Steven Ma Injured On Set “Property Protector”

Steven Ma (馬浚偉) was filming a scene for Property Protector <守業者> on today, when a stuntman accidentally flung his gun towards him, hitting Steven’s eye and nose. Steven’s left eye corner immediately swelled up and his nose bled. Producer Leung Choi Yuen (梁材遠) accompanied him to the hospital for an emergency check up. After performing x-rays, the doctor determined that Steven has from two fractures on his nose.

When asked about the accident, Steven shared, “The doctor told me to wait for the fractures to heal on their own. I would only need surgery if they don’t.” Asked if the injuries would hinder the filming progress, Steven said, “Of course! My eye is swollen. I have to wait for the swelling to reduce on its own, so I will not be able to film for a few days.”

Prior to the incident, Steven attended the promotional event for his new album, Cherish. He was able to invite his idol Vivian Chow (周慧敏) to the event, and looked shy standing next to the goddess from his schoolboy days. Steven presented Vivian with several gifts on stage, including flowers, a crystal cat, and a light board written with the words “Beloved Vivian Chow”. Steven also brought his large collection of Vivian’s idol foil cards and asked for autographs.

The highlight of the event was when Vivian revealed Steven’s big secret. While on stage, Vivian remarked that when Steven made his debut, she thought he looked very familiar, as if she had seen him somewhere before. When asked, Steven replied coyly, “I was not called Ma Chun Wai when I attended your fan club meetings!” It turns out, Steven was a first-generation member of Vivian’s official fan club, and had participated under his birth name Ma Chi Wai (馬志偉).

Reporters asked Steven how Vivian discovered his secret identity, Steven confessed, “About 6 or 7 years ago, at a friend’s wedding. My friend is Vivian’s fan club leader. I saw Vivian at the wedding and wondered what she was doing there. I was already in the industry so she knew who I was. I went up to her to say hi… and we chatted. I then revealed that I am a big fan of hers.”

Source: Oriental Daily

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  1. that’s really bad! the stuntman should be more careful! maybe tvb pay him peanuts!

  2. Is it just this drama or are all dramas like this? But there is certainly a lot of injuries/fatigue for many of the cast members. Usually we hear about like one actor getting hurt in a drama while filming.

    1. I agree-this drama in particular seems to be running with bad luck…so far all news of artists’ filming for this series either falls severely ill, very fatigue, or injured on set. Low pay, little sleep-okay fine, but at least put in the effort to take care of your artists’ tbb -.-“

  3. Steven ma looks a bit like Wooyoung from 2pm

  4. arr. Vivian still look very attractive. Why didn’t tvb try to court her to come back for new series.

    1. TVB did try to recruit Vivian…but she turned them down (remember there was that news a couple months ago that Eric Tsang tried to recruit her for Aerobic Girls?). She said that she will still collaborate with TVB in terms of filming specialty programs (i.e. travelogues, music-related programs, etc.) but not filming series.

  5. man- I hope he fully recovers from the fractures..

  6. Poor guy! Hope he’ll recover with no problem and not have to have surgery! His crush on Vivian is so cute and man she still look so good!!!

  7. I am a big fan of hers too! She is pretty inside and out. Authentic!

  8. Well if there are stunts there are bound to be risks of injuries. A fractured nose sounds really painful. Hope Steven will recover in no time! On another note, it’s really cute reading that Steven, a man with a strong personality, would be shy when he’s around Vivian.

  9. steven’s injury sounds worse than tavia but look who has more news about it and gets better treatment at hospital. that’s how tvb work the biological child gets better treatment

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