Before Timmy Hung got drunk, did Benny Chan and Joe Ma touch and kiss you?

RC: Timmy helped me in resisting [them].

OS: After Timmy got drunk, they [Benny and Joe] were more aggressive and crossed the boundary?

RC: Mmmm… (sigh) I felt things were not okay at that point. I thought we should quickly leave when Timmy woke up. Afterward, their behavior became increasingly improper (sigh). Throughout the incident, I resisted. I felt that this should not be happening; I was very scared! He kept on touching me from behind. I said that I was only here to eat and not to play with you! Perhaps they thought I was a little girl and easy to bully (sigh).

OS: Since you know Wing Chun martial arts, did you consider defending yourself?

RC: I was afraid that I would be unable to hit them offensively and that they would double their efforts on me.

OS: What do you consider to be the most offensive move they committed towards you?

RC: Forcefully kissing and forcefully holding me! (They didn’t kiss your lips?) No, I dodged it. This was the first time I was without my manager and colleagues by my side. Next time I work overseas, I will find a colleague I know well to stay by my side and decrease networking functions.

Oriental Sunday Followed Hong Kong Stars for 3 Nights

Numerous Hong Kong celebrities were currently filming in Hengdian, China. On November 16, 2011, a reporter and photographer from Oriental Sunday flew to Hengdian [to visit the filming crews], arriving on the sets of The Founding of the Yuan Empire <建元風雲>and Laughter Shaking Mo Lam <笑功震武林>. During Oriental Sunday staff’s visit, Timmy Hung assembled numerous Hong Kong stars from various filming projects for dinner. From November 17th to 19th for three nights, the stars “partied”!

November 17th 8:30 PM  (Szechuan Dinner) – The dinner’s organizer, Timmy Hung, reserved a VIP room on the second floor of the restaurant. Throughout the evening, Timmy was spotted going up and down the stairs to receive the artists attending the dinner. At 9:30 PM, Rose Chan arrived and Timmy went downstairs to receive her. After the dinner, the group boarded into different cars to go to a karaoke establishment. Despite attending the dinner, Alex Fong (方中信), did not follow the group to the karaoke and apparently went back to his hotel.

November 17th 10:30 PM (Karaoke) – The group arrived at the karaoke establishment and stayed until 1 AM. Timmy Hung left first without Rose Chan. Joe Ma, Benny Chan, Rose Chan, Terry Fan (樊少皇) sang until 2 AM before leaving together.

November 18th Lamb DinnerOriental Sunday was unable to discern where various Hong Kong artists had gathered for the evening. However, a group photo of the lamb dinner was posted on Weibo.

November 19th 8:00 PM  (Hot Pot Dinner)Oriental Sunday staff discovered that various Hong Kong celebrities had gathered for a hot pot dinner.

November 19th 10:00 PM (Karaoke) – The group of artists followed with another night of karaoke.

November 20th 12:30 AM – After karaoke, the women (except Rose Chan) returned to their hotels escorted by the male artists. Benny Chen drove one passenger on his motorcycle; Joe Ma drove two passengers in his car and Timmy Hung drove Meng Yao (孟瑤).

November 20th 1:00 AM – (Werewolves Appear) After the female artists were settled, the men went to a barbeque restaurant. The brave Rose Chan ventured with the group. Unfortunately, Timmy Hung fell into a drunken stupor shortly after arriving at the barbeque restaurant. Benny Chan’s behavior crossed the boundary line, while Rose Chan and Joe Ma appeared to be quite intimate in the photos. Oriental Sunday staff quickly took photos documenting the entire incident.


Source: Oriental Sunday

Jayne: Rose was smiling in quite a few of the photos, including the ones in which Benny Chan appears to be touching her chest or possibly have inserted a hand into her sweater (can’t really tell where Benny’s hand is due to blurry quality of photos). Rose’s expression of fear only showed after Benny started getting “violent” such as covering her mouth and throttling her neck.

These photos leave me with a mixed feeling, as Rose did not seem resistant in the photos where she was smiling with Benny putting obvious advances upon her.

