Ada Choi Shows Off Multi-Tasking 101 in the Kitchen 

Taking care of her three children at home, Ada Choi (蔡少芬) shared a photo of herself cooking while carrying her son in one arm, with a leg raised near the stovetop!

Despite juggling her career and family duties, Ada finds joy in caring for her family’s needs personally, so husband Max Zhang (張晉) can focus on work with greater peace-of-mind.

The 47-year-old actress would regularly update her social media with snippets of family life, winning supportive comments from netizens. Recently, she posted a photo of herself carrying her one year-old plus son Zhang Lok Yi (張樂兒) with her left arm, with her left leg up on the kitchen countertop while cooking with her right hand.

The baby’s helpless-looking expression is super adorable, while Ada too makes fun of herself in the caption. “Is this seller showing off her denims? Cooking pan? Showing off her son? Or her life?” she cheekily wrote, referencing to the live-selling trend.

Ada’s carefree post is at odds with her usual image, eliciting netizen comments such as “This is Chinese kungfu” and “Sis’s kungfu is great, cooking while child-caring at the same time.” Some comments referenced her husband Max’s martial arts prowess, “Showing off the kungfu skills you’ve mastered as Mrs Zhang,” “This skill is not bad,” and “cooking and training at the same time.”

Source: China Press

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      1. @conan2209 The kitchen top is high and she could have used a stool to put her leg up but maybe if its for quick cooking she didn’t feel the need.
        Personally I’d put my kid in a covered playpen with wheels and push it nearby so I can keep an eye while I’m cooking or bathe with bathroom door open. I’d be worried carrying while near a hot stove in case of accidents.
        Being a parent with no help when partner is not around is not an easy job.

      2. @conan2209 I’m guessing she was holding her son in both arms and realized she had to flip something with her spatula. So rather than go through the hassle of grabbing a stool first, she just improvised on the spot and used the counter really quickly to be able to shift her sons weight to one arm with the help of her leg. And the person with the camera probably thought it was a funny moment and took the pic.

  1. Most celebrities has a maid or helper wonder how come she doesn’t have any? Imagine we see’s Yang Mi like this? Don’t think it’s happening. Ada could have put her son down and let him play with his toys or watch tv if she’s cooking what if the hot oils pop on him?

    1. @cutie777
      Maybe she is trying to save money? They definitely can afford it, but maybe is trying to save, especially since she has another kid now and only her husband is working. I agree that she should have put him in a play pen or have him play with toys or something. I don’t think it is a good idea to hold him while cooking. It is hard and not safe for him or her. Cooking can get dangerous with the hot stove and all.

      Oh yes, I cannot imagine Yang Mi like this. She would most likely hire people to do it for her.

      1. @megamiaow I agree. Just like Aimee and Moses, they can afford it. But Aimee seems hands on and really wants to experience it (kudos to them).

      2. @abcd
        I was about to say that. It is a choice and most importantly they can afford it. Many of us average folks cannot afford it since both parents have to work.

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