Vivian Chow: “My Husband is More Important Than Myself!”

It’s hard to believe that Vivian Chow (周慧敏) has been in the entertainment industry for 26 years. Her innocent image, complete with a very feminine look of long luscious black hair, big eyes and an oval face has been the dreams of many who grew up in the early 1990s. To promote her upcoming “Journey of Love” concert in Guangzhou on October 27, Vivian shared with the media her current outlook on life and love.

On Her Innocent and Weak Image

Vivian said, “Don’t be fooled by that! I am actually a very independent and strong-willed woman. I think it has to do with the fact that I grew up without a male figure in my life. My father passed away before I was born and I was the only child. While my mother was working to provide for us, I had to become independent and learn how to take care of myself. I believe that my husband, Joe Nieh (倪震), was also fooled by my innocent looks and thought that I was a frail and weak girl!”

On Life After Marriage

“Joe and I are both very independent and strong willed. We’re used to living our own lives, maintaining our own career and friends. Yet I never imaged that getting married would change us.

“After I got married, we became more considerate of each other and always put the other person first. In my heart, my husband is more important than myself! If he doesn’t approve of a proposed job offer, I absolutely will not accept it. Being married makes you selfless because you need to be considerate of your spouse,” Vivian explained of her life after marriage.

Vivian continued, “I truly believe in the vows I said on my wedding day.  In order to maintain a fulfilling marriage, we need to respect and value one another.”

To this day, aside from the fact Vivian is married to Joe, not much has changed about her, including her youthful innocent looks and charm!


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  1. Yes. I was fool by her innocent look as well 🙂 she is nice and talent actress with warm heart. Support Vivian. Just wonder if she has any kid?

  2. unbelievable that she still look so beautifull at this age. she was my dreamgirl when i was a teenager

  3. Most people would never guess her age right, some probaly ask her for a date.

  4. Pretty damn jealous of Joe, hope to find such a significant other!

  5. I hope Joe will keep his vow and respect Vivian. He cheated on her and she reprimanded him by rewarding him with a wedding paid by her very own pocket (Ok ok jk..i dont know who paid but seems like she’s the breadwinner).

    1. i know, i think alot of HK women called her dump too to finally married the guy who was unfaithful while they were living together. Keeps his vows???? who knows ahhaa….she still looks pretty good thou.

  6. Good genes are just that. And this woman has them in spades.

    1. agree Vivian looks very good, despite her chronological age.

      but the nose esp in the above picture – it does NOT quite look au-naturel.

  7. This is not surprising. Her husband would have to be more “important” then herself since she is willing to put up with is infidelties.

      1. Very stupidly blind.

        She has everything. The old school good-wifely qualities .. the filial piety to elders (both her own mom and her in laws) … thrift .. the UNmercenary traits (ie not a gold digger – rare among her showbiz peers) … the looks (and aging well too) that so many men would kill for to have in their lifetime companion.

        Every dude out there had her picture up in their lockers when they were serving the SG army. And she was such a down to earth girl next door kind of healthy image too.

        Imagine Vivian’s available willing admirers, old and young.

        *Sighs* And she settles for this non- looker (supposedly talented but produces nothing much in their marriage, except infidelity and scandals) … and she’s such a supportive positive wife to him, and good daughter in law to his aging parents.

        Is she masochistic?

    1. They do live independent lives like she said. Or didn’t she mean that?

    2. my thoughts exactly. haha LOL… alot of women can be like that. sounds stupid and dump in a way but perhaps some say love is blind is true then. sigh…
      i remember the Rihanna & Chris Brown situation, she went on to Oprah saying she was more concerned for her b/f who beat her up then herself. ?????? Hello, the guy beat u you and you still consider how the police or the public is going to see him? Sigh, unbelievable… talk about self denial.

      1. Rihanna? Not self denial but rather she too have a part to play but the media never looked that way. she would never have reported it if no one else found out.

  8. i used to have a poster of her on my wall when i was a little girl. i wanted to look as pretty as her. is there anymore news about her?

  9. Vivian looks incredibly youthful and pretty! She beats all the current fadan at TVB hands down!

    1. Her features may look young but look at her neck and hands, can never hide age there. And isn’t she bored with the same hair she has had for like how long?

      1. she cuts her own hair, i think i recall reading somewhere.

        and the eyes – normally those are a dead giveaway to the sadness, or hard knocks that all the youthful looks cannot disguise.

        her nose – to me, it doesn’t look like it was what she might have been born with ie it might have been ahem, enhanced.

    2. The photo is most probably air-brush. I saw her on TV when she came back to the limelight and her age is apparent.

  10. That’s something her husband still appeal her that made her so faithful to her flirty husband.. sigh.

  11. unbelievable …….look at her and she is almost perfect …. Keep it up Vivian 🙂

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