Steven Ma Invites Annie Liu on New Talk Show

In the newest episode of his new talk show, Fate Comes from Coffee <緣來自咖啡>, Steven Ma (馬浚偉) invited his Deep in the Realm of Conscience <宮心計2深宮計> costar, Annie Liu (劉心悠), as a special guest.

Full of compliments and praises for Annie, Steven recalled how he and Annie often brought food from home for lunch during filming. As both are conscientious about their health, Steven expressed, “Annie is hardworking and professional. She is someone who is very structured and knows how she wants to approach and live her life. She truly is very self-disciplined and meticulous. I admire her lifestyle. In the entertainment industry, she is someone who can stand by her beliefs and values. She has her own style and philosophy. She often says that there is no need to spend time and effort to be unhappy. Instead, one should save their energy on other things. She is very wise.”

In return, Annie was also full of praise for Steven as well. Referring to him as an older brother, Annie complimented Steven for his attentive and caring side. The last time the duo saw one another was when Annie attended one of Steven’s stage play performances. Annie commended Steven’s passion for acting, as he often expands his resume by participating in a variety of different projects.

Fate Comes from Coffee is produced by Steven’s production studio. Since enrolling in the EMBA program at Peking University two years ago, Steven has applied his acquired management skills in his ventures in his company’s film productions and stage plays, as well as his café and tutoring school.


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