Joe Ma’s Wild Drunken Photos Surface; Apologizes to Wife for Inconveniences

Since involved in the harassment scandal with Rose Chan (陳嘉桓), Joe Ma’s (馬德鐘) negative news cropped up daily. After rumors that his marriage was failing, a mainland news source claimed that once again, he hugged a woman inappropriately after drinking too much.  Regarding this, Joe indicated that the publication recycled an old incident to fabricate the news. Taking this opportunity to apologize to his wife, who was bothered by the media, Joe also announced that he intended to take a vacation with Mrs. Ma to “save” his marriage!

When Oriental Daily confronted Joe regarding the latest news that he got drunk and once again touched a woman inappropriately, Joe explained helplessly that the photos were taken many years ago. “The photos were taken at a celebratory dinner and we played very uninhibitedly. I got very drunk and had to be escorted out by a crew member. In the photograph was a [female] crew member and not an indecent woman. Afterward, I realized that it was improper to get so drunk.” Deeply reflecting upon the sequence of events that have occurred over the last week, Joe Ma decided to decrease his drinking and socializing habits.

Apologizes to Wife

Taking advantage of this opportunity to apologize to his wife, Joe said, “After the publication of recent tabloid news [of the harassment incident], a reporter sought out my wife at her work location. I hope the media cooperates and will not bother my wife!”

Admitting that his wife was upset over the recent scandal, Joe said, “Many people tried to contact and bother her. I hope she will forgive me! I will not go into the details; I hope the unhappy issues are will quickly pass!”

Rumors claimed that Joe will be joining a new company due to his recent scandal. Joe denied the allegations and noted that after completing his current current drama, he will be filming another series. Afterward, Joe and his wife will go on vacation together.

Yesterday’s media reports claimed that Rose had dated numerous men in the past, including Yang Pan Pan’s (楊盼盼) godson. Rose’s manager and mother, Ronnie, as well as Yang Pan Pan’s godson denied these allegations.


Source: Oriental Daily

Jayne: I get the impression that Joe’s wife was upset by his involvement in the Rose Chan scandal. It sounded a bit inane for Joe to apologize to his wife before the media for the paparazzi’s intrusive ways.

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  1. Jayne, of course she is upset! I am sure his son is also upset.

    Anyway how many times already rumoured the marriage is over?

  2. I am predicting that this whole ordeal will end up being worse for Joe then Benny.

      1. Because Benny has a career in Mainland already and his wife pushed their baby out at a very convenient time. The news of his baby will help him repair whatever damage, and he can pull the redeemed-by-fatherhood card. Also helps that his wife has been publicly supporting him.

        Joe on the other hand? Even if he wanted to re-sign with TVB, they might not want him anymore. Then he needs to restart his career with this scandal hanging over his head. Not to mention that the tabloids seem to be digging for other dirt as this article indicates.

      2. Yes it doesnt help that Joe has a lot of past dirt with pictures.

    1. Sharen Yang is still acting?? Great to know that since I thought that she was only working behind the scenes or has long retired from the circle. I guess artists can return whenever they want to..

  3. It seems pretty obvious that Joe has cheated on her before. She should just divorce him.

  4. Why I have a feeling that his wife knew about her husband’s flirty attitude all the while? She just has to keep one eye closed and ignore her husband’s straying around attitude as long as he didn’t bring girls home?

    1. Maybe Joe always come home begging for forgiveness everytime and she got soft

      1. Dont think shes clueless. Joe has been exposed having an affair in Thailand before and they almost divorced.

      2. If shes not clueless then she’s closing her eyes and thinking JOe will wipe his mouth after eating side dishes outside lol.

        Wonder what made her to stand by his side knowing his dirty behaviour?

      3. If the thailand’s issue nearly caused them to divorce, that shows Joe didn’t change a bit. He still stray around and even he got caught by Rose’s scandal, i doubt this guy will ever change..he’ll stray again and again until his wife leave him for sure.

    2. Maybe she loves Joe so much that she is willing forgive him each time he cheats??Therefore, Joe takes advantage of that and keeps on straying…

      1. Why bother being married if that’s the case? He obviously feels as though he has unfinished business, why settle down? He certainly does not love his wife or it’s just an image thing for him for the media and she gets a share of whatever income he brings home so she’s happy to be in a loveless marriage.

        I just never understand why people cheat and then go running back to their wives, makes no sense to me.

    3. Pardon me for saying this but don’t most of Asia if not all in Asia mostly turn a blind eyes on the husband infidelity? The man is a main breadwinner and the women are staying home to take care of the kids.

      Women in Asia doesn’t have much freedom like in the western country due to public image, neighboring bickering and laugh behind their back. They want to keep face and doesn’t want to others to say behind their back that they are divorced women.

      It is easy for men to remarry again and even with a young chick. But it’s hard for women to remarry especially she had kids.

      10 out of the movies in HK, Taiwanese, or Mainland about family life saying the truth of daily and normal life for Chinese people. The new law said it’s illegal to marry twice and still some men have a 2nd/3rd wife (not legal of course). Why do you think China has more than 1 billion people and have to apply 1 child policy.

      If every man is true to their GF/Wife then why prostitutes exist? It just Joe, and not just him, happens to be a celebrity then the paparazzi follows him and take all these pictures. If he is just an ordinary person no one would care even if he sleeps with someone.

  5. His wife seems not to mind as long as he don’t throw up in public from eating a poisonous meal.

    In other words in the meal is “bought” in a free market at market prices, then others should mind their own business.

    The beast is tired of eating homemake meal even though the homemade meal is healty and taste really good, LOL

    1. That’s what I said about this beastly (hamsup) joe hehehe in my above post. I hope the wife will leave him for good..but I wonder what stop her from divorcing him for good? Financial prob?

      1. probably a combination of issues which include finances, consideration for the children and the love if any that is left 🙂

  6. Men having affair is just disgusting. It’s like someone in the party double dip their chips. Men with lots of sex partner tend to carry herpes virus which can cause cervix cancer to women.

    I heard how women always says bi yi zhi yen( close on eye) and let the husband do whatever he want as long as he knows how to come home. Probably this is his wife approach.

    1. It’s actually the HPV virus that causes cervical cancer in women and it’s only certain strains of HPV virus.

    2. It is not just men but women having affairs is just as disgusting. I guess it hard to find a husband/wife that will remain faithful to one person through their marriage/life. I think that if you know that you cannot stay faithful to one person then why do you even get married in the first place??

  7. Joe is busted. TVB should sign him back, because TVB likes bad boys.

  8. I doubt Joe will be getting a divorce because of this. My belief is that Joe’s wife probably doesn’t want one to begin with. If memory serves me right, Joe has been known to have “female” problems. It’s not the first time and I doubt it will be the last. Joe’s wife has stuck with him and I don’t think this incident is enough to change her position.

    On a side note, I hope Joe does renew his contract with TVB. Maybe Virginia’s intervention is exactly what will make him reconsider.

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