This article also answers many people’s questioning as to why were the paparazzi right there to photograph the groping. Oriental Sunday had followed the group for 3 nights before they got their big story.

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  1. i think shes smiling because shes embarassed or doesnt know what to do…..i have mix feelings with the photos too. her mom had her when she was 16yrs old..and her mom is also her manager. i thought she said she had orange juice?? now coke?? i think she did have alcolhol.

    1. I also wonder if she did take some alcohol which might explain her adventurous mood and smiling expression before Benny gets too hard.

  2. Rose oh Rose why are you smiling in that picture? I agree with you Jayne, this photo leave me with a mixed feelings too she starts resisting after Benny getting violent.

    This is what happened when naughty and adventurous teenage girl be around werewolves. Benny is a wolf in disguise, Joe Ma is a tamer wolf and Rose is also too adventurous.

  3. married men out with a teenager and having infelity-like game. so who the victim?

  4. She could be smiling because she did not know how to properly react? I know I tend to laugh in uncomfortable situations. Everyone has their own reaction to different things.

  5. She is obviously full of ****. She’s relying on this bad publicity for fame. I’m not a fan of Joe Ma or Benny Chen but I don’t feel bad for her at all. Her sifu is just as shady as her…

  6. She looked like she didn’t mind the intimacy until Benny went overboard by covering her mouth, forcefully kissing and literally choking her..

  7. In my opinion by looking at pictures, she brought the misfortune by herself.
    She is flirty in the beginning, juz imagine a young girl follow few men out to dinner then karaoke wherelse other ladies went back to hotel to rest?? Isn’t it daring of her?
    Then her flirting became overboard until she can’t stop them, and there’s when all this drama and commotion came into picture.
    But of course no matter how easy the girl is or not, it is wrong to touch on the wrong places.

    1. still it’s wrong for the beasts to keep “eating her” after she said no.

      Even if she was flirting with those beasts, it doesn’t make it any better that both are married officially.

      1. Like what other commenters said, “Both sides are at fault.” But Rose Chan should not play the innocent card when she isn’t innocent here at all! Society is so bias. Whenever something like this happens, it’s always the men/man to blame. The women/woman must be innocent or in distress.

      2. She was prolly flirting with them and ok with hugging, but still when she was resisting it the beasts should have stopped.

        All three of them should exit showbiz for good.

      3. because the men are at fault for not controlling their hands so they are always blamed although in this Rose incident she’s also a flirtatous and daring girl 😛

      4. @iampcheng

        Do you use the same nick at Spcnet? I haven’t been there in a while now. I think Kidd is also a member at Spcnet…

  8. i think shes also flirting.. she’s smiling in her pictures. If she is really that innocent i think fr the very first grope or touch she would have downright resisted/slap or walked off!!

  9. The full set of pix and the explanation of Oriental Sunday answered a bit and gave out another questions. Rose smiled quite happily in some pix. It seems not a polite smile in the big pic. If the set is in order, then Benny said something to Rose before he groped her. Hmm, wat did he say?

  10. Porky Hand Benny Chan, can you be any more pervert? She is a young lady. Let’s wish your wife won’t give birth to a daughter.

  11. I also have my doubts regarding the whole affair. Looks as if it all began with some light flirting which Rose didnot seem to mind from the photos. Then apparently the firting got heavier and out of hand which scared Rose out of her wits. Nevertheless, Benny and Joe Ma’s behaviour was most disgusting and inexcusable especially when Rose is so young and vulnerable. They should be looking after and not harassing her in such an uncouth and beastly manner. This kind of behaviour is unacceptable in any kind of society and they should be ashamed of themselves instead of trying to make any excuses.

  12. Hey, I like your avatar pic Fox. Although I do feel bad for Rose, I feel that she is also part to blame. What was she thinking going out with a bunch of these men without your manager so late? And speaking of manager, why didn’t see advise her not to go or go with Rose? If she is as innocent as she claims, then let it be a lesson learned.

    1. TQ. My avatar is an fanart of Killua and Alluka in HunterxHunter. I’d like to recommend you to read it if you like fighting – smart with some horror factors manga. It’s great :), especially the current Alluka arc :P.

