Vivian Chow and Joe Nieh’s Marriage Flashing a Red Light?

Although 46-year-old Vivian Chow (周慧敏) claimed her marriage with husband Joe Nieh (倪震) is a happy one, the couple appears to be living separate lives. Local reporters have not witnessed them out on the streets together for a while, and the differences between the couple seems to be growing with time. While Vivian busies herself each day with a full-packed work schedule, Joe sits passively at home.

According to tabloids, Vivian and Joe’s marriage is currently at risk. Vivian is allegedly still scarred by Joe’s kissing university student, Miffty Cheung (張茆), at a bar in 2008. Although Joe resolved the matter with Vivian in two weeks and the two engaged in a flash marriage, Vivian reportedly has not forgiven him completely over the years and still harbors distrust.

The issue flared up again recently when Miffty announced she is married and three months pregnant with her foreign husband. Joe experienced a drastic change in personality after learning the news, and has since adopted the lifestyle of a couch potato.

Idle Husband

Instead of being productive, Joe remains passive at home all day. Tabloids claimed his daily life consists of watching DVDs and browsing through stock statistics. Joe had a swollen face and a bulging belly when he was spotted him outdoors. Other times, he tried to hide himself by wearing a facemask and cap. Joe appeared to be very afraid of reporters and walked away nervously in the other direction.

On the other hand, Vivian is extremely busy shooting advertisements, preparing for her concert, and heading to Taiwan to shoot new movie, Café Waiting Love <等一個人咖啡>. Keeping a perfectly fit and slim figure, Vivian took up beauty endorsement jobs and possesses a high market value. There was a time when she reportedly earned half a billion HKD in only six months. Since Joe’s billiard business went downhill, he allegedly fully depends on his wife.

Busy Wife

Since her comeback to the entertainment industry, Vivian has been popular with beauty brands. Although she is 46-years old, she possesses a slim figure and youthful looks, which is helped by her 40-minute gym workout every day. Vivian shared that other her secrets include drinking healthy soup and taking daily vitamin supplements. “Most importantly, take everything easily and maintain a happy mood,” she added.

Aside from filming commercials, Vivian’s income also comes from concert performances.  She has been busily promoting her new film Café Waiting Love <等一個人咖啡> in Taiwan recently.” She appears to move in different social circles than Joe and the couple pursues their own interests separately outside the home.


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    1. Call me cruel or whatsoever but ishhh she isn’t 18/22 or even 30 to be NAIVE!!
      she choosed to get married with a CHEATER, that’s the price to pay!

    2. Why do the women always get blamed and criticised when a marriage breaks down like that? The man is the scumbag here for not being loyal and irresponsible as a husband.

      1. Not all women are blamed. The reason why she is to blame is because she knew he was a cheater and she still married him anyways. If he never had any rumors of cheating but later in marriage he cheated then people wouldn’t look down upon her as much. She knew what she was getting into.

      2. Joe Nieh (倪震)did not came out from his mother’s womb because he came out from his father a55hole. LOL! 😀

      3. My question is why Did she married him knowing he cheated on you!

  1. I guess with Vivian working f/t now, Joe doesn’t have to worth about the financial aspect.

  2. I have no idea why she’s still with him. I would have left a long time ago.

    1. “I would have left a long time ago.”

      Agreed, like before the marriage. haha 🙂

  3. We may not understand, some ppl are comfortable with a long term relationship. Eventhough they may not be happy, but they still want to be together, strange but lots of ppl are like this. Husband & wife may be staying under the same roof, but they may not be talking to each other. Some of them lives in separate beds like house mates instead of husband & wife. Hmmm I don’t know what to say, it’s just not healthy.

  4. she has the full package and you know love life is just the only thing she doesn’t have. We can’t have everything perfect so this is just something you can’t explain, love is blind and this is called her life is meant to be this way.

    1. Why is her life meant to be this way?

      Vivian had choices – marrying him may have been one mistake, turning a blind eye was a bad move.

