Steven Ma Fulfills Education Dream

In recent years, many TVB artistes have taken an interest in pursuing higher education alongside their acting career, some even opting to leave the industry in pursuit of a degree. Recently having graduated with a master’s degree from Beijing University, Steven Ma (馬浚偉) shares why going back to school  meant so much to him.

Growing up in a family of seven, with his dad working as a train conductor and his mom working in garment industry, Steven began working early on to help out financially. Unable to attend university right after high school, Steven entered the entertainment industry instead.

Leaving TVB in 2012, Steven has made impressive achievements beyond acting. He wrote and directed his own stage productions and made his directorial debut with Till We Meet Again <生前約死後>, which was based on his own suffering when his mother passed away from cancer. Most recently, he is working on his third stage production, 40-Year-Old CEO <男人40 CEO>.

Despite his diverse experience, Steven wanted to continue improving his professional knowledge and decided to pursue an Executive Master of Business Administration at Beijing University. While he was enrolled in his master’s program, Steven recalls splitting his time between Hong Kong and Beijing and juggling multiple items on his plate. However, the last leg of Steven’s study was impacted by COVID-19, and some of his classes were delayed but he still had to hand in his thesis on time. Steven expressed, “I’m really happy – I wrote 30,000 words for my thesis paper and put a lot of hard work into writing it. I did my oral exam for the thesis online as well.”

Completing his masters degree is a dream come true for Steven. Grasping every opportunity given to him, Steven understands that learning never stops and the true sense of satisfaction that knowledge gives.

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Steven Ma Finishes Thesis for EMBA

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