  13. This is a classic scenario for the sound of two hands clapping. I think both parties at fault! . When there is a giver , there will always be a receiver out there. 🙂

  14. Hmm…having a second thought on Rose’s ‘naive’ character. Crying over spilled milk but not otherwise if incident was plain sailing.

  15. She should not lead them on in the first place. And now she cry wolf. 1 sided hand won’t clap eventhough the guys is not any better too for taking advantage of her

  16. I was always hesitant to truly believe that Rose Chan was a complete innocent who had her eyes wide opened by this incident.

    Judging by her actions, she does seem to like mingling and being under the spotlight as she did stay back several times without other female artists. However, we must remember that there were other female staff present.

    Most child and teenage celebrities are introduced into the world of sex, alcohol and drugs at a fairly young age as it probably comes part and parcel with the industry. Look at Edison’s recent ex who firstly claimed she was a virgin before admitting she had sex with him. Rose Chan at 19 is not that young! University students that age are often embroiled in this world as well and are expected to take responsibility for their actions.

    The guys are cheats (even if it isn’t sexually cheating) but I have a feeling that this eruption would not have happened if Oriental Sunday had not released the pictures and was done to save Rose’s image.

  17. Smiling in the pic doens’t mean anything. It could not 1/10 of a second. It could also be that, it was early on, and they are her “senior”, what should she do, throw their arms away and give a nasty facial expression to them right at that moment?

    She might be stupid or misleading them in the first place when she didn’t strongly push them away.

    I do think that she might be too flirtous that leads the guys to think they can advance further. But too bad, I still hope Benny Chen will get some sort of punishment, because there is no excuse for doing such things. Even the girls consent, he is married. I hope he goes to jail, even for one day, just to get a taste of what you get when u did something wrong!

    1. Smiling doesn’t mean anything, but to lean on someone’s arm? Unless she is just plain retarded and had no idea what sexually harassed meant or else she should’ve known better. She did mention that she pushed him away while they were leaving, why not push him earlier? She’s not as innocent as she puts it. It’s not like Benny raped her.

      1. I wonder why Oriental Daily didn’t publish the picture of Rose pushing Benny away. I’m sure the resourceful camera guy wouldn’t miss this scene.

  18. wow…I think I see Rose Chan leaning into Benny in one photo? I’m kinda confused but it’s true that sometimes ppl do laugh/ smile in nervousness but then lean into someone? Hmmm..not sure what to think.

    I guess she may have been flirting with them or who knows, she may even have a crush on one/ both of them and she probably liked the attention but it got to the point beyond her comfort level and so she wanted out which was probably not understood by those two gropers by then….

    wow…I thought this was dying down a little but I guess there may be more ‘dirt’ coming out.

    1. Yah. She’s leaning peacefully on Benny’s arm in one of the pics and smiling sweetly while Benny is hugging her from behind. Can be called invited harrassment?

  19. I wanted to add that even if she did flirt etc in the beginning, when a girl says No, it’s a no..and those two are so much older and married for God’s sake.

  20. For goodness sake, she is old enough to resist and shout for help. There are people around and look at those pictures. She is smiling and does not seem to be afraid. She is not innocent at all and now using these to raise her profile. This does not excuse Benny’s behaviour as he is only stupid to behave and compromise himself!

  21. Things are getting really interesting now. Rose’s manager is actually her own mom, Ronnie Chan. Was she the same woman who lambasted the men in Rose’s press conference?

  22. she is smiling because she doesn’t know how to react? are you kidding me. if she smiled in one photo, then fine. but not the subsequent ones. plus, if she was that ‘resistant’, then why hug joe ma? for more harassment. seriously, i think she asked for it. or rather, she is trying to be famous through these pictures.

    good job, rose!

      1. Don’t clap too earlier for Rose getting a good ending. Like the saying goes: the fat lady has not sung yet to signal finale, meanwhile anything could happen before it ends.

