Ron Ng and Annie Liu Remember Liu Kai Chi

Premiering on August 5, Ladies Market <女人街,再見了>, one of late actor Liu Kai Chi’s (廖啟智) five posthumous works, narrates heart-warming stories taking place in Hong Kong’s Ladies’ Market. The film also stars Annie Liu (劉心悠) and Ron Ng (吳卓羲).

Annie Liu Embroiled in Gang Pursuit

“Old Shirt” (Liu Kai Chi) and Xiao Dong (Dick Liu 梁珈榕) are non-blood related strangers who live like father and son, with warm companionship of their neighbors in a low-income community, along with Pui Yee (Annie Liu) and Tze Ho (Ron Ng). The group lives hand-to-mouth at Ladies’ Market.

Taking on yet another challenging role, Annie plays cargo transport worker Pui Yee, who drives a heavy truck around the streets of seedy Mongkok, and moves cargo daily under the sweltering heat.

Tze Ho is a gruff gang member who initially bullies Pui Yee, and later gets on her chase as his triad leader accidentally leaves important “goods” on her truck. Seeing Pui Yee getting innocently embroiled in the perilous goods-snatching war and pursued by various parties with vested interests, he eventually decides to help her make an escape at a corner of Mongkok in the wee hours. Sharing several life-and-death experiences, the duo resolves their initial feelings of animosity, and draw closer on realizing they had been primary school classmates.

Remembering Liu Kai Chi’s Dedication to Craft

While Ron and Annie did not have many scenes with Liu Kai Chi, the late actor left a deep imprint on them with his professionalism and efforts to coaching younger actors.

Annie recalled a heartfelt scene when Liu Kai Chi’s character gave his son a beating, as the veteran actor, who had a gentle demeanor in person immediately transformed into his onscreen character once the cameras rolled. He used a clothes hanger to give Dongzai a merciless beating and successfully got the child actor into character as he shed tears of desperation. Annie, who had to mediate between the father-and-son pair, was touched by powerful emotions which pervaded the set.

Ron also benefitted from the late actor’s guidance. “He had a very in-depth understanding of his character. He would do a lot of homework, and this made his performance a very layered one.” The actor also gained from Liu Kai Chi’s sharing of acting pointers from his keen observations of Ron’s delivery on set.

News of Liu Kai Chi’s demise from stomach cancer in March came as a shock and saddened many in the industry. The acclaimed actor was 66 when he succumbed to the illness. Other works in his oeuvre which have yet to be screened include: Back to the Past <寻秦记>, Be Water, My Friend <骄阳岁月>, The Attorney <一级指控>, and Only Fathers Are Good <世上只有爸爸好>.

“Ladies Market” Trailer

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Liu Kai Chi Passes Away from Stomach Cancer

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  1. I was thinking about him the other day and how I will miss seeing him act. He was a large part of my childhood entertainment.

    Watching the trailer, it’s nice to see so many familiar faces.

  2. Wonder what year was this movie? Definitely missed uncle chi very much. From the picture above of Annie I thought she’s Cecilia Cheung they looks so much alike.

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