Annie Liu Looks Pregnant in Photo With Husband

Since transitioning her career to Hong Kong, Taiwanese actress Annie Liu’s (劉心悠) small screen projects have slowed in recent years. Getting married to her noncelebrity boyfriend at the end of 2022, Annie may be preparing for her next life stage by becoming a mother.

Keeping her wedding low profile, Annie did not invite any celebrity friends and instead chose an intimate venue owned by a relative. “I am very happy to have found my other half,” the 41-year-old actress said. Although Annie’s husband is a few years younger than her and is a regular office worker, they are very compatible.

Although Annie did not share any photos from the wedding, her husband’s photo was leaked online. One of Annie’s friends posted a group photo of a get-together in which a man in blue had his arms around the actress. Their intimate pose made many to deduce that the man in the photo is her husband.

In the photo, Annie also shows telltale signs of pregnancy with her bloated face and fuller waistline. The usually lean marathoner also did not participate in any recent distance runs, and instead has been sharing her baking skills on social media.

Many left encouraging messages and sent their blessings to the couple, writing, “You look so happy,” “You look so beautiful,” and “Sending blessings.”

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Annie Liu Marries Younger Boyfriend

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