        Ronnie belatedly came out to acknowledge her mother-daughter relationship to Rose because someone ratted on them and of course spread like wild fire online,thus forcing Ronnie to come clean on their relationship. Interestingly, Ronnie was rumored to be a 16 year old teenage mom when she had Rose.

        Ronnie:I acknowledge that I’m Rose’s mother. From start to end I didn’t especially hide Rose and my relationship, the reason being I just wanted to be low key and be a good manager to Rose…

      2. @ claimine

        This is quite bad. I believe Rose’s manager (aka her mom) was with her in Hengdian. So, why as a mother, she let her 19 year old daughter went with a bunch of men to karaoke until 2pm? Why left her daughter alone with a bunch of men late at night?

      3. @Kidd: Well, children do not always listen to their mothers. Maybe Rose considers meeting with a bunch of men late at night until 2 am to be a “networking” function. “Next time I work overseas… and decrease networking functions.”

  23. I think the release of these photos probably do more harm than good to Rose in general..she was seen smiling in a lot of the photos and it could just be my interpretation but she almost had an ‘inviting’ smile in one of the photos where Benny was reaching for her jacket? Probably a video if there is one would give a clearer indication of what was really going on?

    Actually, I’m kinda confused too

    1. I thought I was the only one who saw that ‘inviting’ smile in the pic you mentioned. It give me creeps now because these new pics is showing that she’s not all that innocent.

      That doesn’t mean Benny and Joe aren’t beasts, they still are 😛

      1. Regardless of who did what to who, drunk not drunk, etc, etc, the bottomline is, these men are married. Therefore, they should behave appropriately unless they don’t care about their image or the repercussion of behaving badly.

      2. Yup! They are still idiots and lecherous idiots at that but glad to know that you also noticed the ‘inviting’ smile…really weird…and I remember seeing her press conference and how ‘innocent’ she potrayed herself to be..I guess that will be easier to get pity than admitting that she did like it to a point and then was not okay with it..since it will paint her in a vixen-like light..hmmm

  24. I think because the paparazzi released photos of the incident, Rose and her mom came out to speak about it in order to save her own image. Still, whether Rose invited the men or not, married men shouldn’t behave in this manner. Benny seems to be quite violent.

  25. Yeah I think this set of photos rallies what the insiders were saying. It’s obvious that Rose probably was flirting with the two men. I think with the covering her mouth thing was explained by the men earlier as forcing her to eat sheep whip because I can’t think of another reason why Benny would do so and Joe would look on. Even if it was sexual harassment, if it got that violent I’m sure Joe would at least look anxious or concerned. If not, one of the staff member would.

    I think sexual harassment is quite an allegation, considering these photos. I think the worst part is that the men cheated on their wives. With Rose, I’m rather doubtful she’s a victim at this point. Honestly, smiling to react politely? Doubtful. As a girl myself, if someone touches me inappropriately or in a way I’m not comfortable with (and I’m really not touchy-feely) it would show on my face immediately. Also, as people mentioned, she leaned onto Benny willingly whereby in some pics, she smiled where the guys wouldn’t even see… so obviously thats not a reaction thing.

  26. I don’t get this. In some pictures, it looks so obvious she’s not okay with it and now this? This is pissing me off.
    Because of those three, they’re undermining genuine sexual harrasment cases.


  27. I also have some mixed feelings about Rose after seeing the photos of her smiling in the photos while Benny is kissing and hugging her… makes me think that she only reacted negatively when she was forced to eat the sheep whip.

    Regardless, i think the negative reaction from netizens is mostly due to Benny and Joe’s actions as married men.

  28. I think what happened was, Rose was in on the whole games and whatnot. But they didnt know the media had a gotten a hold of the pictures. Once the pictures came out, her mom, and sifu knew it would ruin her image. So they came up with a plan to say she was innocent in it all and that she was forced. To save her image and make her more popular. But sacrifice Benny and joe

    1. Agreed except Benny and Joe also can only blame themselves for always being alligators. There’s always chance to get caught someday and they got caught

