Ali Lee is Grateful Towards Liu Kai Chi’s Mentorship

Currently seen in Beauty and the Boss <愛美麗狂想曲>, Ali Lee‘s (李佳芯) 2016 drama Law Dis-Order <律政強人> is being re-broadcast at midnight. Reminiscing the time she worked with late actor, Liu Kai Chi (廖啟智), Ali felt lucky to have received his mentorship on the filming set and still remembers his advice until this day.

Although Law Dis-Order was the first time Ali had a leading role, she was still relatively inexperienced at that time. Having to film a scene from a long range shot, she was uncertain how to act out the scene since the cameras were not close by. Fortunately, Liu Kai Chi was there to help.

“He told me, ‘a good artiste needs to pay attention to where the cameras are located at all times. Besides acting, memorizing your lines, and being in character, you have to always look at the camera. You have to know where the cameras are facing and be able to work alongside them.’ Prior to that, I only concentrated on memorizing my lines and getting into character. I forgot my external surroundings, including the cameras, machinery, and lighting. You need to be very aware as an artist, and his advice really made me realize that doing your part alone is not enough,” Ali revealed.

Despite Ali’s first time in a leading role, Liu Kai Chi openly praised her for having the potential for Best Actress. It turns out that Liu Kai Chi had foresight as Ali won the award two years later in Who Wants a Baby? <BB來了>. While they did not remain in contact after Law Dis-Order, Ali felt grateful for Liu Kai Chi’s mentorship.

As to upcoming projects, there was buzz that Ali may be part of Big White Duel 3 <白色強人 3> when Natalie Tong (唐詩詠) recently uploaded a photo on her Instagram and captioned it, “Us three,” hinting at a reunion with Ali as a possibility in the third installment of Big White Duel. In response to the rumors, Ali expressed, “I haven’t received any notices yet – maybe Natalie was notified first! They’re still filming the second installment, so I don’t think they’ve decided on the third one yet. We’re not even sure if there will be a third installment.”

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  1. Currently re-watching Law Dis-Order. Liu Kai Chi insanely good as the villain. Hate his character to the core. Amazing that yearly there are absolute gems of performances ignored at the end of year awards….

  2. I rewatched this as they’ve been promoting it on YouTube. Agree with @jimmyszeto, Liu Kai Chi was so good in it.

    I actually didn’t think Ali was that great in the show, I didn’t see any “Best Actress” material like this article talks about and the character development was barely there, it was painful to watch her to be honest. And I love Ali lol

    1. @tt23 I feel the same. Watched a clip of Law disOrder and Ali was super bland in it. She was even better in her earlier dramas. Strange it was this law drama that brought her to lead status. RIP Uncle Chi.

      1. @bubbles23 I actually began noticing her in this show…. not solid acting but came across as natural. I gave up on TVB then so only watched bits of the show when my mum was watching and that was the comment I made to my mum.

    2. @tt23
      At the time I knew how good Liu Kai Chi’s performance was because I hated the character so much but re-watching I’m even more focused on his expressions and the details in his acting and it’s unreal. Can’t believe a few years ago prior to this series, this powerhouse actor was given feeble dad roles and minor comedy relief support. Ali is just as usual very photogenic in the series but had the same few expressions in every scene. It’s very solid for a first time lead as didn’t feel like she was reciting lines at all or overacting like other promoted female leads. Considering at the time Ali had mainly played mistresses or minor cameos.

    3. @tt23 Perhaps what Liu Kai Chi saw was the “potential” in Ali although she wasn’t that good at the time. She has improved leap and bound since then and deserved her Best Actress award. I am watching her in “Beauty and the Boss” and just found her acting expression very precise. She also looks very pretty in that drama.

      1. @terry123 okay yeah I totally see that. Perhaps like in working with her he gave her advice and feedback that helped her.

        Oh she’s sooo pretty in beauty and the boss. I love her character.

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