Max Zhang on Working with UFC Champion Anderson Silva for “Invincible Dragon”

Starring Max Zhang (張晉), Annie Liu (劉心悠), Kevin Cheng (鄭嘉穎), Stephy Tang (鄧麗欣), and Brazilian MMA champion “The Spider” Anderson Silva, action film Invincible Dragon <九龍不敗> follows a police sergeant from Kowloon, Hong Kong who gets ambushed while investing the death of a female cop. Upon discovering that his fiancée’s disappearance may be related to a similar incident in Macau, he travels to the city of dreams to investigate, only to discover his complicated relationship with the true killer.

The film directed by Fruit Chan (陳果) is Anderson Silva’s first Hong Kong movie, and one of his first scenes was a fight sequence with Max Zhang. The UFC champion said he’s always been a fan of Hong Kong kung fu films, specifically the works of action choreographer Stephen Tung (董瑋). “I’m grateful for this opportunity,” he said. “He has a lot of experience, and I’ve also learned a lot from him.”

Anderson Silva has set a UFC record of 16 consecutive wins, putting him as one of the greatest mixed martial artists of all time. He regards martial artists Bruce Lee (李小龍) and Muhammad Ali as his “personal heroes.”

On working with Max Zhang, the 44-year-old said, “I’m so happy that I get to work with Max. I’ve seen some of his films before, and he’s been a great help when it comes to filming with different camera angles. When I’m working with him, I can tell how passionate he is of his craft, and how respectful he is towards others.”

Max Zhang said, “Anderson Silva throws powerful punches, but he’s a very sincere guy. His character in the film is a villain, but he is completely the opposite of that in real life.”


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