  29. this is how i see it…rose was flirting with benny and joe sees it and he assuming tat they are both enjoying it from her smiling and allowing benny to hugged and touch her so he didnt think anything had to be stopped…until i guess benny got a little more physical when he stopped touching her in a sexual way but more of a rough “playful” way…tats when she started to frown but u dont see her frowning or getting upset when he was caressing her do u…so after the roughness i guess tats when joe asked her if she was alrite and gave her a hugged…all i have to say it is if she enjoy the sexual touching first and she allowed him to continue then she is as much as fault as benny is…and i think joe may be rite tat he isnt at fault…cuz how can he tell if she needed help when she allowed it in the first place with all the flirting toward benny and allowing the guy to touch u here and there…i hate to say it but i put the blame on her for wanting and liking the attention from benny (based on pix)…

  30. if u look at the 6th pic ( the one on the second coloum on the right.) where benny is covering her mouth. Her mouth looks full so it does seem like she has food in her mouth as they were forcing her to eat something

  31. Like many of you, I also have mixed feelings with the new pictures. However, as it stands, I still believe in what I had stated before with the offered evidence at that time.

    I wonder how come these pictures weren’t released before Benny had his press conference? It could have saved Benny much of his dignity. I am thinking that while many of us who stood on Rose’s side, fill misled while many of us who stood against her feel triumphant. Of course, no one stood on the mens side. I still do not because they are both married men and should not interact with Rose in the manner that they did–they wouldn’t do this in front of their wives–so they should not do it behind their wives back.

    You know who I think is the real winner? Oriental Sunday. Why do this? Not only does this undermine the audiences faith in their favorite personalities, but also perhaps the faith of other celebrity cases who are more serious. Is this ethical?

    The photo that showed Rose’s unhappy face, if it was towards the end, might have been where the boundaries were crossed between Rose and Benny. Because his actions did not escalate into anything further than forceful hugging and kissing ***NOTE this is where Rose felt he crossed the line*** many will choose to say the Rose was flirtatious. Now tell me this, Rose is young and single. She will flirt. Does this mean that Benny has to respond, in fact, aggressively? Please don’t say, he is a man and under the influence of alcohol.

    1. I think Oriental Sunday is very clever. They released a little bit of photos and let the artists response. See whether the artists will tell the truth or tell lies. Let the artists shoot themselves on the foot. Then, they released more pictures.

      They could have published the picture of Rose smiling to Benny earlier. But, they didn’t. They only published the pictures of Rose looking uncomfortable and distress in the embrace of Benny. This gave an opportunity to Rose to play victim and Rose took it. Only then, Oriental Daily released photos of Rose looking happy with Benny. The pictures and Rose interview successfully paint Rose in a not so innocent light. Same with Benny. If this smiling photos where published first, I think Benny wouldn’t have cried so pitifully in the press con.

      Now, the artists involved need to step carefully, because they do not know what more evidence does Oriental Daily has.

      1. agreed. This is a trap by Oriental magazine. They can even trap Rose who’s under EEG subsidiary company!

      2. but Rose is still a victim, just painted as not so innocent victim who might’ve flirted too much.

      3. Oriental Daily says their photographer snapped about 120 photos in all.

      4. Kidd,
        “I think Oriental Sunday is very clever. They released a little bit of photos and let the artists response. See whether the artists will tell the truth or tell lies. Let the artists shoot themselves on the foot. Then, they released more pictures.”

        Although Oriental Sunday released the photos in batches, I think the involved artists knew the tabloid had other photos onhand, which is why Rose’s press statement was worded so carefully. In her statement, the Hengdian incident was referred to as “unpleasant experience” and never was sexual harassment used explicited. Sin Sifu expressed his anger towards Benny throughout the ordeal and never truly blasted Joe, although their collective actions were always grouped together.

        Although the artists may suspect continued subsequent photos emerge to be more damaging to all of them, I think Rose’s PR did relatively well in realizing the importance of shaping public opinion early in the incident. Sin Sifu took the stance early that Rose did not drink alcohol that night, was taken advantage of by veteran actors who acted out of place, etc.

