Kevin Cheng, Annie Liu Attend Premiere for “The Invincible Dragon”

At the premiere for  The Invincible Dragon <九龍不敗>, Kevin Cheng (鄭嘉穎) and Annie Liu (劉心悠) shared some of the hiccups the crew experienced during the filming of the movie.

Kevin said, “I play an officer from Macau. In one scene, I was chasing after Max Zhang (張晉) and the director told me that I need to run out of a certain building. When I entered that building, a security guard asked what I was doing and said I wasn’t supposed to be there. After filming, I was having coffee with my assistant when I received a call from the police station. They said I was wanted by the police because apparently, we didn’t apply for a filming permit at the location. We had to visit the Macau police station where the entire crew was taken in for questioning. My face was caught on the CCTV so I had to go in as well. But it wasn’t a major incident – I’ll treat it as a life lesson. I was I there for over 10 hours. But the Macau police officers were really nice, they even asked what I wanted to eat.”

It has been eight years since Kevin last worked with Annie Liu (劉心悠), his co-star from Chinese drama Scarlet Heart <步步驚心>.  When it was her turn to talk about moments on set The Invincible Dragon, Annie revealed her unusual image in the movie.

She expressed, “In the movie, I play a woman who had her breasts cut off. I had to bind my chest and wear a piece of artificial skin on my chest. When I was getting makeup done, the makeup artistes were drawing on my chest. It was pretty interesting. In another scene, I had to show Max my chest. Although the filming process was very difficult since I had to run around with my chest bound, it was also very unforgettable.”

“The Invincible Dragon” Trailer

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