Ada Choi Was a Huge Andy Lau Fangirl

Every fangirl dreams of interacting with her idol, and for the very lucky Ada Choi (蔡少芬), she was able to fulfill that dream rather quickly.

In a recent episode of the Chinese reality show Viva La Romance <妻子的浪漫旅行>, Ada shared that she used to be a huge fangirl of Andy Lau (劉德華). She collected every single Andy merchandise, including albums and magazines. She was so obsessed with her idol that she used to kiss her Andy posters every night before going to sleep. She would even force her younger cousin to refer to Andy as jeh fu (brother-in-law).

Andy Lau in “A Moment of Romance” (1990)

“I even used to think about marrying him, and that itself would drive me crazy,” she said.

Ada was able to fulfill her dream of meeting Andy close-up relatively quickly. In 1991, at 17 years old, Ada auditioned for the Miss Hong Kong Pageant hosted by TVB, later winning second runner-up. While rehearsing for her dance skit for the finals, Ada was told by a fellow MHK contestant that Andy was in the same building. Andy was invited to be a guest celebrity for the pageant.

The MHK contestant suggested they ask Andy for photos. Breaking down in nerves, Ada originally said no, but her friend dragged her to see him anyways. Ada said Andy greeted them warmly and happily obliged their request for photos. Ada was so nervous that she couldn’t look at Andy in the eye throughout their entire interaction. When Andy asked her questions, Ada was stand-offish, replying with only one word answers. It definitely gave others the impression that Ada was being arrogant and rude.

“But I was actually freaking out in the inside,” said Ada. “I didn’t know how to react!”

Ada Choi with her husband, Max Zhang

It wasn’t until much later, after Ada had gotten used to the ropes of the entertainment industry, when she was able to put on her brave face to formally introduce herself to Andy, also confessing to him that she was a huge fangirl.

Ada’s accomplishments as a fangirl went beyond just meeting her idol up-close. While in a work meeting with Ada’s husband Max Zhang (張晉), Andy told Max to take care of “[his] little sister.” Ada bubbled with glee when Max told her the story.

Ada and Andy were also guests to the same wedding. Andy is best friends with singer Hacken Lee (李克勤), who made Andy his best man at his wedding in 2006. Ada attended that same wedding as a bridesmaid of Hacken’s wife, Emily Lo (盧淑儀).

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