        Did Benny Chan over-apologize? Although I doubt his true sincerity (since he may be thinking: ‘Rose was willing enough at the time’), Benny did the right thing to step forward and assume responsibility of the incident. It was the only thing he could have done because the bottom line is that he is a married man, soon-to-be father. Whether Rose was willing or not, Benny needed to come forward to stop the slander. Once he apologizes, the public outrage will fade somewhat.

        Through this incident, it shows how powerful and manipulative the media can be. Oriental Sunday shaped the incident (through careful selected photos) to make Rose appeared more forced under the circumstances. They carefully decided on the stance to paint the incident (2 very hungry wolves preying upon a 19-year-old girl), while presenting the unfolding story in layers to spark controversy and ensure subsequent sales of daily newspaper (Oriental Daily) and weekly tabloid (Oriental Sunday).

        I believe there is a video, but Oriental Sunday may not release it. If the tabloid is interested in revealing the “entire truth,” then that would have been the first approach. But tabloids write the story for their own benefit in circulation and sales and not necessarily in reporting the “entire truth.”

        Not only did Oriental Sunday editors play with the artists, but they also manipulated readers’ emotions very effectively. I guess Oriental Sunday has enough powerful backing to not be afraid to go up against Sin Kwok Lam, whose company is a subsidiary of EEG.

  32. all these people passing judgement. ive lived in Japan and witnessed this kind of thing first hand. I’ve seen girl groped and smile while it is happening. I spoke to a colleague who told me “all was fine” but I didn’t feel fine about it. When I talked to other female co-workers about it they just said “Shoganai-ne” – which translates loosely to “it can’t be helped.”

    Through my discussion i learned about how men grope school-girls on busy trains, and they never speak out or comment. They just smile an accept it as part of life as a woman in japan. I see these pictures and I am reminded of this.. I see Rose as smiling noty because she’s flirting, but because she doesn’t know what else to do… she tries to pass in her mind that it is playful, and reacts that way in the hopes it will remain as such.

    I was told that many women in Japan will not speak out through fear of losing their job, or gaining a social stigma from the “old boys club.”

    No matter what, imho, these MARRIED and MUCH OLDER men should have known better. It’s disgraceful.

    1. I beg to differ. the fact that she uploaded a group pic on her weibo indicates that she had an enjoyable night. if she really felt harassed that night she could’ve expressed some sadness, anger etc on her weibo. she didn’t. the only time she started becoming the victim is after the photos were released . so I don’t see her as a victim, I see benny and joe as sleazes. but doubt that matters because she is already seen as victim.

  33. She allows those men did that to her and now she wanted to put it as though she’s the victim. Clearly this girl is trying to get media coverage!

    1. I think Sin Sifu and manager mummy just want to keep Rose’s clean image after first set if pictures come out and do all out image saving press con and report but they didnt know Oriental Sunday have more juicy pictures in store

  34. I am confused. Rose is not that naive as a 19 year old girl. Benny and Joe are adults and married. They should not have got themselves drunk, knowing they are here in Hengdian to work. The photos are already so confusing. You see Rose smiling at some photos and I find it odd that she did not resist forcefully when she didn’t like the kissing and groping from Benny. It would be a normal reaction if the situation is unbearable.
    Otherwise, just stand up and move away from these men. She should have gone back to the hotel just like the rest of the actresses instead of following the men for another round of drinks. I am also disappointed at Benny and Joe for taking advantage of a 19 year old girl. Benny is too much by the look in the pictures. And he is going to be a father soon. Sigh! Pity his wife. I bet although she says she forgives him, I think she must be very hurt.

    1. girls in this industry aren’t naive but they might be daring and adventurous. Cammi Tse age 16 still a schoolgirl already can trap EDC and before EDC there was another male too.

  35. Correction:
    From the tabloid, I was puzzled by the rundown of the dinner and karaoke and bbq dates, so I tried to verify the dates by skimming Rose Chan message board. Turn out indeed the photos that Rose uploaded were of some other dinners not the bbq supper, which according to the tabloid actually took placed at the wee morning of Nov 20th at 1 am, not on the 18th as I had previously assumed given the info then.

