Max Zhang Gives Update on Ada Choi’s Postpartum Condition

Max is clueless as to whether his wife has $150 million HKD in assets.

At a recent event as, actor Max Zhang (張晉) shared about his wife Ada Choi’s (蔡少芬) condition after the birth of their third child on November 19. Despite the tough pregnancy and now caring for their newborn son, Ada is enjoying every stage of motherhood, as pregnancy is an experience that she would probably not have again this lifetime.

Son Resembles Young Max

When asked if he has been “fighting” Ada in taking care of their youngest son, Max laughed, “No need, she also needs my help. This baby sleeps all day. Sometimes, baby will fall asleep once Ada starts feeding him, and she will prod me to help wake him up. He sleeps even more soundly when I carry him. I take charge of bathing and changing his diapers, as she should not have contact with water during her postpartum confinement.”

Max revealed that their two daughters would also dote on their little brother, such as helping to pass towels and diapers, in addition to kissing and hugging him. His son resembles him in his childhood, something which Ada agreed with as she too mentioned “holding the baby is like holding a child version of Max.”

Praises Wife for Handling Family Matters Well

When asked if they would move into a bigger house now that there is a new addition to the family, Max answered, “Only if we can afford it.” He explained that they would live in their current home as long as it is comfortable for them. Also, his two daughters prefer to sleep on the same bed. Furthermore, he dislikes moving, and would only do so because Ada loves seeking novelty.

As for whether Ada has $150 million HKD worth of assets, he replied, “I don’t know. I really don’t know.” Asked if his wife is frugal with money, the 45-year-old actor said, “She has a way of organizing the family. It is a virtue to be maximizing the use of things that are still practical. To have her as my wife is a blessing of three lifetimes!”


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  1. Seriously lucky man to have a child at this stage of life and not mind it. Having multiple children is hard work, the baby stage is the simplest, it gets harder as they age.

    1. @m0m0 Yup and that they still have the heart to do it all over again when they had 2 already. Gotta hand it to them. I was at my mom’s the other day and she said there’s this TVB actor who’s wife is 52/53 and just had a kid too both around same age but the wife looks much much older than 52. OMG. haha..Can you imagine having a kid at that age some might rather be a grandparent instead of parenting at that age. haha lol…..You gotta hand it to them. and let’s not forget Richard Gere… hahah LOL…I was on goggle news and there it was that day. haha OMG….

      1. @wm2017 Lol. Look at Donald Trump for his age he still can start over again. I’m sure there’s more like that out there somewhere.

  2. So happy for them and just more of a reminder that you can still have kids naturally and healthily even at 45-46. My aunt had her last kid at 46 and my cousin is perfectly healthy. Glad she was able to have a boy finally.

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