Supermodel Kathy Chow’s Husband Caught Cheating?

In 2012, 45-year-old supermodel Kathy Chow (周汶錡) married businessman Julien Lepeu from France. They welcomed their first son, Jacques in 2015, and their second son Avner in 2017.

For seven years, Kathy and Julien came as a package. Every Valentine’s Day Kathy would update her social media with a blurb about her day with Julien. The couple were inseparable. On Kathy’s 45th birthday last May, Julien had a hand in organizing her birthday party.

But it appears that the couple are unable to surpass the “seven year itch.” Today, Julien was spotted hugging and kissing a foreign woman at a coffee shop in Deep Water Bay. When Kathy was reached out to comment, she angrily replied, “Don’t ask me!”

Julien’s alleged cheating has caught the media off-guard, as there was no build up. As late as this year’s Valentine’s Day, the couple were seen together. Kathy even shared an update. However, the model’s Valentine’s Day photos were the last photos Kathy shared about her husband.

Three days ago, on International Women’s Day, Kathy uploaded a solo picture of herself laying on the beach, wearing a bikini. In a hashtag, she mentioned that “the dad” was caring for the boys that day.

Kathy has been avoiding the media. Paparazzi followed a mini-van leaving Kathy’s residence, but she was not in the car. The driver was on the phone as he drove to another parking garage.

Former model Eunis Chan (陳嘉容), also known for being Kathy’s friend, was reached out to comment. She said, “I’m not sure what’s going on, so I don’t know how to respond to this. I hope it’s not true. Please give Kathy some space.”

Qi Qi (琦琦), Simon Yam’s (任達華) wife and also Kathy’s friend, was also reached for comment. She said, “This is Kathy’s private matter. I have no comment.”


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  1. i’d be more surprised had the media been able to find a friend who’d blast out everything. what do they expect? someone will to spit out everything they know???

  2. hope its not true………….some ppl just cant refuse temptation at all whether being married or not period!!!

    1. @sherla1019 caught red handed by media…now it’s whether she can forgive and forget…and likely forgive again in the future..hee…u know they say ..once a dog ..always a dog.. maybe this dog just wants to change from chinese to western food once in a while..hee

      1. @jingxi2943 He was a cheater before? Wow! Yes, a leopard never changes its spots. Sigh…What a pity. After having kids in her 40’s and it came to this.

  3. Paparazzis are out of news..
    In France, the way of saying hello is to give kisses or hugs to family & friends.
    Not sure why when people see the husband with probably with a family member or friend, it’s on the news he is cheating! sigh!

    1. @doradora1689 if with friends.. Chinese call it humsup’ing .. if with family.. you goto jail .. hee.. no denying la.. cheating is cheating.. if wife takes husband back.. also normal la like other celebrities we know .. hee

    2. @doradora1689
      You bought up a good point but sadly after seeing the photos, he was kissing like a lover or husband kissing a wife. I wonder if Kathy will forgive him? Or are they at the end of the road? I feel so bad for their 2 sons too. He should of thought of his sons when he kissed that woman.

  4. Hmm I can’t post the link but if you google, it show the husband cuddles and kisses the other woman very intimately, not the way French people kiss friends. Very sad.

    1. @jesspepperwang
      Can’t really get more evidence than that. Yawning and kissing like very at ease with each other like an everyday couple. Kathy,Golddigger or not, open pictures like that puts her in a tough situation reputation wise if she wants to pretend nothing happened….

  5. Reporter forgot to reach out her sister Nikki since they’re so nosy. Well if he did cheat it on her then I guess they have to work things out especially for her two kids. Or maybe she will pretend nothing had happened just like the rest of the ladies such as Sammi Cheng, Catherine Hung, Heidi Chan and Vivian Chow they all forgive their husband after the cheating scandal.

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