    @陳嘉桓Rose官方影迷會:見到有很多人誤會 ,在此代為澄清!香港藝人們大伙人結伴晚飯2晚,燒全羊是在18日晚吃的!其後Rose19日下午曾轉發了數篇微博包括那民大合照!事發則是19日明20日凌晨時份,其後Rose未有再使用微博

    1. Claimine,
      Thanks for verifying when Rose had uploaded that photo of the group dinner. It would indeed to be highly contradictory if she had posted that photo after the harassment incident.

      1. @Fox:Yes, Rose transferred the photo on 11/19 before the incident as the bbq was 11/20th at 1 am per this report.

        “November 20th 1:00 AM – (Werewolves Appear) After the female artists were settled, the men went to a barbeque restaurant. The brave Rose Chan ventured with the group. Unfortunately, Timmy Hung fell into a drunken stupor shortly after arriving at the barbeque restaurant. Benny Chan’s behavior crossed the boundary line, while Rose Chan and Joe Ma appeared to be quite intimate in the photos. Oriental Sunday staff quickly took photos documenting the entire incident.”

  36. the reporters are probably waiting for their reaction towards the harrassment, and later upload more pictures and see how they change their response. reporter these days are so tricky and quick. lol. we might see upcoming pictures of more harrassments between them.

  37. Rose Chan is very cheap girl ,Benny act was nothing wrong to me,Rose shall won a Oscar for her play acting ,the whole event was stages by her ,Rose ,Rose you more cheaper than Japanese AV actress .

    1. Want to clarify since pink-kidd starts writing his/her name in capital ‘K’ after I pointed out that I wrote my name in capital ‘K’ while pink-kidd wrote his/hers in small ‘k’.

      Pink Kidd =/= Yellow Kidd. His/her words are not mine.

      So, guys, if you read in ‘recent comments’ page and see comment from Kidd that does not sound like me, it probably isn’t.

      Need to clarify because I don’t want to be seen as the one who make such a derogatory remark on Rose.

      1. Kidd,
        I think all the regular commentators realize you are yellow Kidd. 🙂 When the user registration opens up, we can avoid multiple commentators posting under the same name.

      2. If this name registration is “first come, first serve”, it’ll be crazy trying to secure your desired name. Like the madness of a black Friday sale.

    2. Her allegations may be questionable but I won’t really go all out and call her ‘cheap’..we don’t know really know the exact dynamics..and I still think Benny and Joe were wrong to grope regardless if she flirted/ staged since they are both er..MARRIED???!!

    3. None of the Japanese AV actress is cheap. They are not prostitute at all and they are treated like queens by men in Japanese. All of them are said to love their body and don’t sell it for money but because they love themselves too much, they wants the whole world to see and love them. Maybe some ppl don’t understand and think they are cheap, but none of them mind that and keep thinking that these ppl are narrow minded.

      And they love their works. They don’t hurt anyone by their works, have safe sex and let ppl see their assets. They are in fact nothing different to other actresses, or even more classy than some :P.

      1. Yeah AV actresses are high class artists LOL

        I bet the beasts love AV actresses 😛

      2. Yes they are very high class. Such as Maria Ozawa, Sora Aoi or Saori Hara (new queen), you think you can have *** with them easily? A man put a bag with one million dollars in front of Maria Ozawa and requested her to do so, then he was slapped and pulled out by polices. There are tons of non-AV actress will agree with such requirement immediately.

        Uhm, exoidus, if you say such thing to a AV actress, she will laugh to you and say: “Guy, you are such a narrow minded one.”, for sure.

      3. What a stupid man paying for something that’s supposed to be free.

        Hehe you sure are very knowledgeable in this area.

      4. I like Japan stuffs. Most of. And nowaday is the internet era, you can find many things there, if you want to open your mind.

        Supposed to be free? Kidding? Lol. Like you go to a museum to see a famous portrait but you don’t own it.

      5. All is relative perhaps compared to you im narrow minded, hehe

        It’s free of transaction costs and other external costs if both parties agree to do the trade.

      6. Just in case both parties agree :P. Of course, it’s good for that as they can call it’s love. Same thing happens to other non-AV actresses.

        Uhm, being able to admit you are narrow minded is good because you are willing to learn new things :).