      >>> flared up again recently when Miffty announced she is married and three months pregnant with her foreign husband. Joe experienced a drastic change in personality after learning the news,

      What’s his problem? He never got over that student he was caught with? Vivian was the tigress who nipped their illicit romance in the bud, and he still has the hots for her?

      If so, Vivian should have left them both to it.

      1. You will learn what I meant when you grow up =)

  5. I remember admiring her so much when I was young. Which she made a better decision. If I were her I’d have a difficult time ending a relationship that’s been going on for 20 yrs too. But wasn’t it known that he cheated multiple times already? Sigh, she should’ve been smarter than that…

    1. When you have dated someone that long and are in life,it is hard to just let go even when they have done wrong. Love sadly makes you do foolish things.

    2. When it comes to “love” it has nothing to do with smartness. Some people are just so soft hearted and easily to forgive other.

  6. Celebrities like Vivian Chow and Angelica Lee who married losers are just losers themselves. Instead of being a good role model in today society, they show the weak side of being a married woman who needs to clean up all their loser husband’s crap and almost swallowing those crap themselves! Behind all those flashlights, they are just living a pathetic life!

    1. That is a mean way of saying it. They were in love and sadly when you are in love,you tend to do many foolish things that you normally would not do. I guess you have never been in love.

      1. Excuse me! Do you even know me personally to know I’ve never been in love? Everybody here is giving their 2 cents worth of comments (including you)! So what gives you the right to judge me? Just because you like to comment on other people’s comment? Like you always say the sweetest thing here on this site? So I guess you are one of those in-love-a-million-times-losers out there?

      2. And oh yes I’m mean! So what? Not everyone is an angel here with their comments! Why are you picking on mine? Are you somehow related to those losers and their good wives?

    2. Do you know them personally to know that they are losers just because they have stayed with their cheating husbands?

    3. Wow…. Niq8803, yes everyone has the rights to comment, but your comment was merely critisizing these two women, and like HeTieShou said, you were pretty bashful. You may hv a good head on your shoulder or luckier lovelife to not fall in love with men like them, but those harsh comments were totally uncalled for. Sometimes there are things better left unsaid. Things that hurt people. What do you get by bashing their intelligence or morals? Are you any better when your comments show otherwise?

    4. To Niq8803,
      I think it’s very unkind to say those, I’m sorry that I’ve to say this. Who on earth wants to marry someone lousy? If we’ve the ability to see what future has to offer some of us wouldn’t have married the wrong persons. Celebrities or politicians etc etc are human beings too. You mean just because of their professionals they’ve to marry the right person and once they found out they married someone that you called a loser they should divorce them is it? Can I presume you’re still not married? It’s sometimes very easy for us to say this and that, but then again you just ask yourself who wouldn’t want to marry a great person (great looks, good personality, makes a lot of money, loving, caring etc etc?) Who would want to marry someone the opposite. If they knew they their married life is going to end up in such ways, I bet they wont get married. We don’t really need to look at celebrities or politicians, royalties as our role models. You choose how you want your life to be. If you’re still not married, I hope you would end up marrying a great person and not someone like Vivian’s husband or Angelica’s husband. Remember non of us are perfect, we’re all imperfect and we’ve our own weaknesses and flaws.

  7. Shame she married a loser, but it might not be as bad as the media portrays.

    1. Agree and the media likes yo exaggerate things like always.

      1. You never know, they may have agreed to an open marriage and she can’t do anything about it now! I feel sad for Vivian but I have to say, this flower had heaps of land to choose from yet chose this cow pat.

  8. If this is true,I feel bad for Vivian but she made the earring decision and probably thought that she can change Joe after marrying him. I guess that may not have been the case.

    1. Meant to say wrong. It is sad that in life when we make decisions they continue to haunt us and sadly in some cases for the rest of our lives.

  9. 46 years old and she still looks fantastic.

    1. Keep in mind this picture is 5-6 years ago. I don’t even know what she looks like now.

  10. She could have been a happy married woman with kids by now.. but selfish Joe didn’t want kids with her… so she changed her mind and opted not to have kids.. sigh

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