Annie Liu Marries Younger Boyfriend

Taiwanese actress, Annie Liu (劉心悠), 41, secretly gotten married with her non-celebrity boyfriend on December 31. Younger than Annie by a few years, her husband is a regular office worker. They had a low-key wedding with only family members in attendance. Annie confirmed her marriage, expressing her happiness at finding her life partner and thanked everyone for their well wishes.

It was previously reported that Annie had recently bought her first property for $22.5 million Hong Kong dollars. The unit is 2,100 square feet and has four rooms. Always wanting to buy real estate, Annie took advantage on the recent drop in the housing market after finding the perfect home. Given the timing of her condo purchase, it was likely for her new marriage.

Despite her roots in Taiwan, Annie came to Hong Kong in 2005 to build her career. In 2011, she gained fame in China with Scarlet Heart <步步驚心>. She always had a positive image and rarely had any romantic rumors, leaving much of her love life a mystery. However in 2020, there were rumors that she was a lesbian after netizens discovered a post by a Canadian woman, who shared that she had been dating a “third-line actress” for two years. Based on the description of the actress, netizens suspected that it was Annie. She later responded on social media dismissing these allegations as false.

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  1. I thought I thought she was a$exual! She mentioned she has a hard time connecting with the opposite gender. I’m happy for her, but boy is she good at hiding the truth! I wonder how long they dated

  2. Good for her and the office worker! Us regular guys do have a chance . Congrats to them both. She is a cutie.

    1. regular guys (and girls) have a chance only if the actor/actress is down to earth instead of having eyes only on marrying into wealth and status.

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