Liu Kai Chi Passes Away from Stomach Cancer

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Liu Kai Chi Passes Away from Stomach Cancer

Diagnosed with stomach cancer last December, 66-year-old Hong Kong actor Liu Kai Chi (廖啟智) passed away on March 28. Last week, the actor remained positive in facing his illness despite being hospitalized for an emergency procedure. A hardworking but always modest actor, Liu Kai Chi’s legacy will continue to live on through his contributions to the Hong Kong television and film industry.

After graduating from TVB’s 8th Artiste Training Class in 1979, Liu Kai Chi worked at TVB for over three decades before filming with other TV stations. He starred in HKTV dramas The Borderline <警界線> and The Election <選戰>, and also ViuTV’s Limited Education <教束>.  

Receiving deserved recognition in the film industry, Liu Kai Chi won Best Supporting Actor at the Hong Kong Film Awards in 1993 and 2009 for his performances in Cageman <籠民> and Beast Stalker <証人>.

His Last Wish

Passionate about the performing arts, Liu Kai Chi worked extensively to help young actors and newcomers. He became a lecturer at the Hong Kong Baptist University in 2010. He read many books about acting theories and wanted to share his diverse experiences with his students. Unlike traditional lecturers, Liu Kai Chi would often interact with his students outside the classroom in order to improve communication.

He also helped raise funds for the university’s “Greenlight Project,” an initiative to help youths with filming their first movie. Although Liu Kai Chi had intentions of taking part in a film by the university graduates, he had to decline due to his deteriorating health. His good friend, actor/director Tin Kai Man (田啟文) promised to fulfill Liu Kai Chi’s last wish in guiding his students and seeing the film project to completion.

Was Not Afraid of Death

Liu Kai Chi’s wife, Barbara Chan (陳敏兒), who met and fell in love with the actor at TVB’s 8th Artiste Training Class, is grieving over his death but believes he is now at a better place. The couple had three sons, but their 6-year-old son died of leukemia in 2006. Their son’s heartbreaking death dealt a deep blow on the couple and took years to heal, but they emerged as a stronger family afterward.

Due to experiencing the painful loss of his son and his Christian faith, Liu Kai Chi was not afraid of death despite his battle with stomach cancer. “There are always flaws in life. Don’t be afraid to face suffering. After experiencing it, life is then complete. Even if it is suffering, God must have his good intentions. I’m not afraid of a short life. Even if I die tomorrow, I don’t mind. Death is painful, but I am not afraid,” the actor said.

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Liu Kai Chi and Barbara Chan Experienced Heartbreaking Death of Son

12 comments to Liu Kai Chi Passes Away from Stomach Cancer

  1. yuyu says:

    Another great actor whom will be truly missed 🙁

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  2. m0m0 says:

    i enjoy his shows and would see a show b/c of him. he was a great actor and will be missed.

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  3. exodus says:

    Agree with the rest, a very great and humble actor. Love watching him in his diversity.

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  4. sherla1019 says:

    RIP another wonderful veteran artist passing

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  5. theyenman says:

    RIP. His acceptance speech when he got his acting award and talking about his son brought me to tears. He seemed like such a humble and good person who had to face a tragedy no parent would ever want to face. One of the best and underrated actors in HK.

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  6. vodka says:

    He passing truly hits me hard as he was tremendous a very good actor grew up watching him as a kid doing many support roles… HK lost another valuable actor it’s a very sad week !!!

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  7. abcd says:

    I really feel bad… He had such a hard life. I’m just glad he left tvb and finally got to make a big imprint for himself. But even if he didn’t, he was still one of my favorite actors. He’s always been very kind and humble, even when he won his hkfa, he was thanking many people for his win. He will be missed.

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  8. bubbles23 says:

    A prolific actor. His work with HKTV was so good. A shame they couldn’t collaborate more.

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  9. winnie says:

    RIP … another beloved actor taken too soon. He will be missed. Condolences to his family and friends

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  10. cutie777 says:

    This is sad so many veterans actors had passed away so soon. First it was Elliot Ngok? Ha Ping? Lily Leung? Savior Tsang? Ng Man Tat? Now it’s Liu Ka Chi. May he Rest In Peace. All of them are such a great actor will be missed for sure.

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  11. tt23 says:

    It honestly breaks my heart, his family has been through so much… I can’t imagine what it was like to loose a child but to get through, that is incredible. I hope that strength will help his wife and kids move forward from this and not take it too hard. Honestly, too young and cancer sucks.

    I echo everyone’s comments here — a great actor that was under appreciated and just a kind person. RIP.

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  12. abcd says:

    Not sure if anyone is still reading this page, but Liu Kai Chi won best actor award in Malaysia for the movie Love Endures. You guys should check it out.

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