      7. well it requires alot to truly “love” someone.

        Im only narrow minded compared to you since you are so open minded 😛

  38. I doubt the video will come out. In incident like this, when both parties is being affected they would do some agreements to seal to video.

    BC has already said sorry and cried his fake out, there’s no way of coming back accusing Rose now. I would laugh so hard if he cried again and blame things on Rose, as saying she flirted him b4 and threatened him after the photos exposed LOL

    1. Since more not innocent Rose pictures suddenly come out, Sin Sifu and Rose manager must be doing theie best to avoid more content that will make Rose look willing

  39. See more set of the pix today and the mixed feeling is even clearer.

      1. The new sets of pictures. Ful 120, I think. I saw it today on weibo.

  40. OMG she smiling !!! what happen, i though she again it ,m confused actually now,,the picture shown she is flirting with them she is so manipulates i guess the guys totally fall for that…,hahaha too bad the tabloid took some of her picture smiling ,rose so call naive my #[email protected]%
    This is stupid ,the guys r trying on her n she likes it beside no one know,s the tabloid r taking they picture,as for me i thing she interested with one of them otherwise she won let the guy touch her ,come on we r women we know , by looking at the picture she doom.

  41. Rose looks like she enjoyed all of it. I think she is stupid and I just think she is just acting about how upset she is because in HK, they are so conservative that if she said she enjoyed it, people will look at her as a different person. I honestly don’t think she is believable looking at pics. She needs to stfu.

  42. here’s what i think happened

    Rose: I’m starting my career. Let me and these two older veterans get along to I can expand my connections, even if it requires soem friendly touching.

    Benny and Joe corssed boundaries.

    Rose: O snap, what to do? Aren’t they married…maybe they are still playing around? Let me use my smiel to cover my fear.

    1 minute later.

    Rose: these men are pigs, I’m scared.

    1. @Nancy: One big question: exactly what kind of connections, benefits, gains etc did Rose hope to get from these two very much married BC and JM that she allowed them some friendly touching? They are but very small fries in the entertainment world.

      Especially when she has a very powerful and wealthy Sin sifu sponsoring her.

      Let us not forget that there were 3 other people (per pix)in their group other than the two men. How come when Sin condemned JM for not coming to Rose’s aid, the other present adults were not? And what about TH? Why not get Rose home when the men became supposedly rowdy? Instead he drunk himself to stupor leaving poor helpless Rose in the clutch of the wolves?

      TH was supposedly so drunk he blacked out and fallen asleep during the whole episode – so given his inebriety,can a drunken Timmy be sober within an hour to walk steadily out of the building and drive back home?

      Arriving at the bbq restaurant – -November 20th 12:30 AM – After karaoke, …Benny Chen..his motorcycle; Joe Ma his car and Timmy his car — to the BBQ restaurant.

      How drunk were the men?
      So after BBQ, BC said he drove home on his bike. Presumably Joe Ma drove home in his own car. What about Timmy? – did he drink and drive, too? Who sent Rose home?

  43. People who are not used to be around pigs do not know how to react to pigs. When I was 19, I get surprised and scared when creepy men are near me. 6 years later, I have no problem telling them to F off.

  44. Some people smile whenver they hear something horribly sad, it’s a way a body tryind to mediate uncomfortableness. Maybe Rose was trying to mediate her uncomfortableness. Nopt standing up for Rose, but some of the comments here are why rape/ sexual assault is still one of the most underreported crime. Society liks to blame and point fingers. Sad but true.Imagine if Rose is REALLy the victim and then read these comments about her lying.

    1. Yes, some people flashed smiles nervously when feeling uncomfortable and usually when facing the people. But in the pix where Rose nestled on Joe’s shoulder, her captured smile was quite relaxed and not strained at all. Why smile when Joe couldn’t even see her face?

      1. I’d like to add that her facial expression in the pics taken looked like she was in drunk stage.

  45. Well she’s not so innocent after all with all these new photos. She was flirting all right and it looks like she the one who rode behind Benny’s motorcycle. Everyone is at fault.

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